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EKO IVF is an alternative infertility procedure

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EKO IVF/ECO IVF or extra corporal fertilization is an alternative infertility reproductive technology representing artificial insemination of an ovum outside of mother's body. During EKO procedure, the ovum (egg) is taken from the woman and impregnated artificially in vitro (i.e. in a test tube). Then, the received embryo is placed in an incubator where it develops within a few days. Then, it is transferred to the uterus cavity for further development. Typically, women aged from mid-30’s up to 40’s resort to the procedure, However, there are known cases where this technique was used successfully by women of even older ages.

EKO IVF procedure, is an IVF (in vitro fertilization) protocol that uses low doses of medication that is customized based on the patient’s medical needs. Treatment begins with a medical examination and a review of their medical history to fully understand the necessary care. Using this information, doctors are able to prescribe an EKO IVF protocol that is uniquely suited to the specific patient’s conditions and needs.

During an EKO IVF procedure, the patient is closely monitored with blood tests and ultrasound on an ongoing basis to evaluate the body’s response to the necessary medication and to chart the progress. The patient will be given low doses of oral fertility medication to gently stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Depending on the results of your tests, you may receive up to 3 doses of injectable medication as well. Through monitoring, doctors will wait for the eggs to reach the desired maturation. The typical objective of EKO IVF is to produce between three and five high quality eggs that are ready and healthy enough to be fertilized that will be retrieved immediately prior to ovulation for the procedure.

Korea has some of the most experienced and successful EKO IVF clinics and hospitals. Some worth mentioning are CHA Fertility Center, MizMedi Hospital, and Maria Fertility Hospital.


CHA Fertility Center

CHA Fertility Center is an acknowledged global leader in fertility treatment. About 20,000 infertile couples have successfully conceived with assistance from CHA Fertility Center to date. The hospital boasts a 50 years’ experience in the operation of IVF clinics in Korea. They espouse respect and consideration for women in their practice in an elegant yet inviting atmosphere with an interior design that is appealing to feminine preferences. The consultation rooms are situated deep inside the center in a cozy atmosphere, and the waiting room is isolated from the external environment to ensure privacy. Patients rest in individual recovery rooms after the embryo transfer procedure.

CHA Fertility Center is a well-known hospital for treating the entire spectrum of female concerns in Korea with numerous specialties starting from the obstetrics and gynecology departments, including 14 specialized medical departments, an infertility center and an IVF center, a high-risk clinic for pregnant women, etc. The hospital consists of 39 specialized centers and clinics for mothers to provides accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.


MizMedi Hospital

With 60 medical staff and 500 employees, MizMedi Women’s Hospital offers total medical care for the disease by women’s life cycles – pregnancy – childbirth – and postpartum. MizMedi Hospital offers professional and systematic care from its Infertility center on global standards, the delivery center for safe delivery, and a specialist clinic for postpartum and other medical care. In addition to medical treatment for women, MizMedi Hospital boasts 13 general medical departments including internal medicine and urology, 9 specialty centers, and 50 special clinics to diagnose and treat various diseases.


Maria Fertility Hospital

Maria Fertility Hospital was established in 1989. The stated mission of Maria Fertility Hospital is to provide comprehensive medical care and treatment for infertile patients. Since commencing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) research in 1989, Maria IVF has earned a reputation in the national and regional communities. Maria is currently the largest IVF center in Korea, and one of the most successful advanced fertility treatment facilities. Maria Medical Corporation has built branch clinics in seven major cities in Korea: Incheon, Ilsan, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Pyungchon, and Jeju Island. Each branch clinic has maintained high quality laboratories and excellent staff, just like in its flagship Seoul location, and has achieved an equally high success rate in assisted reproductive technology. It is their objective to minimize the cost and stress associated with fertility therapy while maximizing the probability of conception by providing the newest and highest technology in the patient-oriented, cost-effective practice. 


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