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Epicanthoplasty Cost by Countries


    You may modify your look in the modern day, whether it is useful or cosmetic. For example, rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose job surgery, is today quite popular and simple. The patient can be discharged from the hospital the same day as the procedure. Similarly, you may adapt this example to a variety of changes we might do to improve our appearance.

    Epicanthoplasty is a frequent treatment used to give patients bigger eyes. The Mongolian fold, which is widespread among Koreans and Asians, can also be removed with this procedure. Epicanthoplasty should be conducted with considerable caution since the inner eyelid is one of the most sensitive parts of your eyes. In South Korea, epicanthoplasty is commonly combined with double eyelid surgery to achieve a more natural appearance.

    It is dependent on whether you are undergoing epicanthoplasty with or without double eyelid surgery. In general, it will cost between $1,000 and $4,000. This is always dependent on who you go to and where you live. 


    What is Epicanthoplasty?


    Epicanthoplasty is a straightforward surgical procedure performed to remove these unsightly wrinkles. Although a moderate expression of the epicanthal fold is a defining and appealing feature of the Asian eye, a more prominent expression of the epicanthal fold can lead the eyes to appear too widely apart, round, and small. In this instance, double eyelid surgery and Epicanthoplasty may be needed.

    Epicanthoplasty involves rearranging the tissue between the lower eyelid and the inner eye, revealing the medial canthus and medial palpebral fornix and enlarging the palpebral fissure. Epicanthal fold surgery should be performed in a way that minimizes scarring in this important aesthetic region.

    This epicanthal fold removal treatment, as previously noted, can be paired with Asian double eyelid (crease) surgery. Epicanthoplasty, like most other eyelid operations, is performed as an outpatient procedure using local anaesthesia and sedation. The sutures are removed about a week after surgery. Bruising and swelling normally disappear 7-10 days after the treatment.

    Double-eyelid blepharoplasty and Epicanthoplasty are commonly performed concurrently in Asian patients to give an aesthetically pleasing eye appearance; however, the epicanthal area is prone to scarring.


    Possible Risks & Complications of Epicanthoplasty

    Complications of Epicanthoplasty

    If performed by a licensed and well-experienced surgeon, epicanthoplasty is a safe procedure with very high success and satisfaction rates. However, just like any surgical procedure, there are possible risks and complications that may arise. Some possible risks that should be fully considered by the patient include:

    • Poor scarring - Epicanthoplasty can be performed these days using certain techniques that utilize hidden incisions to avoid visible scarring after the procedure. However, there continues to be a risk of unexpected scarring. Scars may be noticeable for a few months, and eventually improve over time.
    • Allergies - Allergies to the anesthetic or sutures are possible complications, but highly unlikely. Skin testing for allergies is typically performed prior to the procedure to avoid this complication.
    • Unsatisfactory results - Disappointing results can be easily avoided by making sure that only a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon performs the procedure.
    • Infection-Also an extremely rare complication, which may occur if the incisions become infected. This is easily remedied by oral or topical antibiotics.

    Post-operative complications of epicanthoplasty are very rare. In practice, the procedure is easily performed without any problems, with patients highly satisfied with their brand new set of bigger, brighter eyes.


    What are Epicanthal Folds?

    Epicanthal Folds

    A Mongolian fold, which conceals the medial portion of the eyes and makes them look smaller than the rest of the facial features, is present in about three out of every five Asians. If a candidate has a Mongolian fold, simply double eyelid surgery without Epicanthoplasty may result in a less successful or natural-looking outcome.

    When combined with Epicanthoplasty, eyelid surgery can result in more equal length between the eyes as well as a more delicate and defined eye look. To prevent removing the complete epicanthal fold in Asian patients, the surgeon must exercise extreme care. The patient may lose their inherent Asian identity in such a case.

    In Asians with a harsher look, most of the epicanthal fold may be eliminated, leaving only a tiny part. This gives you a softer, more open appearance. Patients with naturally round faces, on the other hand, should have a little epicanthal fold to contrast sharper eyes with softer aspects of the face after surgery.

    The Mongolian fold is the top eyelid skin that covers the inner corners of the eyes. Epicanthoplasty is typically performed owing to flaws in the skin protecting the inner corners of the eyes, such as: 

    • It causes awkwardness to the eyes because it makes the distance between both eyes look too far. 
    • Eyes appear smaller than they are. 
    • The folds give the eyes an undefined look. 

    Simply said, this skinfold can make the eyelid look less appealing by giving it a narrower lateral aspect and a tired expression. Although both the epicanthic fold and the Mongolian fold are associated with less visible upper eyelid creases, or "single eyelids," they are not the same. A person may have both an upper eyelid crease and an epicanthal fold, or simply one.

    Epicanthoplasty is more than simply a cosmetic treatment; men and women who have extremely enormous folds that impact not only the look but also the physiology of the eyes, making them appear larger, seek it out.


    Candidates for Epicanthoplasty

    Candidates for Epicanthoplasty

    If you have a thicker epicanthal fold that makes your eyes appear tired or smaller, Epicanthoplasty may be right for you. Furthermore, Epicanthoplasty makes the transition from an Asian eye crease to a double eyelid easier. Epicanthoplasty can help you achieve a more natural-looking double eyelid.

    Epicanthoplasty requires patients to be in generally good health. If you smoke, you must cease three weeks before and three weeks after your surgery. This is because smoking affects your body's ability to heal itself.


    How Do You Find The Right Plastic Surgeon For Yourself?

    Right Plastic Surgeon

    Finding the appropriate doctor is the most critical stage in any person's rehabilitation. This is because the correct doctor will not only be able to diagnose the main cause of the problem, but will also be able to remove the ailment in due course. Thus, if you are in need of medical aid but are unsure how to locate it, the following methods may be of assistance to you:

    1. Determine your requirement: To decide which doctor to see, one must first examine his or her needs. This is because, depending on the sort of symptoms seen, the applicant may require the assistance of a general physician or a specialist. If more assistance is necessary, the physicians may refer to an MD or MS.
    2. Verify: If the doctor or physician is suggested by a friend, always verify the trustworthiness, especially if the condition is complex or the symptoms are advanced.
    3. Seek assistance: Seek assistance: Finding a competent doctor is simple; finding the appropriate guidance is more challenging. Most patients want spiritual direction to overcome ailments, which a respected communicator may supply.
    4. Verify the track record: Throughout their career, every doctor leaves a record of successful cases. From the medical schools and institutions, they attended to the hospitals where they practiced, each doctor's track record speaks volumes about their efficiency.
    5. Doctor experience: While the number of young physicians has increased, it cannot be denied that experienced doctors always have an advantage in the same. An experienced doctor understands how to manage complicated situations and consequently has a high success rate.

    In addition to the aforementioned considerations, you should check whether the doctor's treatment services are covered by the insurance you have. Many doctors prefer working with one particular insurance company. Thus, the patient might not be able to enjoy the medical benefits if the practitioner does not work with your insurance.


    Recovery After Epicanthoplasty

    Recovery After Epicanthoplasty

    The ophthalmologist will suture the wound and treat it to prevent infection after surgery. To ease any pain and discomfort, they will give antibiotic eye drops or ointments, steroid eye drops, and/or artificial tears. They may also offer an eye shield to shield the eyes from dust, debris, and possible harm, particularly while sleeping. Follow these post-op care instructions for successful recovery:

    • Rest your eyes. Take off time from work or other commitments. 
    • Use an ice pack to ease swelling.
    • Maintain good eye hygiene to prevent infection. Clean the wound with 3% hydrogen peroxide and warm water three times a day for effective cleaning.
    • Avoid rubbing, squeezing, or touching your eyes, which may prolong healing or cause other complications.
    • Don’t wear contact lenses for about 2 weeks to avoid straining the healing tendons. 
    • Avoid medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), platelet inhibitors, and anticoagulants that may increase bleeding.
    • Wear protective eye shields while outdoors or sleeping to avoid accidental injury or exposure to dust, pollen, and other irritants.
    • Attend follow-up visits with your surgeon for close monitoring of the healing wound.
    • Wear sunscreen. Direct sunlight can slow the healing process and cause scar enlargement or skin discoloration. Using sunscreen while recovering will help prevent scar complications.
    • Take your medications. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication, ointments, and/or eye drops. Take them as prescribed. 

    For most people, recovery takes 2 to 3 weeks. Full recovery may take several more weeks. The recovery process happens in three stages: bruising, swelling, and scar formation. The scars will disappear with time. The full effects of the surgery (cat-eye-shaped eyes) will become apparent after a few months.


    Epicanthoplasty Cost in South Korea

    Epicanthoplasty Cost in South Korea

    Statistics& Facts

    • According to data, South Korea has the greatest incidence of plastic surgery, with an estimated 1 million procedures conducted each year.
    • One out of every three women has received some form of plastic surgery operation, with blepharoplasty being the most common.
    • Before starting college, most girls and males have this treatment. Fifty percent of the females who get this operation are in their twenties.
    • It has been reported in the Asian American: Historical Crossings of a Racial Frontier Stanford comparative literature that the trend of epicanthoplasty escalated after World War II, when Japanese and Korean women got the procedure done to blend in with the westerners.
    • Compared to other countries, the cost of Korean double eyelid surgery in Singapore is much more economical – about half of the cost in the United States.
    • Any double eyelid surgery procedure doesn’t take more than 90 minutes to 2 hours. It is a safe procedure with no serious side effects and risks.


    Why Should You Opt For Plastic Surgery In South Korea?

    Among the different countries that specialize in plastic surgery, South Korea has achieved recognition for all the right reasons. South Korea is known as the "Plastic Surgery Capital" since it has the biggest number of plastic procedures performed on a global scale. Clinics in South Korea have grown in popularity on a global scale, thanks to their trained medical personnel and experienced surgeons, as well as their modern medical facilities.

     Plastic surgery accounts for about half of all medical tourism in South Korea, making it one of the most competitive and profitable businesses in the country. There are 168 clinics and hospitals in the area that offer various sorts of plastic surgery. Each of them has developed well-organized facilities, making it a fierce competitor with the world's biggest countries.

    Though plastic surgery is available in practically every major country across the world, there are various reasons to seek treatment in South Korea. This country's facilities are renowned to use some of the safest techniques, reducing the dangers involved with the treatment. Before performing any procedure, the history of the candidate is thoroughly studied and any kind of chronic condition in the medical history of the candidate is taken into consideration. It is based on the noteworthy medical history, that procedure adopted for the candidate is decided.

    Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty are like assistants that aid with eyelid surgery. Epicanthoplasty forms the inner corner of the eyes, whereas lateral canthoplasty shapes the outer corner. In the West, these treatments were originally conducted to address eyelid malfunction, but Korean plastic doctors have transformed it into a "cosmetic surgery." In Korea, the two canthoplasty procedures serve distinct purposes: one is to fix tiny and sleepy eyes (epicanthoplasty) and the other is to generate a softer look in eyes (lateral canthoplasty) (outer eyelid surgery).

    The surgeons that do epicanthoplasty surgery are world-renowned and have decades of expertise. Every surgeon or consultant working in South Korean plastic surgery facilities is noted for their remarkable competence and precision in performing treatments. All of the medical specialists aiding the applicants have earned their respective degrees from renowned medical colleges, making them dedicated and skilled. As a large number of cosmetic surgery clinics in South Korea have implemented robotic procedures and cutting-edge equipment for completing the majority of the operations, every medical expert is recognized to be properly trained to stay on par with modern advancements.

    Aside from these, one of the most important reasons why thousands of applicants choose plastic surgery in the nation is the low cost. Plastic surgery costs less in South Korea than in many other major nations across the world. The cost of plastic surgery (reconstructive or cosmetic surgery) can go into the thousands of dollars. However, South Korea provides fair pricing that is significantly less expensive than that supplied in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

    Regardless of the enormous number of plastic surgery clinics in South Korea, each clinic is outfitted with cutting-edge facilities and dependable infrastructure. The hospitals feature distinct diagnostic sections, well-equipped operating rooms, and patient wards where the applicant may recover under close supervision. The clinics are well equipped with all required equipment, providing greater security, higher accuracy, and improved pleasure. Aesthetic surgery thrives on applicant satisfaction significantly more than any other medical area since cosmetic operations are only available to improve their physical appearance. This is why every plastic surgery operation places a priority on precision.


    So, in conclusion:

    The First Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery in Korea – Outstanding Results.

    Our excellent results came from the skill of a doctor. The long-lasting development allows Korean medical staff to achieve outstanding results in a sophisticated, yet high level based on superior performance compared to other countries.


    Second Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery in Korea – Experiences.

    Korean plastic surgery is already well-known for its safety and effectiveness, therefore not only international celebrities but also a large number of abroad patients travel to Korea for plastic surgery. Furthermore, compared to other countries, plastic surgery systems, country-specific translating, and hotel and vehicle pickup-sending services are superior, so patients may travel to Korea alone and return securely even on their first visit.


    3rd Reason to Receive Plastic Surgery in Korea – Customization System.

    There are global processes not found in other countries, such as pre-plastic counseling > diagnosis > surgery > post-operative recovery > care. Besides, it is easy to access not only domestic surgery but also neighboring countries, so people of various races can boast a high level of experience in surgery with safety that can significantly reduce the probability of side effects after surgery.


    How to Choose the Right Korean Plastic Surgery?

    The objective is to select a medical team that can provide you with confidence through pre-inspection counseling. It is also essential to find out whether the hospital offers a wide range of surgical situations and whether the procedure is performed with the patient's best interests in mind. Recently, in another well-known Korean plastic surgery facility, a consulting doctor and the doctor who performed surgery disagreed. This case has become a major societal issue in Korea, and it is also a good idea to check out if your institution does proxy surgery. 

    There are several more factors to consider while selecting a qualified plastic surgeon It is advised to consult numerous postscripts for each procedure, as well as what surgical methods are utilized to do the surgery and which clinic provides home-care services. At Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic, doctors provide each patient with an accurate explanation based on unrelenting research and best techniques, and for foreign patients, our staff interprets every description in detail in each patient's native language to minimize factors that may cause anxiety and provide them with a safe and great satisfaction based on trust.

    • Epicanthoplasty Cost

    General price guide line for Epicanthoplasty is USD$750 to USD$1,100 according to Korea Health Industry Development Institute. The price is decided depending on the method and difficulty of patients’ case. In case of other procedures are added with canthoplasty surgery, the price is on the top of canthoplasty price.

    • Benefits of Epicanthoplasty Surgery

    Korean double eyelid surgery comes in a variety of forms. Non-incisional double eyelid surgery is often appropriate for those with mildly drooping upper eyelids. This procedure is not suitable for those who have thinner eyelids with extra skin. In contrast, the incisional approach is used in mild to severe instances. The benefits of this surgery include:

    1. Physical Benefits
    • Minimum scarring
    • Easy reversibility
    • Not too invasive
    • Quick recovery and downtime
    • Minimal edema
    • Quick procedure
    • Bigger eyes are perceived to give people a brighter complexion


    1. Psychological Benefits
    • A more appealing look improves social life
    • Bigger energetic eyes help improve overall performance
    • Beautiful and attractive eyes boost one’s confidence
    • Societal acceptance helps the patient land better opportunities and gives a sense of fulfillment and happiness


    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Thailand

    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Thailand

    Thailand is a popular location for persons seeking superior Canthoplasty treatment. Thailand is a center for sophisticated healthcare services, high-quality medical treatment, and low Canthoplasty costs. They have highly experienced physicians and medical personnel on staff. The Canthoplasty hospital in Thailand is one of the greatest medical facilities in the country, providing patients with international-standard medical treatment. Thailand's diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative health services are on par with the best hospitals in the world. Canthoplasty hospitals in Thailand have sophisticated infrastructure that supports the innovative services they provide. 

    The hospitals offer outpatient and inpatient treatments as well as a variety of accommodation types ranging from several sharing beds to luxury suites. They also have modern labs, modular OTs, well-equipped ICUs, and rehabilitation centers. Canthoplasty hospitals provide a variety of amenities such as digital diagnostic laboratories and imaging centers, blood banks, emergency medical services, ambulance services, Wi-Fi on campus, multi-cuisine cafeterias, and prayer rooms. These hospitals also provide specialist services for international patients, such as airport transportation, language interpreters, visa assistance, and hotel arrangements, among other things.

    It is not just the quality of medical treatment that attracts medical travelers to Thailand, but also the hospitality and care they receive. There are several other reasons that makes Thailand hospitals highly sought after by patients across the globe, including:

    1. Low cost of Canthoplasty in Thailand: The overall expenditure on the treatment usually accounts to be lesser if a patient from abroad travels to Thailand for the procedure. This is because the healthcare in Thailand costs considerably lower than several other countries, especially Western nations, but with similar quality of medical care.
    2. Availability of high-tech facilities: The hospitals are accredited and certified Canthoplasty facilities with high-end infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. These are outfitted with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapy equipment. All of these amenities are kept up to date with newer versions and are freely available to patients.
    3. Combines holiday and leisure with Epicanthoplasty: Patients coming to Thailand can benefit from the relaxing and healing environment. There are many famous tourist destinations in Thailand. Many patients plan their travel to accommodate some holiday time after Canthoplasty treatment to make the best of their time in Thailand.
    4. Easy to get a visa and well-connected to the world: Thailand's visa application process is quick and straightforward. The hospitals help with the process by providing expedited visa invitation letters. Thailand is well-connected to the majority of nations via major international airlines. The hospitals have an international patient services staff that handles travel and other arrangements with the patients.


    Epicanthoplasty Cost

    In compared to other nations, the cost of epicanthoplasty in Thailand is quite low. Furthermore, the quality and degree of medical care and services are on par with the greatest hospitals in the world. Even when travel, lodging, and meals are included in, the overall cost of epicanthoplasty is affordable. This is the primary reason that thousands of people from all over the world migrate to Thailand for medical treatment.

    The epicanthoplasty cost is projected to be significantly less (40% or even more) than what a patient would pay on average in the United States and European nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and others for the same operation. Because to the inexpensive cost of Epicanthoplasty in Thailand, patients from these countries can save a large amount of money while receiving world-class medical care. Patients have access to cutting-edge clinical services and facilities that are not accessible in many other nations. There is also no waiting period, and patients receive highly specialized therapy as soon as they are cleared by the doctor. This lessens the financial strain and provides families hope. The medical package cost may vary for different hospitals in Thailand, based on are several factors such as the type of treatment, technique used, choice of hospital and the city, doctor’s experience and many more.


    How to Choose a Good Hospital in Thailand?

    The Epicanthoplasty hospitals in Thailand are renowned for their hospitality and patient care services. The Epicanthoplasty doctors in Thailand at these hospitals are experts in their field of specialization. However, it may get confusing for an international patient to choose a suitable hospital for their treatment. It is an important decision which must be made considering various factors such as:

    • Accreditations and quality certificates
    • Location of the hospital and transportation facilities
    • Team of doctors and surgeons
    • Advanced equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic care
    • International patient services

    Hospitals usually have certifications from national and international organizations such as:

    • Joint Commission International
    • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)
    • ISQua (International Society for Quality in Healthcare)
    • The Malaysian Society for Quality in Health
    • National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)
    • Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA)


    Is Epicanthoplasty in Thailand Affordable?

    Thailand's hospitals provide cost-effective treatment packages that comprise a variety of services and facilities. This enables the patient to receive modern medical care at a reasonable cost. This does not imply that the patient will have to sacrifice quality because the hospitals have outstanding infrastructure backed up by cutting-edge technology and equipment for epicanthoplasty.


    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Turkey

    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Turkey

    • Is Plastic Surgery In Turkey Safe?

    Turkey is a reliable country for Plastic Surgery. The medical tourism industry in Turkey has been growing rapidly. It is a well-developed and renowned healthcare system globally for its high quality of services and affordable prices. Medical tourism in Turkey has become popular among patients worldwide, mainly from Europe and America.


    • How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon In Turkey?

    The decision to have plastic surgery is considerable and should not be taken lightly. First, you need to consider what kind of procedure you have, who will perform it, and where it will take place. If you have plastic surgery in Turkey, you must choose the best plastic surgeon in Turkey. Before choosing your surgeon, there are some things that you need to consider:

       1. Make Sure The Plastic Surgeon Is Certified By EBOPRAS.

    The European Board of Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS) is an international organization that certifies surgeons who have passed the board exams and have at least five years of experience. You can find out if your plastic surgeon is certified by checking their profile on our website or contacting us directly for more information.

       2. Have A Face-To-Face Conversation With The Surgeon.

    It would help if you had a face-to-face conversation with your potential surgeon before deciding whether they suit you. In this conversation, ask them about their experience, qualifications, training and background, and qualifications such as diplomas, certificates, etc. In addition, ensure they give you information on their patients’ satisfaction rates and any previous complaints.

       3. Confirm The Surgeon’s Experience In The Specific Procedures You Want.

    The amount of surgeries performed by a doctor and the length of time they have been conducting them are key factors to consider when selecting a cosmetic surgeon. Choosing a specialist with vast expertise is critical when considering operations such as breast augmentation or tummy tucks. Additionally, select a physician whose aesthetic sense appeals to you: You must have faith in your surgeon and be at ease with them. You will be sedated for several hours, so you must feel comfortable with this individual both before and after operation.

       4. Choose A Surgeon Whose Aesthetic Sense Appeals To You.

    Your surgery will change your body, and your plastic surgeon must be aware of how the results will appear on your body type. It is preferable if both partners have comparable aesthetic and cosmetic preferences; otherwise, there may be arguments over which treatments should be performed and how they should be performed.


    • Why To Choose Turkey?

       1. Cosmetic Surgery In Turkey Is Extremely Affordable.

    Turkey is becoming one of the most highly recognized medical tourism destinations due to its reputation for outstanding value and cutting-edge medical skills.

    Cosmetic surgery in Turkey costs a fraction of what it does in the UK and Australia. A rhinoplasty (nose job), for example, starts at £5000 or $7000. A single dental implant can cost between £2500 and $3000, including all consultations, surgery costs, and aftercare. As a result, the surgical and cosmetic expenditures in Western nations are prohibitively expensive for the majority of people who desire to improve their look. Savings on cosmetic surgery in Turkey might vary from 30-70% less than in the UK or Australia, depending on the treatment.

       2. Strictly Regulated Medical Industry Complaint With Global Standards.

    Medical practitioners and hospitals in Turkey are closely regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. To work in Turkey, certified health professionals must join appropriate and recognized professional groups, just as they do in other Western nations. Membership in the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry is required for dentists in Turkey to perform dental implants. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons are also required to be members of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery.

    These professional associations ensure all Turkish health professionals continue to keep up to date with world standard techniques and technology in their field. Turkey ranks 2nd globally for the number of hospitals accredited by Joint Commission International and for the number of plastic surgeons. All these standards ensure world-class surgeons and high-quality hospital care.

       3. Can Include A Luxury Holiday Experience.

    Traveling abroad, away from the hustle and bustle of home, provides the crucial time away for optimal healing. Prior to your operation, you can spend an adventurous (or quiet, depending on your mood) vacation in Turkey. It's a beautiful nation to visit, whether you go alone or with friends and family. The holiday experience includes walking around and soaking in the sights, scents, and tastes of Turkey. Depending on your operation(s) and recovery, you may be able to go sightseeing following your surgery before returning home.

       4. Safe & Stable Country For Cosmetic Surgery.

    The Turkish government recognizes and aggressively promotes the country's status as a global leader in medical tourism. The Turkish Ministry of Health works with independent Turkish medical groups to guarantee that all public and private health providers adhere to stringent international health standards in order to retain its reputation for providing exceptional health care. The Turkish government is concerned about the quality of its medical tourism industry and guarantees that local health professionals meet the same world-class medical standards as EU providers.

       5. How Much Does Epicanthoplasty Cost In Turkey?

    The number of threads utilized and the number of regions to be treated affect the cost of an epicanthoplasty. Nonetheless, it is still to provide a specific pricing information. The minimal cost of a Canthoplasty operation in Turkey is $1000, with a maximum cost of $2400. As a result, people who want to get almond eye surgery should have $1700 in their pocket.

    However, rates might vary from city to city, depending on the location and experience of the clinics. For example, if the clinic has a view of the sea or the Bosporus, scheduling a medical operation there may be more expensive and difficult. However, if the facility is located inland, the price is highly likely to be lower.

    To summarize, while there may be pricing discrepancies for the procedure known as canthoplasty, Turkey remains the pioneer nation in terms of giving the greatest costs for the best results. If you are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, visiting Turkey might be an excellent decision.

    Epicanthoplasty surgery generally takes 1-2  hours. Bruising and swelling lasts 7-10 days, and the healing time is around 2 to 4 weeks. You must stay in Turkey for at least four days after the operation to conduct initial examinations and evaluate the results.


    Epicanthoplasty Cost in USA

    Epicanthoplasty Cost in USA

    • What Does Epicanthoplasty Cost?

    The price of an epicanthoplasty can vary greatly, depending on the surgeon performing the procedure, the area where the surgeon is located and the amount of work begin done during the procedure. Most epicantholplasty treatments can run anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500 or more. Because there are not many U.S. doctors currently performing this procedure, the cost of epicanthoplasty may run more than other types of eyelid surgery.

    Epicanthoplasty can offer a more attractive shape and appearance to eyes hidden by a pronounced epicanthal fold. 


    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Brazil

    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Brazil.

    Brazil is not simply a popular destination for athletes right now. It's also drawing a rising number of consumers looking for more economical cosmetic surgery choices.

    According to the Brazilian Society for Plastic Surgery, despite the country's recession, the number of procedures has climbed by 10% every year since 2010. Brazil ranks second only to the United States in terms of cosmetic surgery performed.

    • How Much Does Epicanthoplasty Cost? 

    The cost of epicanthoplasty surgery is roughly $1,700 USD. This price covers the charge for the board-certified plastic surgeon, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, and facility. Remember that the overall cost of the treatment will vary based on your demands and aesthetic objectives. You'll receive a tailored estimate after a brief, free one-on-one consultation with our plastic surgeon.


    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Mexico

    Epicanthoplasty Cost in Mexico

    • What To Consider Before Getting A Canthoplasty In Mexico? 

    Before traveling from to Mexico for epicanthoplasty, what should you consider? 

        1. The Qualifications Of The Surgeon Carrying Out The Procedure.

    Epicanthoplasty is a severe procedure that demands a skilled hand. Going to an amateur can have devastating consequences, including blindness. As a result, you must confirm that your canthoplasty surgeon has all of the essential credentials to do the treatment. Look into their past to discover whether they have any expertise or education in offering such changes. Also, make sure to look at their internet review scores. Never go to a plastic surgeon who lacks the necessary qualifications to do the procedure.

        2. Your Medical Insurance Policy.

    Before getting epicanthoplasty, you need to make sure that you’ve got back up, just in case the procedure doesn’t go how you would like. The need for insurance applies whether you plan on getting treatment in your home country or Mexico. Make sure that your insurance arrangements provide sensible, adequate cover. 

       3. The Epicanthoplasty Procedure Itself And What It Involves.

    You'll also want to learn everything you can about the epicanthoplasty operation and what it includes.

    Canthoplasty is derived from the word canthus, which is a medical name for the region of the outer eyes where the upper and lower eyelids meet. This region of the eye can droop as people age (and sometimes when they are unwell). It eventually sags to the point where some people are self-conscious about their look.

    Canthoplasty often entails relocating the canthus to generate more almond-shaped eyes, maybe with a minor canthus upturn. However, doctors employ the technique to lessen the look of aging bags and to treat lower lid position issues.

    Canthoplasty surgery is exceedingly delicate and requires a skilled surgeon. A lateral canthoplasty is a procedure that includes cutting the lateral canthal tendon, shortening it, and reattaching it to the lateral orbital rim - a section of tissue on the exterior of the eye. This treatment usually results in a "cat-eye" look. An epi-canthoplasty is a treatment that reshapes the inner corners of the eyes.

    The majority of surgeries take between one and two hours. The surgeon uses a local anesthetic to numb the eye region before placing a plastic cover over the eyeballs to safeguard them. When the canthus has been repositioned, the surgeon closes the incision and removes the protection. Recovery time is usually between two and four weeks.

       4. Whether The Surgeons Speak English.

    If you are considering canthoplasty, you undoubtedly have a few things you want to ask your cosmetic surgeon before proceeding with the treatment. You want a consultation at the very least to understand what will happen next.

    As a result, before you fly, check to see if your surgeon is fluent in English. Ideally, you should be able to speak with them about your requirements and the level of service you want.

       5. Your Travel Insurance.

    Many people like to combine getting a canthoplasty in Mexico with a vacation. Travel insurance, however, may not cover planned elective surgery. Therefore, you should check the details and buy separate insurance if you’re not covered. 


    • What Affects How Much Epicanthoplasty Costs?

    The key factors that will impact your canthoplasty surgery price include:

    1) The credentials and expertise of the provider who performs your surgery. 

    The lateral canthus is a difficult and harsh construction. Repositioning it is a delicate surgery that might result in problems and a permanent alteration to the eye shape, lid position, and, perhaps, your eyesight.

    Unfortunately, the surgery has grown popular, even among doctors with minimal experience to execute it. This might have severe consequences.

    It's best if your treatment is performed by a fellowship-trained, board-certified oculoplastic surgeon or face plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive eyelid surgery. Check for favorable patient reviews and a full before and after photo gallery for this specific operation.

    Experienced surgeons who specialize in canthoplasty will charge more, but this isn’t an area where you want to cut corners. 

    2) Their practice location.

    Any type of operation costs more in a big metropolitan location, although pricing might vary even by neighborhood. An upmarket clinic in a high-rent neighborhood will have to charge more than a more modest practice with lower overhead, so it may be worthwhile to meet with surgeons in different sections of town to compare individual pricing quotations.

    Because this eye surgery is so complex, you may have to travel to locate a practitioner who has the requisite skills to conduct canthoplasty. In this instance, you'll need to budget for transportation and lodging.

    3) Where your surgery is performed.

    Canthoplasty surgery is typically conducted at the provider's private surgical suite or surgical facility, which is significantly less expensive than a hospital operating room.

    It's nearly often done as an outpatient treatment, so you won't have to pay to remain overnight at the medical center.

    4) The complexity of your eye surgery and whether you have complementary surgical procedures.

    You may require more extensive therapy depending on the degree of your eyelid concerns (for example, the amount of skin laxity). The greater the surgeon's charge, the more time-consuming and intricate your treatment.

    The lateral canthoplasty surgery is frequently paired with epicanthoplasty, which targets the inner corner of the eye to help improve eyelid laxity and remove extra skin.

    Your doctor may also advise you to have a canthopexy, which involves suturing the lateral canthal tendon rather than severing it. To avoid a pulled-down lid, it's generally done as an extra step. Canthopexy does not alter the form of the eye, but it does enhance muscular tone, which aids in the correction of asymmetry and drooping eyelids.

    Combining many operations in one operation will raise your overall cost, but it will be less expensive than having them individually since you will only have to pay the facility and anesthetic expenses once. Most surgeons additionally provide a cost reduction for each additional treatment.

    5) The type of anesthesia you have and who administers it.

    Canthoplasty is often performed under local anesthetic with sedation, so the patient may be cooperative and open and close their eyes during the treatment.

    Local anesthetic and oral sedation can be administered by your surgeon or a skilled member of their team, saving you money.

    You might anticipate to pay an extra cost for the services of an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist if you receive IV sedation or general anesthesia. Although the latter will price less, some surgeons insist on employing an anesthesiologist, particularly if the patient has an underlying health condition that necessitates extra caution.


    • How Much Does Epicanthoplasty Cost in Mexico?

    Epicanthoplasty is a procedure that removes extra skin from the upper or lower eyelids or the inner/outer section of the eyelids, reduces the appearance of puffiness or blackness beneath the eyes, or changes eyelid droopiness to give the eye region a more refreshed appearance. Patients who have had eyelid surgery seem more awake and rejuvenated, and the benefits are long-lasting. The face seems more alert and revitalized, and the operation and recuperation period are quite brief.

    In Mexico, the average price is around $2,750. The total cost will be determined when the surgeon examines you and determines what sort of operation you require, how long the procedure will take, and what device and medical equipment will be utilized. The cost will also be determined by the clinic and the surgeon's experience.




    Epicanthoplasty is, more or less, a surgical procedure intended to create cosmetic significance to the person it is performed on – the part of the body involved in this procedure is the eye. The procedure ensures that epicanthic fold, also known as Mongolian fold, is gotten rid of. By the way, epicanthic fold covers the inner corner of the eye and is usually present at birth as it is majorly genetic. The epicanthic folds are common among Asians and are one of the factors responsible for the cross-eyed appearance among the group. The formation of the outfold eyelid crease may be prevented as a result of the emergence of epicanthal fold.

    It will often cost between $1,000 and $4,000. This is always determined by who you visit and where you live.