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Male Plastic Surgery Cost by Countries


    Our society places a high value on looking young and fit. Today, men of various ages and walks of life seek plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. Men's aims may include a more balanced nose, a rejuvenated face, and a slimmer waistline. The treatments utilized to attain these goals must take into account characteristics such as skin thickness, beard development, and body type.

    The cost of a cosmetic operation varies based on the type of procedure, the fees charged by the surgical team, and where the procedure is performed.


    What is Male Plastic Surgery?

    Male Plastic Surgery

    For guys who desire to improve their looks, Male Plastic Surgery can help restore their appearance and make them look much younger with a facelift, pec augmentation, neck lift, and liposuction.

        1. Eyelid rejuvenation

    Men, like women, frequently show indications of aging around the eyes. The adage "the eyes are the window to the soul" may well be a truth, but I would also add the assertion that "the eyelids are the window treatments through which you see the soul. Loose hanging wrinkled skin, lateral brows that hang over the upper eyelids, and bulging fat pads behind the eyes with emphasized tear troughs all contribute to the appearance of exhaustion and loss of energy. This frequently leads to friends and classmates inquiring if you are weary or if you are getting enough sleep.

    Fortunately, surgery to return the upper eyelids to a crisp appearance, as well as repair any eyelid droop, can be game changer. Lower lid rejuvenation can be accomplished by removing extra fat and placing it across the cheek to eliminate the tear trough. This surgery, when combined with skin and muscle tightening, results in a youthful and lively appearance. This is crucial not only in social circumstances, but also in how a person is perceived at work.

        2. Neck lift

    Do you ever glance in the mirror and think, "I hate this turkey neck"? Is it becoming more difficult to find dress shirts that look good with ties? Do you have a heavier face despite not gaining weight? If you answered yes to all of these questions, a consultation for a neck lift may be a good decision that isn't only for vanity. A man's jaw line should be powerful and his chin-neck junction should be crisp.

    Having hanging skin with or without fat excess that obscures the jaw line can undoubtedly give the impression that the individual is prematurely aging beyond his chronological age. A neck lift can help you look younger and more energetic by restoring your appearance. In the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon, the surgery is fairly predictable and is performed as an outpatient procedure with very little pain. In two weeks, most people can feel at ease in social situations.

        3. Rhinoplasty

    Proportionality is essential. If you are unsatisfied with the shape of your nose or how it merges with the rest of your face, get a facial analysis performed by a plastic surgeon. If the nose appears large, the lower face, such as a little lower jaw or chin, may look out of place. To achieve a balanced facial appearance, chin augmentation is frequently combined with rhinoplasty. Nose surgery necessitates dexterity and a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the nose's numerous subunits. The trick is to contour the male nose without feminizing it. This is also a relatively simple surgery to recuperate from, with most patients able to return to work within a week.

        4. Chin augmentation

    As previously stated, the facial subunits should all be proportionate to one another. If the lower jaw projection is limited due to lack of growth, it might give the impression of a weaker jaw with a less manly aspect. A plastic surgeon can produce an enhanced projection by combining an implant or relocating the bone with liposuction of the jaw line to create a sculpted jaw that projects strength if the right judgment is used.

        5. Liposuction

    If the phrase "dad bod" screams out at you when you look in the mirror, liposuction may be something to consider. It is critical to remember that liposuction, in all of its iterations, is a contouring tool, not a weight loss treatment. I strongly advise anyone thinking about body sculpting to start with nutrition and exercise. If you are still unsatisfied with the contour of your body after some gym toning and obtaining a normalized weight, liposuction may be a sensible supplement to improve the appearance.

    The stomach area, as well as the flanks, can be modified to produce a slimmer frame. It's a simple surgery with a quick recovery. Patients can usually return to work in a day or two. The entire effect of the reshaping takes between six weeks and two months to see.

        6. Gynecomastia surgery

    Gynecomastia surgery

    Excess breast fat and skin, which can also impact the size and contour of the nipple-areolar complex, can project an extremely feminizing image of the male chest. In my experience, the results of a combination VASER liposuction (ultrasound aided liposuction) with direct excision of any sub-areolar glandular elements with or without areolar reduction to generate a masculine chest have been quite satisfying.

    This can be a very worrisome situation for a man of any age, but especially during his adolescence. We notice a bimodal distribution of persons seeking treatment: teenagers and men in their late forties and fifties seeking help to restore tone in their chest area.

    Plastic surgery has evolved in its view since its inception following World War I. Aesthetic surgery was originally considered taboo or something to be avoided because it was seen to be overly self-indulgent, but it has since become more widespread and is regarded as mainstream in the views of many.

    I believe that this shift in society's perception is due to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons' (ASPS) strong commitment to guarantee that board-certified plastic surgeons are properly trained and conduct safe, predictable surgeries that patients seek and desire with outstanding outcomes. In addition, our population is living longer lives with higher quality of life, and people are staying active and involved. They want to look as beautiful as they feel and are no longer afraid to ask for procedures that will keep them looking their best.

        7. Hair transplant

    Hair transplant surgery is used to restore hair to parts of the scalp that are bald or thinning. Hair replacement surgery comes in a variety of forms.

    Hair transplantation is the most prevalent approach, however flap surgery, scalp tissue expansion, and scalp reduction surgery are all utilized for hair restoration. Each of these surgeries can be utilized alone or in combination to offer the patient with the best potential hair replacement outcome.

    Hair transplantation entails extracting small pieces of hair-bearing scalp from a donor location and relocating them to a bald or thinning part of the scalp as grafts.


    Planning your surgery

    Planning your surgery

    When planning your operation, good communication between you and your plastic surgeon is vital. During your initial appointment, you will be asked to explain why you desire the procedure and how you expect to look and feel afterward. It's critical to put aside any uneasiness and talk openly about the improvements you'd like to see. You should be absolutely confident that you and your surgeon understand each other.

    Your doctor will also assess your health, perform a physical examination, take pre-operative pictures, and explain which surgical procedures are best for you. You'll talk about the type of anesthesia to be used, the type of institution where the surgery will be performed, potential dangers, and costs. Cosmetic operations are typically not covered by medical insurance. Some plastic surgeons, on the other hand, provide special financing options for cosmetic surgery or take credit cards.

    Inform the surgeon if any part of the consultation makes you feel uneasy, or if you have any special privacy requests. Above all, you should have realistic expectations for your surgery. Keep in mind that your doctor can provide great improvement but not perfection. Keep in mind that your age and health may have an impact on the outcome's quality.


    How is Male Liposuction done?

    Male liposuction done

    Male liposuction is a cosmetic operation performed on males to remove fat from problematic areas. Many people turn to this type of therapy if they are unable to lose fat with exercise and a healthy diet. This cosmetic procedure can replace tummy tucks, facelifts, and breast reductions. However, you should not consider this procedure as a means of losing weight. As previously stated, it is only for the parts that you cannot get rid of even with a severe exercise routine.

    You may be a good candidate for male liposuction surgery;

    • If you do not have any health issues that may hinder overall success,
    • If you are not a smoker
    • If you do not use excessive alcohol
    • If there is no infection issues and bleeding disorders

    So, you may get a male liposuction surgery;

    • If you have reasonable expectations about the outcomes of the operation
    • If you have a concrete routine of exercise and health body which can assist you in the course of recovery period.

    Furthermore, male liposuction and female liposuction are not the same thing. The key reason for this is that the regions treated are the primary difference between cosmetic operations for each gender.

    Male liposuction surgery most commonly treats the love handles, lower tummy, and upper arms. In contrast, men frequently target the neck, thighs, chest, and chin. To appear more appealing.

    To summarize, the procedure for liposuction surgery is the same regardless of gender. The individual's anatomy will be the only thing considered during the operation. Finally, the recovery times and procedures are the same.


    Male Plastic Surgery Cost

    Male Plastic Surgery Cost

    Examining the costs of various procedures is a challenging work; however, things may be a little trickier when it comes to male liposuction. That is, you should undertake considerable research in order to secure the most competitive and reliable cost for the business. At that time, we compiled the most reliable price information and gave it to you.

        1. Male Body Contouring

    Average Cost: 6,000$-15,000$

    Many fit guys discover that no matter how hard they train out, they are occasionally left with stubborn fat deposits on their stomach or sides (love handles). Liposuction can be an efficient means of removing fat safely while retaining a masculine image. Weight loss, whether surgical or natural, can leave a guy with loose skin around the midsection. A male stomach tuck meant to restore a natural, masculine contour to the abdomen can be efficient at eliminating extra skin and fat.

        2. Male Breast Reduction

    Average Cost: 5,000$-10,000$

    Gynecomastia (larger breast tissue), fat, or a mix of the two (which is the most common), enlarged male breasts can be embarrassing. Male breast reduction, which involves the use of liposuction and small incisions to remove recalcitrant breast tissue, is an efficient method of removing huge male breasts with minimum scarring. 

        3. Male Brow & Eyelid Surgery

    Average Cost: 3,000$-12,000$

    Heavy brows and abundant eyelid skin might give the illusion of being unwelcome, irritated, or tired. Male blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or brow lift are successful procedures for reversing these aging changes and providing a youthful, rejuvenated, yet masculine appearance.

        4. Male Neck Lift

    Male Neck Lift

    Average Cost: 10,000$-12,000$

    Nowadays, more guys are seeking facial aesthetic surgery. A male neck lift can reduce the "turkey neck" by removing excess skin and tightening the neck muscles, whether it is because they look older than they feel or to look more youthful in the workplace.

        5. Gynecomastia Surgery

    According to the most recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics, the average cost of gynecomastia surgery is 4,239$ USD. This average cost is only a portion of the entire cost; anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related fees are not included. To calculate your total charge, please contact your plastic surgeon's office.

    The pricing for gynecomastia surgery will be determined by the surgeon's experience, the type of technique employed, and the geographic location of the practice. Most health insurance companies do not cover male breast reduction or associated problems; however, many plastic surgeons offer patient financing programs; be sure to inquire.

    Gynecomastia surgery costs may include:

    • Anesthesia fees
    • Hospital or surgical facility costs
    • Medical tests
    • Post-surgery garments
    • Prescriptions for medication
    • Surgeon's fee

    Your satisfaction entails more than just a charge. When selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area for gynecomastia surgery, keep in mind that the surgeon's experience and your comfort with him or her are just as crucial as the procedure's final cost.


    Plastic Surgery Cost in South Korea

    Plastic Surgery Cost in South Korea

    Is Plastic Surgery Really Cheaper in South Korea? If So, Is it Worth the Trip?

    When we think of plastic surgery, we normally image a roof party in Beverly Hills or the perfect beach body getting out of a brand new Porsche in Palm Beach. Plastic and cosmetic surgery have long been regarded an American emblem, something so firmly ingrained in the country's culture of showmanship and desire that it has virtually become a ritual. Despite this, more than 1.4 million Americans travel thousands of miles each year to countries as close as Mexico and as far away as Japan to have cosmetic treatments performed. It is estimated that you can save between 40 and 80 % on operations performed abroad.

    South Korea has recently emerged as the world's plastic surgery capital, with the highest number of surgeries performed per capita. While the cosmetic procedures are popular among Koreans, the reputation has piqued international interest, and tens of thousands of foreigners visit the country each year with the sole goal of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Some are drawn here by the underlying K-pop culture; after all, who better to convert you into a Korean pop star than the surgeons who've worked with the stars themselves?

    Others see medical tourism as an adventure; going through the treatments isn't really enjoyable, so why not attempt to inject some fun into the mix? Most medical tourists, on the other hand, are driven by monetary gain. There is an unspoken agreement among that last group that plastic surgery procedures are less expensive in any country other than the United States. On paper, that is true for the most part. Let's compare the actual costs of several plastic surgery treatments in the United States and South Korea.

    • Eyelid Surgery price average: U.S.: $3,022 — South Korea: $3,000
    • Facelift price average: U.S.: 7,048$ — South Korea: 9,500$
    • Liposuction price average: U.S.: 3,374$ — South Korea: 5,500$
    • Breast Augmentation price average: U.S.: 7,500$ — South Korea: 7,000$


    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in South Korea

    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in South Korea

    Why opt for plastic surgery in South Korea?

    1. Low-cost

    Plastic and cosmetic surgery in South Korea is less expensive than in Western countries. Market rivalry, currency exchange, and cheap production costs of medical equipment all have a significant impact in lowering overall costs.

    1. Qualified surgeons

    South Korean plastic and cosmetic specialists have unrivaled levels of ability and precision for numerous cosmetic operations. Their knowledge and education enable them to perform simple to some of the most sophisticated surgeries.

        2. State-of-the-art facilities

    South Korean hospitals and clinics are well-equipped to accommodate patients from all over the world. There are numerous clinics and healthcare facilities throughout the country that provide high-quality, low-cost treatment choices. Many certified hospitals and clinics have acquired worldwide acclaim, with many A-list celebrities frequenting them.

        3. Advanced facilities

    South Korean clinics have all the latest technologies, whether it's the Robotic hair transplant system or powerful 3-D modeling software.

        4. Success rate

    South Korea has the largest amount of plastic procedures in the world. Aside from the low cost, the high success rate of these operations is a logical explanation for this trend.

    The cost of various plastic and cosmetic surgeries in South Korea depends on multiple factors, including:

    1. Type of Surgical technique
    2. Choice of health clinic or hospital
    3. Type of room facility
    4. Experience of the surgeon
    5. Duration of stay in the country and recovery period
    6. Requirement for additional procedures




    Price (USD)

    Price (INR)


    Eyelid Surgery

    2,000 to 4,000 USD

    155,000 to 310,000 INR


    Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

    4,000 to 6,000 USD

    310,000 to 465,000 INR


    Hair Transplant

    6,000 to 10,000 USD

    465,000 to 775,000 INR



    7,000 to 12,000 USD

    542,000 to 930,000 INR


    Breast Augmentation

    8,000 to 12,000 USD

    620,000 to 930,000 INR



    4,000 to 7,000 USD

    310,000 to 542,000 INR



    4,000 to 10,000 USD

    310,000 to 775,000 INR



    500 to 4,000 USD

    39,000 to 310,000 INR


    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Thailand

    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Thailand

    Cosmetic Surgery for Men can provide a variety of alternatives for changing your appearance. Thailand has something for everyone, with surgical and non-surgical procedures ranging from body sculpting liposuction to eyelid surgery and hair transplants. Most guys desire washboard 6-pack abs but are unable to achieve them due to stubborn pockets of fat that appear immune to proper eating and diets. In Bangkok, you can choose to rapidly and painlessly shrink or expand the size of your chest or acquire instant six-pack abs using advanced Lipo techniques such as:

    These treatments are frequently paired with additional cosmetic or medical remedies for regions such as bariatric weight loss surgery, stomach tucks, and facelifts to produce dramatic results in a short period of time.


    How much does plastic surgery cost in Thailand?

    The cost of various cosmetic operations varies depending on a variety of criteria, including the number of layers and levels of therapy. Despite this, Thailand plastic surgery packages are much less expensive than the same treatments in other nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and many others.

    Plastic surgery in Thailand costs as little as USD 500 and varies based on the type of operation. Thailand's plastic surgery hospitals promise unrivaled health care at affordable prices. Even after accounting for the costs of air tickets, lodging, and meals, international patients save a significant amount of money on the entire package.

    The best Thailand plastic surgery centers are regarded for their excellent hospitality services, medical facilities, and reputable specialists. Some internationally accredited hospitals may charge slightly more than smaller institutions, but standards may also drop.


    Plastic surgery Thailand price list include:


    Price in ($)

    Price in (฿)


    USD 500 – USD 1200

    THB 17,666 – THB 42,400

    Breast augmentation

    USD 2700 – USD 5000

    THB 95,400 – THB 176,666


    USD 2000 – USD 5000

    THB 70,666 – THB 176,666


    USD 500 – USD 2500

    THB 17,666 – THB 88,333

    Neck Lift

    USD 1800 – USD 3600

    THB 63,600 – THB 127,200


    What are the factors that affect plastic surgery in Thailand cost?

    The cost of medical operations in any country might vary depending on a variety of factors. Similarly, various factors can influence the overall cost of plastic surgery in Thailand. These could include:

    • Type of surgery: The cost of various cosmetic procedures varies based on the technique employed and the amount of the surgery.
    • Choice of the hospital: The cost will be affected by accreditation and location, as internationally accredited hospitals in major cities are known to provide higher quality care than small clinics in lesser cities. 
    • Surgeon’s experience: The best plastic surgeons in Thailand can guarantee a better standard of treatment with more safety assurance, and this can influence the outcome of the procedure. 
    • Length of stay in the hospital and country: Many patients are required to stay in the hospital for some time following surgery. This is done to guarantee optimum recovery and post-operative care. The length of stay may vary depending on the type and amount of operation. The cost of the hospital per day of stay increases with the number of nights spent in the hospital.
    • Room category: The hospital offers a variety of accommodation types, including general ward, twin sharing, private, deluxe suite, and more. The pricing varies according to the room category selected.

    Prices fluctuate, and Thailand plastic surgery prices will be affected by currency exchange rates at the time of booking/payment. However, international patients can still save a significant amount of money when compared to surgery in Western countries.


    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Turkey

    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Turkey

    The reduced cost of living and labor in Turkey permits treatment prices to be cheaper than in other European countries. Extremely cheap prices, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs. You may have come across extremely low pricing for procedures performed by unprofessional and untrained specialists, which can have disastrous effects.

    Furthermore, as previously said, Turkey provides greater quality care at a lower cost than Europe and the United States.


    Liposuction for Men

    Liposuction for Men

    Because of their affordable prices, pleasant and well-trained medical personnel and surgeons, Turkish clinics are the greatest option for you. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, including male liposuction, you should look at clinics in Turkey first, and you will agree with us on the decision there.

    Having male liposuction in Turkey might help you improve your body contours. It is a cosmetic technique for removing fat from various areas of the body, including the chest, abdomen, arms, back, hips, thighs, and neck. It can also be used as part of a larger body sculpting procedure.


    Different Liposuction Procedures

    1. Traditional: To numb the area of your body where the tube will be put, a local anaesthetic is administered. Before the surgery begins, a considerable volume of an anaesthetic solution including lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the fatty tissue.
    2. Microliposuction: Traditional liposuction is performed to remove small pockets of fat under local anaesthesia rather than general anaesthesia. This is a rapid and effective way for ensuring the patient has as little downtime as possible and returns to normal as soon as feasible. This approach is effective on places such as the chin, underarms, and jawline.
    3. Smartlipomx or Laser-Assisted Liposuction: This method involves liquefying fat with a laser and extracting it with a cannula. The laser not only liquefies fat but also smooths and tightens the skin and shuts blood vessels, minimizing swelling, bleeding, and bruising.


    How Liposuction for men differentiates from liposuction for women?

    Men have a particular problem with fatty deposits that women do not. Certainly, the fundamental facts remain that an adult male has a particular number and location of fat cells that varies little. As a result, the elimination of fat cells permanently alters the contour of that area, and the underlying skin shrinks proportionately.

    Treatment Areas:

    • Abdomen-Stomach
    • Chick and neck
    • Gynaecomastia
    • Inner thighs


    Male Liposuction cost 

    Male liposuction cost 

    Before you decide to get liposuction, you should be aware of the costs. Male liposuction costs in Turkey vary based on the amount of fat removed, the technique employed, and the doctor's experience.

    In comparison to other nations, the average cost of Male Liposuction in Turkey is roughly 3.200 USD (3065€). Here you can learn about obtaining Male Liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey, male liposuction costs, our clinic's patients reviews, before and after photographs from the greatest doctors in Turkey, and all-inclusive Male Liposuction packages.

    If you're wondering why operations in Turkey are so inexpensive, you should know that everything is connected and related to the economy, but not to quality. There are various explanations for this circumstance, including:

    • Low living and tax costs
    • Use of domestic medical instruments
    • Clinic competition
    • Currency exchange rate


    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in USA

    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in USA

    If you are currently considering plastic surgery procedures, you may have observed that many plastic surgeon websites lack pricing information. The fundamental reason for withholding procedure prices is variability: the actual cost of an individual's procedure may vary depending on their personal demands and intended results.

    While the cost of surgery is an important consideration, it is also vital to remember that the outcome of the surgery will affect you for the rest of your life. Your top focus should be to select the greatest provider for your specific requirements. Specifically:

    • Select a surgeon with extensive experience and proof of previous surgeries. Choose a plastic surgeon over a doctor from another field who performs plastic surgery for a plastic surgery procedure.
    • Look for a surgeon with whom you feel at ease and who agrees on how the surgical procedure will be carried out.
    • It is critical that the physician you select understands your goals and agrees that they are realistic and attainable.
    • Ascertain that your procedure will take place in a professionally accredited operating room.
    • It is critical to choose a doctor who uses high-quality materials (such as implants) from a reputed manufacturer.
    • Be wary of doctors who offer costs that are much lower than national or regional averages, or who provide gimmicky prices, such as Groupon or "deal of the day" deals.
    • Make ensure that the quoted price includes all expenses (i.e. no hidden fees).


    Examples of Male Plastic Surgery procedures

    Male Plastic Surgery procedures


    BOTOX® Cosmetic is not just for ladies; it relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a fantastic treatment for busy businessmen because it is performed swiftly in our clinic and requires no downtime.


    Chin Implant

    A strong, chiseled chin is typically seen to represent masculinity. A chin implant can help men attain a better-proportioned and more balanced facial appearance if they want a chin that is slightly different in size or shape.


    Facelift | Neck Lift

    Facelift and neck lift surgery are two of the most popular operations requested by men in order to look as young as they feel. Male facelifts and neck lifts are approached with the patient's desires in mind, with the goal of producing masculine-looking results. 


    Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Surgery)

    Gynecomastia is an unnatural growth of the male breasts that can be uncomfortable and make males self-conscious. Male breast reduction surgery removes extra glandular breast tissue while also contouring the chest with liposuction, resulting in a strong chest.


    Average Cost of Male Plastic Surgery procedures

    Physicians who have registered with the site can respond. Pricing is a frequent topic of discussion among users. The following are the average national costs of the most common procedures (data updated on April 21, 2021):



    Eyelid Surgery










    Arm Lift


    Body Lift


    Brow Lift


    Chin Augmentation




    Thigh Lift




    You need have at least $3000 in your bank account if you want to have male liposuction surgery to eliminate excess fat. However, keep in mind that prices vary; at certain clinics, the maximum cost of the surgery may exceed $7000. Liposuction for males can result in a more athletic shape, chiseled abs, sculpted calves, and other benefits.


    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Brazil

    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Brazil

    Plastic surgery is now considered a necessary service, thanks in great part to the efforts of a surgeon named Ivo Pitanguy. Pitanguy, today known as the "pope of plastic surgery," persuaded President Juscelino Kubitschek in the late 1950s that the "right to beauty" was as fundamental as any other health requirement. Pitanguy argued that ugliness caused so much psychological pain in Brazil that the medical establishment could not ignore this humanitarian concern.

    Today, Brazil considers health to be a basic human right and provides free health care to all citizens, a hard-won victory of social activists following the fall of the dictatorship and the adoption of a new democratic constitution in 1988. However, public hospitals continue to be severely underfunded, and the majority of Brazilians in the middle and higher classes choose to use private medical services.

    Brazil, in effect, has a two-tiered structure. There is a private health care system that is cutting-edge and opulent, as well as a public health care system that is cash-strapped yet offers crucial services to the working class.


    Just How Popular is Male Cosmetic Surgery in Brazil?

    From 2009 to 2014, cosmetic surgery for men doubled, with around 276,000 surgeries performed each year. Male breast reduction, liposuction, and eyelid lifting procedures are among the most commonly performed procedures—surgeries that are also quite popular among males in the United States.

    The average Brazilian male cosmetic surgery patient is between the ages of 20 and 50, while many teens undergo breast reduction surgery (80% of gynecomastia operations are conducted!). Brazilian men over 50 who are still working frequently seek face rejuvenation.

    Preliminary information and an initial consultation are required to establish the overall cost of plastic surgery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The cost of operations such as liposuction, for example, is influenced by the method, scope of work, and length of postoperative recovery time. You will receive a specific quotation following the initial consultation. Procedures in nations such as the United States are much more expensive due to hospital, personnel, and follow-up consultation expenses.

    Price of male plastic surgery procedures in Brazil in 2020 (in Brazilian reals)




    Face lift



















    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Mexico

    Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Mexico

    Why is it less expensive in Mexico vs US?

    If you're startled by the price disparity between the US and Mexico, you'll be even more surprised to find that US pricing exclude "celebrity surgeons" and large metropolitan locations. Patients in Los Angeles, for example, have reported that a Face Lift can cost more than 25,000$ USD.

    While the majority of our doctors have received their education in more than one nation, higher education in Mexico is more economical. Despite this, Mexico's medical schools are frequently ranked among the best in Latin America and the globe, and they are highly competitive and, in certain cases, free as part of the public education system. Overhead expenses are another key aspect that can explain the pricing disparity. Overheads are significantly reduced, from heating and cooling to property expenditures. Most medical supplies are also less expensive in Mexico, despite the fact that they are manufactured and utilized in the United States and Europe.


    Is the cheap price attached to a nickel-and-dime experience?

    nickel-and-dime experience

    Coming to Tijuana, Mexico, means embarking on a new patient journey. We are the type of establishment that values the tourist side of medical tourism. You may expect a premium experience from the initial consultation through transportation. In terms of post-operative treatment, you would have to either

    1. Pay exorbitant prices for extra nights at the hospital or
    2. Arrange your own after-care and commute constantly. 

    Patients who have plastic surgery at our facility do not need to worry about anything. Stay at our cozy on-site recuperation boutique, which is walking distance to shopping centers and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    Cost of Surgery in Mexico

    Only highly skilled and board-certified plastic surgeons provide care at reasonable prices here. In comparison to the United States and Canada, Mexico typically gives patients savings of 40 to 80% on the same surgery while retaining or exceeding the quality of care.


    Average Prices for male Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico



    Face and Neck Lift

    $8500 USD


    $4700 USD


    $6500 USD

    Extended Abdominoplasty

    $6500 USD

    Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

    $5800 USD

    Lower Body Lift

    $9000 USD


    $5500 USD


    $5000 USD


    $6000 USD


    $5000 USD

    Chin Augmentation (Mentoplasty)

    $3000 USD


    $2000 USD



    Women may have a reputation for it, but many guys care about their appearance just as much as women do. They set personal fitness and youthfulness objectives and are subjected to societal aesthetic demands.

    Men's cosmetic surgery objectives can range from a more balanced face structure to a smaller bust or waistline. However, just because their goals are similar to those of women, the operations themselves may differ, as our plastic surgeons take into account aspects such as facial hair, skin thickness, and body shape.

    Plastic surgery for guys is no longer frowned upon, particularly in South Korea. More guys are conquering their complexes through plastic surgery and skin treatments, in addition to employing cosmetics and skincare products.