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Hip Arthroplasty treatment in Korea

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Hip Replacement or arthroplasty is surgery involving the removal of a damaged hip joint and replacement by a man-made, artificial one. The hip prosthesis is implanted in place of the original hip joint. It is made up of durable non-toxic metallic and plastic parts. There are two types of arthroplasty, generally speaking:

   Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) - involves the removal of both the acetabulum and head of the femur.

   Partial or Hemi Hip Replacement - only the head of the femur is replaced.

Various types of arthritis may affect the joints. Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is a loss of the cartilage or cushion in a joint and is the most common reason for performing arthroplasty.

According to Johns Hopkins, Arthroplasty may be used when medical treatments no longer effectively relieve joint pain and disability. Some medical treatments for osteoarthritis that may be used before arthroplasty include:

   Anti-inflammatory medicines

   Pain medicines

   Limiting painful activities

   Assistive devices for walking (such as a cane)

   Physical therapy

   Cortisone injections into a knee joint

   Viscosupplementation injections (lubrication into the joint to make joint movement less painful)

   Weight loss (for obese people)

   Exercise and conditioning

People who have arthroplasty generally have substantial improvement in their joint pain, ability to perform activities, and overall quality of life.

There are many hospitals in Korea that have ample experience in the field of arthroplasty. Doctors have many years of experience performing the procedures and are at the forefront of utilizing the most current modern techniques and high-tech materials to emulate the function of the original structures. Some of the salient ones to mention  are:

     Wooridul Hospital Gangnam in Seoul: Wooridul provides all types of spinal treatment from non-surgical procedure to radical spine deformity correction with a lot of clinical experience and skills. Based on 38 years of clinical experience, systematic Spine & Joint Total Care Services including diagnosis, examination, treatment, and rehabilitation were built. Physicians at Wooridul keeps validating and researching their treatment methods to insure patient’s safety. Over 338 articles were published in SCI journals as well as 29 medical textbooks used by medical students in Germany, England, and USA. Wooridul was selected as the 'Top 30 Most Technologically Advanced Hospital' along with world-wide facilities like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Tailored care service is offered for international patients. Wooridul achieved 'Top 10 World's Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists' for four successive years and ‘Top 10 Medical Tourism Destinations in the World’ by the Medical Tourism Association in 2008 and 2018. Wooridul Hospital provides the best healthcare services to patients based on Respect and Care.

Nanoori Hospital, Gangnam in Seoul: Since Nanoori Hospital was established in 2003, it has played a leading role in the medical field for spine and joint treatment in Korea. Nanoori Hospital now runs four hospitals in the heart of Korea. These are in Seoul, Incheon, and Suwon. Nanoori has maximized satisfaction by tailoring treatment to the specific needs of the individual patient.

The Spinal Center is led by medical teams with a vast experience conducting surgical procedures and is equipped with the best facilities and medical equipment. It is on a world-class level as a specialized spinal center, with over 9,000 cases of spine and joint surgery annually.

Nanoori Hospital, along with its Spinal Center, focuses not only on treatment for patients, but also on education for medical teams. It has fostered core medical teams through overseas training programs for doctors and has passed on medical techniques to foreign medical teams through spine-related training and joint surgery.

Yonsei Sarang Hospital in Seoul: Yonsei Sarang Hospital was founded by Dr. Yong-gon Koh in 2003. It aims to improve the quality of life of patients who have problems with joint and spine issues. Over the past decade, the hospital has dedicated to serve patients with state-of-the-art facilities for diagnosis, outstanding performance in treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions, while catering to patients of all ages. In addition, Yonsei Sarang specializes in total knee replacement with 3D printer and stem cell therapy for arthritis. Since 2014, the hospital has helped many foreign patients to solve their orthopedic problems. Various foreign patients, mostly from the USA, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam have expressed satisfaction by its outstanding technology and excellent medical care and services.

Aside from the above-mentioned salient hospitals that specialize in arthroplasty, there are well over a dozen equally capable hospitals in Korea that can perform the surgery. If arthroplasty in Korea is an option you are considering, you can consider CloudHospital to seamlessly coordinate your experience in Korea. CloudHospital is the global healthcare nexus on the web, easily accessible 24/7 and staffed with highly experienced professionals in the field of medical treatment access across the globe.