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Motiva implants

    Breast augmentation, sometimes known as a boob job, has long been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures due to its dependability and outcomes. There have been considerable breakthroughs in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery since the first breast implants were performed. Breast implant technology has also advanced significantly, leading to Motiva Implants, which have a more natural feel while growing more rupture resistant and durable with time. Motiva breast implants are the most recent example of breast implant advancements since they are one of the top suppliers of high-quality, safe, and effective breast implants.


    What are Motiva Implants?

    Motiva Implants

    Motiva implants are one of the leading implants in many countries, with TGA and FDA approval. The technology used to make these implants is of the greatest quality, and your safety is of the utmost importance throughout the production process. The implants are designed with your satisfaction in consideration. They are comprised of a two-layer silicone shell that is highly resistant to rupture. The silicone elastomer is the major material utilized in the shell's manufacturing, allowing it to appear and feel as natural as possible. The shell is not visible through the skin and is not so rigid that your breasts appear rock-hard. Motiva silicone gel breast implants are available in a range of forms, sizes, and profiles for a tailored appearance. Motiva implants, manufactured by Establishment Labs, have been in commercial use since 2010. Over that time, considerably over 500,000 women have had them implanted.


    Features of Motiva Implants

    Features of Motiva Implants

    Motiva implants are outfitted with cutting-edge characteristics that distinguish them as one of the top options for breast implants. The implants' most important features are as follows:

    TrueMonobloc. This feature is what allows the implant to function as a single unit. Because of the silicone elastomer employed in its manufacture, the implant's shell has elastic qualities, and the cohesive gel can stay together even if it ruptures. The cohesive gel and shell, or the combination of strength and elasticity, is essential for the natural shape of the breast implant.

    SmoothSilk Surface. Motiva breast implants have smooth, textured surfaces. This is especially noteworthy given the link between textured implants and a higher likelihood of breast implant-associated Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA ALCL) and breast implant illness (BII). Textured breast implants are related to this risk owing to Ralsatonia bacteria overgrowth, and the smooth surface does not support the bacterium's growth. Furthermore, this technological aspect of Motiva implants is accountable for the implants' great biocompatibility, which results in less interaction and irritation of the breast by the implant's surface.

    BluSeal. This is one of the Motiva implants' exclusive features. It is a barrier layer that prevents silicone gel from diffusing into the tissues around the implant and the remainder of the body. This safety mechanism is responsible for the Motiva implants' blue color, hence the name. The blue color also helps the surgeon confirm that the implant has this feature. The BluSeal marker is included in every Motiva implant, and they have passed all of the American Society of Testing and Materials and ISO quality and safety criteria.

    ProgressiveGel Plus. This feature essentially relates to the sort of gel used in Motiva's round breast implants. The gel employed permits the implant to remain full, particularly in the upper pole, giving it its distinctive spherical form.

    ProgressiveGel Ultima. This characteristic is comparable to the ProgressiveGel Plus in that it relates to the gel used in the implant's manufacturing. The nature of this gel enables the implant to adapt to the surrounding tissue and is unique to Motiva Ergonomic breast implants. Because of ProgressiveGel Ultima, the implant can grow the most anatomically natural form after being placed in the breast.

    TrueTissue Technology. This Motiva breast implant function is responsible for the implant's compression resistance. This resistance is especially crucial for the implant's safety and success. This feature includes the natural feel of the implants, as well as the elastic elastomer covering and the ProgressiveGel Ultima and Plus. Furthermore, the forces of gravity are conveyed to the lower pole of the implants as you stand, giving your breasts a beautiful descent without making them appear droopy. When you lie down, the effects of gravity are transmitted in such a way that the force is directed towards the center of the breast, giving them a beautiful appearance.

    Q Inside Safety Technology.  This feature is not only exclusive to Motiva breast implants, but Motiva is also the first brand to include it in their implants. A radio-frequency micro transponder is put in breast implants. By waving a reader on the outside of your body, your doctor can check the aspects of the implant. The transponder is FDA-approved for human use and also has the CE mark. The major goal of this technology is to make it simpler for doctors and other healthcare staff to learn about the implant in the least invasive way possible.


    Benefits of Motiva Implants

    Benefits of Motiva Implants

    Motiva breast implants are high-quality, effective, and safe breast implants that will help you meet the goals and expectations of your breast augmentation treatment. The method by which these implants are made leads to several product benefits that you can experience.

    Motiva breast implants feature a flat surface, making them potentially safer than other implants on the marketplace. Motiva implants, due to their absence of rough surfaces, should be less prone to produce BIA ALCL and BII. This implant's safety feature is heightened by the implant's embedding of a micro-transponder. This micro transponder aids in the non-invasive tracking of your implant if there is ever a problem with the implant that requires evaluation.

    Motiva implants appear hard yet gentle to the touch, giving them a natural appearance and feel. The implants provide the desired projection while integrating with the surrounding tissue so that they appear natural and do not stand out. Motiva implants, particularly Round breast implants, resist gravity by putting the most pressure on the upper pole or lower pole, depending on your body's posture.

    Aside from the texture and feel of the implants, the Motiva breast implants have additional health benefits. According to research, they have a much lower incidence of capsular contracture. While research is ongoing, it is believed that the unique manufacturing technique and use of cutting-edge technologies in the production process have lowered the incidence of capsular contracture when Motiva implants are utilized. This advantage is beneficial since capsular contracture is a consequence of the breast augmentation technique that frequently necessitates operation and surgery for repair, resulting in scarring and poor results.

    Motiva implants have a double-layered shell and a cohesive gel filling. The implant's manufacturing design is responsible for the lower rates of rupture found with this type of implant. Furthermore, decreasing implant handling reduces the chance of implant rupture. The implant is created in a single step and then delivered to surgeons with a limited handling guide to avoiding unnecessary product handling, which makes the implant prone to rupture.


    Types Motiva Implant

    Motiva Implant Types

    The Motiva implants are filled with various types of silicone gels, with the main difference being the gel's viscosity. Each implant type has a wide range of sizes, projections, profiles, and overall aesthetic options. Motiva breast implants are classified into three types:


    Ergonomix Motiva

    Motiva Ergonomix Breast Implant was created with the anatomy of natural breasts in consideration, making it the best choice if you want a breast implant that looks and feels natural. This choice is safe for human use and free of rippling because it is equipped with many Motiva implant technologies. The absence of rippling can be attributed to the use of silicone gel rather than saline.

    A Motiva breast implant is a problem solver since it has overcome several issues associated with breast implants. Rotation of a breast implant is a phenomenon that can compromise the outcomes of your procedure. Motiva Ergonomix breast implants do not allow for this. Furthermore, this implant reduces the likelihood of developing implant-associated lymphoma, which is a clear advantage for implants.

    Long-term Implantable Silicone, TrueMonobloc, Progressive Gel Ultima, BluSeal, and SmoothSilk/SilkSurface are among the technologies utilized in Motiva Ergonomix breast implants.


    Motiva Round 

    Motiva Round Breast Implants are a combination of firm and soft implants. They have a delicate feel but can hold their own and appear firm. The basic difference between Round and Ergonomix breast implants is the former's higher projection as well as the enhanced fullness of the top pole of the Round breast implant. This implant type is chosen by women who want larger, fuller breast implants.

    The implant appears hard, however, this should not be misinterpreted as a lack of movement or fit with the remainder of the chest. The implant adheres to your body and adapts to it, which means it will move with you as you walk, exercise, or engage in any physical activity. Motiva prioritizes the natural appearance of the implants, and you are never at risk of having a solid, rock-like implant that jumps out as unnatural.

    Motiva Round breast implants feature the same technology as Motiva Ergonomix, including Long-term Implantable Silicone, TrueMonobloc, BluSeal, and SmoothSilk/SilkSurface. The key distinction is the gel consistency since Round implants use Progressive Gel Plus, which is important for the implant's distinctive shape.


    Motiva Anatomical TrueFixation

    Motiva Anatomical TrueFixation breast implants are teardrop-shaped and contain a hard but soft shell. As the name implies, the teardrop form of the implants is intended to preserve the anatomical features of the breast. The implant fits in with the surrounding tissue, giving your breasts a natural and beautiful appearance.

    Motiva Anatomical TrueFication Breast Implants use the same technology as Motiva Round Breast Implants, including the gel type. Long-term Implantable Silicone, TrueMonobloc, BluSeal, Progressive Gel Plus, and SmoothSilk/SilkSurface are a few examples.


    Are Motiva Implants Safe?

    Motiva breast Implants

    Motiva breast implants are currently only offered to patients in the United States as part of an exploratory study testing its safety and effectiveness in women undergoing primary breast augmentation, primary breast reconstruction, or revision surgery. However, initial research has revealed a very favorable safety profile.

    All Motiva implants have BluSeal safety technology, an enhanced barrier around the silicone gel that helps to prevent leaks, and are available in two outer shell surface options: VelvetSurface, a microtextured implant, and SmoothSilk or SilkSurface, a somewhat smoother nanotextured implant.

    According to a 2017 retrospective study of 5,813 Motiva patients published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Motiva silicone breast implants are linked to very low rates of complication and reoperation, and the nano-textured SilkSurface implant is linked to lower complication rates than micro-textured implants.

    While more strongly textured implants have been linked to a rare kind of cancer known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), no cases of BIA-ALCL have been observed with Motiva implants.

    Motiva implant manufacturers announced in 2020 that their 10-year post-market surveillance data show a complication rate of less than 1% with almost 1.3 million breast implants delivered worldwide outside of the United States.

    A 2021 study financed by Motiva and undertaken by MIT researchers who are Motiva investors found that the SmoothSilk surface greatly lowers foreign body response when compared to implants with high degrees of roughness or fully smooth surfaces. The researchers also discovered that tissue capsules from individuals with typically smooth or highly textured implants were significantly bigger and less healthy than those from SmoothSilk implants. This study found that low-texture implants are not only less hazardous but may also help to prevent inflammation. Breast implants are not permanent and must be removed, updated, or replaced as they age.


    How Long Do Motiva Implants Last?

    A breast implant has an average lifespan of 10-15 years, with the risk of rupture increasing by 1% per year. Implants must only be replaced if there is an issue with them, such as capsular contracture or implant rupture. In the event of a rupture, Motiva's Always Confident Warranty gives a free replacement implant that is the same or equivalent to your present Motiva implant. You may be given a replacement implant for the opposite side at the same time, if your doctor recommends it, even if it has not ruptured.


    Motiva Implants Cost

    Premium quality breast implants, such as those made by Motiva, are typically more expensive than other types of breast implants. Depending on the type and features of your implant, you may pay additional charges ranging from $250 to $1700. This does not cover surgeons, anesthesiologists, or hospital fees. Breast augmentation surgery is still quite inexpensive for many women, and there are several methods available to help you afford your boob job.




    What are the Best Motiva Implants to Have Round Breasts?

    If you want round full boobs, the Motiva Round Implants with ProgressiveGel Plus are unquestionably the best option. The circular implant design adds fullness to your breasts, especially at the upper poles. This is ideal for people who want youthful breasts and beautiful cleavage. When you come in for a consultation, you can discuss this option with your doctor to see whether these implants are right for you.


    What Are the Best Motiva Implants to Have Natural-Looking Breasts?

    Motiva Ergonomix Implants are meticulously designed with a revolutionary silicone filling (ProgressiveGel Ultima) that is highly adaptable to how your body moves. These implants help your boobs appear and function naturally. If this is your goal, the Motiva Ergonomix Implants are the implants for you. Of course, when you come in for an evaluation, your doctor will help you in selecting the best implant for your desired look.


    How Do Motiva Implants Feel?

    Motiva implants are comprised of medical-grade silicone that has been bioengineered to feel like real breasts. The extremely cohesive silicone filling provides elasticity, allowing your breasts to feel soft while maintaining a firm and perky appearance.


    Where Are Motiva Implants Made?

    Motiva's implants are made in a state-of-the-art facility in Costa Rica. The regulatory office of the corporation is in the United States, while the European distribution center is in Belgium.


    How Much Do Motiva Implants Weigh?

    This is determined by the size and type of implant. A 400 cc Round Motiva Implant, for example, weighs roughly 400 grams.



    Motiva implants are innovative breast implants created using 3D nanotechnology imprinting, which lowers inflammation and enhances body compatibility. Rippling is reduced because the product is loaded with 100% silicone gel. Surgical coverage against rupture throughout the duration of Motiva's Always Confident warranty.