Last updated date: 08-Oct-2021

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How to find best Plastic Surgeons in Korea

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For those considering plastic surgery, whether it is for cosmetic or medical reasons, Korea is today’s center of the world in terms of the wide available range of procedures available and depth of expertise in the field. The doctors in Korea are widely known for their skills, which is a combination of science and art – possibly the latter playing a significant role in patient satisfaction. On a per capita basis, Korea has twice as many as the United States according to Statista. People from more than 100 countries visit Korea every year to have plastic surgery done. This vast experience by doctors in Korea allows them to be among the best in the field in achieving a universal beauty standard.

There are many reasons why people go for plastic surgery and specifically to Korea. The reasons are very personal to each patient. Some may want to reshape their face proportions, some may look for eye reshaping, some may choose to sculpt their cheekbones while others may simply opt to inject lipids into their skin to rejuvenate their looks while reducing wrinkles and dead spots. In some cases, cosmetic surgery may be the solution to a physical injury or deformities at birth. The reasons are wide and varied. However, in one’s decision making process, the level of experience the surgeon has should come into consideration and Korea scores at the top of the field.

Plastic surgery is not just for women these days. Currently, there are more and more men opting for plastic surgery. According to many clinics in Seoul, men comprise as much as 20% of the clientele base nowadays. Many decide to have plastic surgery procedures done in order to achieve their own self satisfaction while just as many do it for job placement advantages, especially for people who work in fields where looks definitely matters. Once again, many experts in male plastic surgery are based in Korea due to the sheer number of procedures performed. They are well versed with the latest techniques and the most modern equipment that can support their endeavors. Yes, many also point out the price competitiveness of having procedures done in Korea but the ultimate reason for considering travel to Korea for plastic surgery is the fact that many consider the nation as supreme in expressing modern universal beauty standards in their work.

For those who have decided to give plastic surgery in Korea a chance, there are many considerations that may come into decisions. Upscale Living summarizes as follows: All in all, in a world infatuated with K-pop and eternal youth, South Korea becomes a beacon of hope for those who believe that the healthcare markets in the U.S. and E.U. are becoming increasingly elitist. With lower price points and state-of-the-art facilities, Seoul remains an interesting option; thus, it should not come as a surprise that medical tourism is booming, and private clinics are coming up with innovative ways to attract Western patients. And thanks to new technologies, patients can use cosmetic surgery apps and online consultations from their own home, receiving feedback straight away. But these innovative marketing strategies do not come with an assurance that the doctors and clinics in the host country are safe or legit. In fact, medical tourism comes with certain risks such as communication issues, follow-up care, medical complications during procedures, and hidden costs.

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