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How to Lose Weight Faster and Forever?

    One of the most common questions that we all ask ourselves is: “How can I lose weight fast?”. This happens as we are all too busy with other activities and we forget to take care of our very own bodies. All of a sudden, we get to look in the mirror and find out that we are no longer looking as we thought we did. Then, we affirm that we need to lose couple of pounds.

    It is thought that getting fatter is always easier than getting thinner. It is not quite true. You will learn that you could actually obtain and maintain a healthy- and good-looking body with no effort at all. Losing weight fast is easier than getting fat.

    The reason for which getting fatter is considered to be easier than getting thinner is that it can be done without paying attention to what you eat and when you eat. Getting fatter is not instantaneous. It takes time. It is quite a complex process that you could perform it without noticing it. It becomes a routine. Getting thinner is the same thing. It can be easily done, without effort and it can happen quicker than you would think.


    What is the fast weight loss?

    The fast weight loss, as it is commonly referred to, is a process of losing weight during a very tight timeframe. It is true that for one or two days you might look thinner, but due to the stress and effort that is applied to the body, you might end up looking just exhausted.

    On the account of enthusiasm, you might not even want to put into balance the risks that are associated to it. Depending on your decisions, a very fast weight loss could become very harmful for your health.

    Even though this method exists and is possible, there are absolutely no reasons for which you should try it out. There is no way that you could lose 10 pounds from a day to another.

    On the other hand, there are ways of losing weight fast and efficient. It all depends on the quality of life that you want. 

    For example, you can healthily lose 20 pounds (about 10 kilograms) in 2 months or even less. It all depends on your level of implication, desire and most of all, on your determination. If you are truly determined to lose weight and to reshape your body, you can do it way faster than you can think of it.

    When you start to really focus on a goal, the goal gets closer to becoming an achievement. After starting to do new and healthy activities, you will start to feel your motivation flowing through your veins. From just a day to another you will feel better and, thus, you will even look better. Really fast! And this is what we truly mean by losing weight fast. It is possible, once it is correctly performed.

    Getting fit is just the opposite of getting fat. You get up to a moment in which you do not even notice it anymore, even though your whole routine has already changed.


    First of all, make a fast weight loss plan

    Weight loss plan

    Before starting to lose weight, it is very important to find out the real reasons that have led to your body being out of shape. Analyze your routine, your vices and try to ask yourself if you are truly satisfied with your daily life.

    You will most probably find out that there are many aspects of your life that could be easily changed in a good way. But the idea of change could get you frightened. It is a very normal reaction. 

    In the ancient times, the humans were trying to settle down in a place where they could feel safe. In that place, they were sheltered from the dangers of the surrounding environment. The most important factor for choosing such a safety place was related to the accessibility to food. Every time the humans were forced to face changes, the risk of death was almost imminent. The fear of change has been greatly conserved within our genetics. Even if we do not realize it, it runs in the subconscious level.

    Even during the modern times, we all feel that we need to preserve ourselves and our dear ones. Now, change is no longer deadly. Change could actually lead to good things.

    So, once you have identified the things that you want to change or to improve in your life, you have to plan up the weight loss process.


    First of all, you have to establish your goal. How many pounds (or kilograms) do you really want to lose? How should you set the goal? Use a fast weight loss calculator.

    There are plenty of websites that offer the possibility of calculating online your body mass index (BMI). The Body Mass Index is a mathematical formula that could indicate the percentage of fatty tissue within your body. In order to find out the percentage of fatty tissue from your body, you have to provide the calculator with your current weight, height, age and gender. Some calculators, might also require your ethnicity, in order to provide accurate percentages. Moreover, these online BMI calculators are really useful, as they also determine how many pounds (or kilograms) you should lose, in order to reach a healthy percentage of fat within your body.


    How are you going to reach your target weight?

    Once you have set the goal, you have to start focusing on how you are going to achieve it. The process of losing weight relies solely on 3 main factors.

    The most important factor is your determination. Without determination, you cannot do it. When deciding to lose weight, you also have to start fueling up your determination. Your level of determination will decide your strength. Furthermore, as the determination increases, you will find easier and easier to deal with the process of losing weight. As the determination increases, you will actually find out that it is very easy to lose the unwanted weight. Without determination, you are simply not able to reach the goal.

    The other two key factors of a successful plan of losing weight fast are equally important: take care of what you eat and exercise regularly. In other words, it is impossible to start eating the right foods in the right moments and to exercise regularly without determination.

    The key of losing weight fast is to be determined at the beginning and to maintain the pace you set. You will start to see the results, sooner than you would expect. But most important, you will start to feel the results fast.


    Which diet for fast weight loss should you choose?

    Foods for diet

    There exist several diets that are truly effective and that will help you enormously to lose weight. Choosing the right diet is strictly subjective. It depends to your tastes and needs. Here are the most effective diets.

    One of the most efficient fast weight loss diets is the Keto diet. The Keto diet’s principle is to reduce as much as possible the intake of carbohydrate and to replace it with fats. This change should lead to a body’s metabolic state that is medically referred as ketosis. This diet is very popular, as when the body reaches the ketosis, it starts to easily burn the fat, which is transformed into energy. Also, ketosis helps turning the fat into ketones, which are basically energy for the brain.

    Another truly efficient diet for losing weight is the Paleo diet. The foundation of the Paleo diet is represented by the concept that all of the modern diseases are associated to the Western diet, as it is believed that the human body has not actually evolved to assimilate the grains, vegetables and dairy. Therefore, the Paleo diet is based on the foods that were once eaten by our ancestors, such as whole foods, nuts, seeds, vegetables and lean meats. The Paleo diet forbids the consumption of any type of processed foods. Nowadays, the Paleo diet has more versions. Some of them are less restrictive and they permit the consumption of cheese, as well.

    The Paleo diet is considered to be quite efficient on weight loss. For example, some studies have proven that 14 adults that have followed the Paleo diet for 3 weeks have managed to lose about 5.1 pounds (2.3 kg).

    The Mediterranean diet is not specifical to losing weight. Even so, it has proven to be efficient for those who are following it in combination with regular exercise, while reducing, as well the risks of heart disease. It looks that eating like the Greeks could be really healthy. 

    The Mediterranean diet consists of consuming fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, nuts, whole grains. Everything can be prepared with extra virgin oil. It also allows the moderate consumption of dairy, eggs and poultry, but it restricts the highly processed foods.

    DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is designed to aid in preventing and treating the high blood pressure. The focus of this diet is on fruits, vegetables, whole grains. This diet restricts the possibility of intaking salt, red meat, any added sugars of fat. Even if the diet has not been designed to help the fast loss of weight, people who are following it report to notice considerable improvements, in terms of kilograms (or pounds).

    The low-fat diets have been very common for many years. Any low-fat diet consists of limiting the fat intake to only 30% of the daily calories. There are some very restrictive versions of the diet that limit the amount of the fats to under 10% of the daily calories.

    The reason for which the low-fat diets are so effective is that fats provide approximately twice the number of calories per gram, when compared to protein and carbs. Therefore, restricting their intake, could significantly help you lose weight. These diets are normally plant-based and avoiding meats is required.


    Suggestions for fast weight loss food

    As you can already tell, there are many possibilities, in terms of foods. No matter how picky you are, you should be able to easily find out new foods that will help you lose the weight fast. Keep in mind that each meal requires proteins, healthy fats and veggies.

    If you decide to lose weight and consume complex carbs at the same time, you should add some whole grains to your meals, such as:

    • Oats
    • Wheat;
    • Quinoa;
    • Rye;
    • Bran;
    • Barley.


    Furthermore, let us suggest you some breakfast ideas, that are shaped on your need to lose weight fast:

    • Poached egg with avocado and some berries aside;
    • A crustless quiche made of spinach, mushroom, and feta;
    • A smoothie made of nut milk, spinach and avocado;
    • Greek yogurt with oats.


    Here are some lunch suggestions, that could help to lose weight fast:

    • Smoked salmon with avocado and asparagus aside;
    • Lettuce wraps with grilled chicken, beans and red pepper;
    • Kale and spinach salad with grilled tofu, chickpeas, and guacamole.


    It is absolutely normal to eat some snacks, even during the process of losing weight. Here are some snack ideas:

    • Hummus;
    • Veggies;
    • Mix with nuts and dried fruit;
    • Kale chips;
    • Roasted pumpkin seeds;
    • Tuna pouches;
    • Fruits and brie.


    8 Tricks to boost your weight loss journey!

    In order to lose weight faster, there are some tricks that you can use along side your diet and exercise.

    Here are 8 tricks that could help you lose weight even faster:

    1. Make sure that your breakfast is rich in proteins. It could significantly reduce the cravings and the overall calorie intake of the day; 
    2. Add whole foods to your diet, because they can help you feel quickly that you have had enough food, therefore you will eat less;
    3. Try to eat slower, as it can help you manage your weight. It has been scientifically proven that chewing fast is a reason for adding unwanted weight.
    4. Drink only water. It does not matter if it is still or sparkling water. The important aspect is to avoid the beverages that contain sugar;
    5. Drinking water before meals is proven to reduce the calorie intake and it could assist you in weight management. 
    6. Consume soluble fiber, as it has been proven that they sustain the weight loss;
    7. Caffeine can improve your metabolism, therefore the consumption of coffee and tea is recommended;
    8. Try to sleep well every night. The lack of sleep or a poor-quality sleep could lead to many health problems. Sleeping poorly could increase the risks of adding weight.


    Is it possible to lose weight fast without exercise?

    Though you can lose weight without exercising at all, you cannot lose it fast. Exercising stimulates your muscles to burn even more fat. 

    There are some methods that could help you lose a couple of extra pounds (or kg) without exercising at all:

    • Drink water frequently. By drinking water, especially before meals, you can reduce significantly your appetite for food. In other words, drinking water regularly could help you eat less;
    • Focus on what you are eating. It has been proven in recent studies that those who eat while watching TV are prone to eat more than what they need. The distractions could trick you and make you actually forget how much you ate. Watching TV while eating could lead to eating unnecessary amounts of food;
    • Drink only water, coffee and tea. Usually, any other drink contains sugars. The brain does not recognize those calories and you will end up consuming more calories per day than you should. Also, the sugary beverages could be harmful to your health on the long run;
    • Sleep well and avoid stress. The less you sleep well, the higher the chances of becoming stressed out. When you are stressed, the level of cortisol is raising. It could lead to an imbalance of the appetite-regulating hormones, that leads to eating more than what you actually need;
    • Chew slower and try to focus on what you are eating. This way, you will finish eating sooner, as you would eat less than when you chew faster. The faster you eat, the more extra calories you will add to your daily intake.


    Exercises for fast weight loss

    Exercises for fast weight loss

    Exercising is crucial for healthy life, especially when you are trying to lose some weight. The physical activities could help you improve your metabolism and to raise the strength of the immune system.

    If you are trying to lose weight faster, you should know that by exercising you are practically increasing the number of calories that you burn. If you are physically active daily, then you are going to lose weight even faster, as you will burn more calories each passing day.

    Here are some physical activities that could be considered as fast weight loss exercises:

    • Walking. It is crucial and it can be performed basically anywhere and anytime. You do not need special equipment or a special environment for it. Walking is very healthy. The more you walk, the better you will feel.
    • Running. You might need some more comfortable shoes, at least, but it can also be performed wherever and whenever. Running is very popular for losing weight fast as it helps burning the unwanted calories. Studies show that a 155 pound person (70 kg) burns about 372 calories during a 30 minute run.
    • Cycling. This activity requires a bicycle. Even so, the bicycle can be normal, so you would be cycling across the streets, or stationary, meaning that the bicycle does not have the wheels, actually, and it stays in a room. It does not necessarily mean that it has to be at the gym, you can also have one at home. It is shown that a 155 pound (70 kg) person could end up burning around 252 calories throughout a 30 minutes stationary cycling session.
    • Weight lifting. It is an extraordinary fast weight loss exercise. Beside that it burns about 108 calories during a 30-minute workout session for 155 pound person (70 kg), it gives you more strength, both physically and mentally.
    • Swimming. It is one of the best fast weight loss exercises, as it can be easily performed. Moreover, swimming helps in burning the fats and prevents various diseases, including the cardiovascular problems.
    • Yoga. It can be performed anywhere, and beside the fact that it helps burning the calories, it can also strengthen your mental. It could help you prevent falling into the traps of the cravings.


    Should I use the pills for fast weight loss?

    There are no pills for losing weight that could be bought over the counter.

    The pills that could help you lose weight are not for everybody. First of all, you have to consult your medical specialist. He will prescribe these weight loss pills only if you have already tried to exercise regularly and you have been following a diet without obtaining any results at all. It is very important to be aware of the fact that these pills could be used only in addition to exercising and following a diet.

    The persons who are most likely to be prescribed weight loss pills are those whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is greater than 30. Also, the persons whose body mass index (BMI) is greater than 27 and who also suffer from another health condition, such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure are very likely to have these pills prescribed, as well.



    Therefore, the most important factor for losing weight fast, is to get determined. Depending on how determined you are, you will lose weight faster and faster.

    If you are looking forward to lose weight just for a specific event, you should plan it timely. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, in order to achieve the perfect body and the feeling of being wonderful, you have to prepare for it in advance.

    So, do you want to lose weight fast? I can’t hear you! I said “do you want to lose weight fast?”. Focus and keep working on it!