Benefits of Cochlear Implant Surgery

Last updated date: 15-Jul-2021

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You will surely benefit from the best Cochlear Implant surgery hospital in Mumbai if you suffer from hearing loss. Cochlear Implant Surgery is the treatment of choice in congenital hearing loss. Newborns in whom the hearing organ i.e. the cochlea hair cells are not developed at birth or who lose their hearing because of some infection can benefit with cochlear implant. It is also done in adults with severe hearing loss.

Ideally, a device is specially implanted in the inner ear's cochlea. The implant mainly converts the sounds into electrical impulses that the brain interprets. A top ENT doctor in Mumbai says that a successful implant surgery mostly requires many treatments and training.

All that one requires is a promising cochlear implant specialist who can perform the surgery without any side effects and risks.


When to decide if you need Cochlear Implant Surgery?

You must visit the Top Cochlear Implant Surgery Hospital in Mumbai if you have some symptoms:

  1. Severe hearing lossin adults and children, With no benefit of hearing aids
  2. Non development of hearing in newborns
  3. Congenital hearing disability
  4. Not able to hear clearly, even small and easy words
  5. Difficulty in conversations due to reduced hearing and misinterpretation of words.


All you need to know about Cochlear implant

A cochlear implant is known to be a tiny medical electronic tool or equipment which helps in improving the hearing loss by a great extent. As per Cochlear Implant Specialist in Mumbai, the treatment is ideally for adults who suffer from severe hearing loss and gain no benefit by using hearing aids. Small babies and children can undergo this treatment.

The device tends to work electrically as it stimulates the cochlear nerve. It features both internal and external elements:

  1. The external component is mainly fitted behind the ear, and it features a microphone that receives all the sound waves. Additionally, a speech processor tends to analyse both sounds and transforms them into regular therapy.
  2. The internal part is implemented beneath the skin or behind the ear. The receiver can receive signals and then turn the same into digital impulses. These impulses tend to be sent to electrodes in the cochlea that stimulate the cochlear nerve.


What are the pros of cochlear implants?

If you are worried about getting an implant, then the following benefits will woo away your worries:

  1. The hearing ranges tend to be near the average ability to learn speech
  2. Often adults benefit in no time and there is continuous improvement in 3 months after starting the treatment. The performance improves in no time
  3. Children tend to show improvement at a slow pace as immense training is required helping children with the newer experiences of hearing for the first time. This involves speech therapy and multiple rehaibilitation sessions to obtain optimum result after cochlear implant surgery.
  4. Majority of sounds perceived by cochlear implant are either soft, medium or perceived sounds - Many people tend to report that they can hear many sounds, including footsteps, door slamming, telephone ringing, and dogs barking.

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