Last updated date: 18-Jul-2021

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Does Braiding Help in Hair Growth?

    There are several myths around hair growth. From different shampoos to home remedies, every other way promises to give you long and thick hair. Several hairstyles have also gained attention. Similarly, braids are one of the oldest hairdos that your grandmother might have introduced to you. You might have also heard that braiding can help boost hair growth. Many girls try this for long hair. Can braids really help in hair growth? Is it a fact or a myth? Let's find out in this article.

    Dr. Sravya Tipirneni, Dermatologist and Cosmetologist at Columbia Asia Hospital explains, "This is an absolute myth. Almost all of us in India as children have had braided hairstyles at some point of time. Most adult women still braid hair, yet we come across so many patients with hair loss."

    According to studies and observations, it cannot be clearly determined that braiding can help in hair growth. But braids help reduce your hair's fabric and other surfaces which can lead to frictional breakage. So, there are some benefits to braiding your hair.

    Dr. Sravya further adds, "Braiding only decreases the chances of your hair getting entangled and the need for harsh detangling brushing. Less friction against your pillow due to braids also reduces breakage when you sleep."

    Braiding and its contribution to hair fall

    She further explained that braiding the wring can also contribute to hair fall. "Also braiding the wrong way can have deleterious effects on the hair and scalp called Traction Alopecia. Very tight braids which tend to have a strong pulling action on the scalp. This further results in thinning of the hair along the hairline and ultimately sparse hair growth and sometimes balding in those areas in some cases. So braids should never be very tight and the traction on the scalp should be very minimal."

    She further suggests some hair growth tips and adds, "Hair growth rate is mostly determined by genetics and nutritional status. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide adequate nutrients for the body to internally produce strong hair. Nutritional deficiencies, inadequate sleep, mental and physical stress all take a toll on both the hair growth rate and quality of the hair produced."