8 false facts about skin health

Last updated date: 16-Jul-2021

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Skin health and skin beauty products and practices may, sometimes, be harmful for your health.

Mistakes you make on your skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it is the most vulnerable one against external effects.  Therefore, it is of great importance for our health. However, most of us do not very selective while making decisions about our skin, for example while using a cream or having peeling. We act negligently while using the products bought online or we assume that a cosmetician can know everything about skin. Here are false facts about skin health...

Major part of dermatologic diseases originates from liver

FACT: Dermatologic diseases are not caused by dysfunction or malfunction of liver. On the contrary, very few dermatologic diseases are related to liver.


Acne disappears after getting married or giving birth

FACT: Acne or in other words, acne vulgaris can last for a short time or it may persist for 3 to 5 years. However, this problem may persist until approximately 40 years of age. Acne has many underlying causes that range from eating habits to genetic factors. Although it is colloquially assumed that acne disappears after getting married or giving birth, this is not true. As severity and duration of acne are subject to interpersonal changes, it should be remembered that the problem should necessarily be treated by a physician.


Botox is snake venom

FACT: Active substance of Botox is 'Botulinum Toxin A’. On the contrary to popular false belief, Botox is not snake venom; it is a secretion of a bacterium that can cause rotting in canned foods. This substance has been safely used for many diseases since 1970’s.


Psoriasis and vitiligo are contagious

FACT: Some skin diseases that are manifested by physical symptoms and sometimes scare people such as psoriasis and vitiligo are not contagious, as they are assumed in society. Only fungal diseases can be contagious.


Zoster relapses continuously

FACT: On the contrary to popular belief, herpes zoster, which is also called shingles, does not relapse continuously. There is no risk of recurrence in the rest of life, if a person with this disorder is supervised by physician and the medical treatment is used regularly. Therefore, people with past history of herpes zoster once never face relapse, unless there is a very specific immune system or problem.


Everything is safe and healthy if it is herbal

FACT: We use many products trustfully and easily on our skin thinking that it cannot be harmful as it is herbal. However, it should be remembered that a fully herbal content does not mean that the product is healthy. The most significant example of this is cigarette. Although its content is herbal, it is known that it triggers many types of cancer. Besides, it does not seem possible to market completely herbal products without any additives. Moreover, shelf life of products with no preservatives is almost never mentioned.


Cosmeticians have every kind of information about skin

FACT: It is not possible for people identified as cosmetician or skin specialist to know everything about the skin. Therefore, people who want to purchase a new product, have a new procedure or have skin problems after use of the product should first see a physician. Thus, the risk of mistakes in preferences is eliminated.


Laser therapy causes cancer

FACT: Devices used in laser therapies does not pose risk of cancer, as they do not emit radioactive beams. Accordingly, laser therapy seems like an irreplaceable modality, if it is used for correct area in an accurate way.


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