Last updated date: 16-Jul-2021

    Originally Written in English

    Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

      • Stay hydrated – It is very important for a nursing mother. Having fluids regularly help in maintaining the breastmilk let down.


      • Breast milk is the best ointment for cracked nipples. Just apply few drops over the crack nipples and let it dry.


      • Initiate breastfeeding as early as possible, if your baby falls asleep while feeding, gently stroke the cheeks or tickle the soles to wake them up and prod them back into feeding. Stay relaxed and be patient. It may take couple of days to establish breastfeeding but it will happen.


      • Wash your breast with only water when you take bath or shower. The little glands on your areolae produce oil that moisturises and protects your nipples. Soaps and shower gels can strip this natural oil, causing dryness and irritation.


      • Early initiation of breastfeeding is possible even after a C section. A mother can feed her baby in a straight lying position as well.


      • The amount of milk let down does not depend upon the mode of delivery. Feeding at regular intervals is the key to establish successful breastfeeding.


      • The initial milk, Colostrum is the golden syrup for the baby. Though produced in drops only, it is a wholesome feed for the baby.


      • Breastmilk is the best feed for the new born as it has all the nutrients and water in the right quantity for a baby up to 6 months.


      • Breastfeeding should not be painful. If it is, please check the feeding position as an incorrect position is a common cause for discomfort during feeding. Moreover your baby will always seem hungry.


      • Breastfeeding hormones are high during the night time. Therefore, It is recommended to feed at night to help maintain and increase the milk supply.