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Last updated date: 18-Jul-2021

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Here are scientifically-backed answers to the most FAQ of fat grafting:

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting is a relatively new phenomenon. Many clients request fat grafting to achieve a fuller and youthful look. The growing popularity of fat grafting is glamourized by suctioning out subcutaneous fat from unwanted areas, such as abdomen, thighs or arms and volumizing to areas that need fat such as cheeks, breasts or lips. 

What purpose does fat grafting serve?

The main reason for fat grafting is to treat skin depression. Ideally, people sort to find a solution through fillers or botox. Though certified injectables are relatively safe, they do not last for more than 1 year. Whereas, fat injections are permanent after 6months. 


How much of the fat survives?

The fat survival rate depends on the surgeon and individuals. Overall, data shows that the average fat survival rate is 70%-80%. 

Researchers conclude that a range of factors such as harvesting techniques, patient fat quality, area/volume of injection and centrifugation will optimize fat cell survival. Plus, a slower injection of fat resulted in higher retention of fat. 

At VIEW hospital we assess the individual fat storage and analyze which larger fat storage can volumize whilst retaining as much fat as possible.

Fat grafting breast reconstruction VS Breast implants?

Fat grafting: using your own fat but 100% of the fat does not survive. There may be inadequate amounts of fat for liposuction – slim women are not ideal candidates, as they do not facilitate enough fat to suction out. Additionally, the increase in size and fat survival results are unpredictable.  

Breast implants: Risk of rupturing implants increases as the years go, not recommended to leave breasts implants for more than 10 – 15years. On the brighter note, very predictable results hence, patients are able to dictate the final results. 

At VIEW Hospital, we take into account the individual’s body build and assess the best suit for their body type whilst meeting their aesthetic goals. 


Facial fat grafting or Fillers?

Many clients agonize over whether fillers or fat grafting will restore their youthful look.

Fat grafting: Fat grafting is never a procedure done alone, it is mostly done with liposuction. For example, fat grafting is done with additional procedures – Lipo + PRP + Fat Grafting or Eyes + Mastectomy + Lumpectomy + Fat Grafting.

At View we use nano cannula which causes no scarring. 

Fillers: Non-invasive and requires no downtime. Long term side effects are low and the vast majority of chronic inflammatory reactions are related to foreign bodies.
It is widely known that hyaluronic acid-derived products are an FDA approved – very popular filler. They are known to last 4-6months but research finds that fillers might last much longer than the proposed months. 

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