Does your baby snore while sleeping?

Last updated date: 18-Jul-2021

HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad

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Snoring habit is commonly seen in adults, but what if you hear the same sound produced by your baby; it is not normal?? Blockage in airflow through the nose or throat leads to snoring. The sound is produced due to vibration of certain structures in nose & throat rubbing against the air, as child breathes. Snoring, if associated with nasal blockage, difficulty in swallowing, problems of concentration or throat pain may indicate an underlying ENT problem.     

There are many reasons of snoring. Here, let us understand the causes & remedies:
  • Allergies - Some allergens are capable of causing respiratory inflammation, which leads to excess mucus secretion and blockage of the airway. This creates a turbulence as the air passes through the throat and snoring happens.
  • Tonsils or inflamed adenoids - Tonsils are the lymph tissue located at the back of the throat. Adenoids are the tissue located at the junction, where the nose meets the throat. Both the lymph tissues, filters inhaled germs & bacteria. Sometimes, the bacteria infect the tissues and causes inflammation. The airway is affected due to inflammation and the child snores.
  • Deviated nasal septum or palatal weakness can also cause a child to snore.



Change child's sleeping position to either side. This simple effort should minimize or alleviate snoring. If snoring persists despite of this or there is breathing difficulty while sleep associated with snoring, better consult an ENT specialist.

 Appropriate diagnosis and prompt medical or surgical treatment can curb the snoring problem in your child.


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