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Rejuran Healer injection


    Rejuran Healer, also known as the baby skin injection, is a new idea of skin biorevitalization treatment developed in Korea that has become a very popular treatment because to its powerful regenerative, restorative, and repair characteristics, assisting many people in achieving healthy baby-smooth skin.

    It is composed of polynucleotides (PN) isolated with care from wild salmon DNA. As a result, it has an excellent potential to rejuvenate damaged skin and cure a variety of skin issues such as dryness, pigmentation, acne scarring, and big pores.


    What is Rejuran Healer?

    Rejuran Healer

    Rejuran Healer is a polynucleotide-based DNA therapy. When nucleotides are combined, they form a lengthy polynucleotide chain, also known as DNA. Polynucleotide is simply DNA. These polynucleotides heal damaged, aging skin cells, gradually improving your complexion's overall appearance.

    It became popular in Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, where a smooth, bright complexion was regarded as attractive and healthy.

    Rejuran Healer's DNA extract is derived from salmon. Salmon DNA has a variety of skin benefits in addition to supplying omega-3 fatty acids if consumed. Salmon DNA has been proved in studies to be a beneficial fundamental element for addressing aged skin by regenerating and restoring the skin from within.


    What is Polynucleotide (PN)?

    A polynucleotide molecule is a biopolymer made up of 13 or more nucleotide monomers that are covalently bound together in a chain. It is made from salmon DNA fragments, which are known to be safe and compatible in the human body and do not cause any negative side effects.

    Many studies have shown that PN increases cell development and wound healing, therefore its application in skin rejuvenation is mostly based on its wound healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

    These molecules have been shown to trigger long-term skin regeneration from inside the inner skin layer, enhancing skin health, suppleness, and repairing skin damage caused by aging and sun exposure.


    What are Benefits of the Rejuran® Healer Treatment?

    Benefits of the Rejuran® Healer Treatment

    A plethora of advantages await potential Rejuran® users, with significant results visible in as little as 4-6 weeks! The Rejuran® Healer Treatment is a skin healing treatment that treats aging skin at a cellular level. It has been clinically proved to erase fine lines, offer a glowy appearance (now you know the secret of Korean celebs), and lift the skin to expose younger-looking skin. It enhances skin tone and elasticity, resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

    Who Will Benefit from Rejuran Healer?

    • Those who seek dewy radiant complexions
    • Those who want to look younger Treatments can start in the twenties to maintain youthfulness.
    • Those who want to slow down the aging of the skin.
    • Those with wrinkles: Lines on the forehead and under the eyes, Smokers line, lines across the cheekbone and lines lower cheek
    • Those with creepy neck skin and necklines
    • Those who have wrinkled skin on their décolletage or the back of their hands
    • Those who have very dry, itchy eczematous skin because moisturizing helps to minimize flare-ups
    • Those who suffer from dry skin, particularly during menopause
    • Those suffering from hyperpigmentation, particularly melasma, as hydration has been demonstrated to help diminish pigmentation.
    • Those with acne scars as Rejuran S injected into scars result in a dramatic improvement
    • Dark Eye Circles: Rejuran I when combined with chemical peels and occasionally dermal fillers can further eradicate dark eye circles.
    • Surgical scars: Rejuran S improves the appearance of the scars by reducing pigmentation as well as improving texture.
    • Stretch Marks: Rejuran Healer improves the appearance of stretch marks.


    What can Rejuran treat?

    Rejuran Healer is suitable for most people and can be used on the forehead, temples, midface, cheek, chin, and neck areas. It can be used as a preventative treatment in younger adults to delay the aging process of the skin, but it is especially beneficial to those with more prominent aging skin effects (uneven skin tone and texture, loss of elasticity, and fine wrinkles), as well as those with skin damaged by acne scars.


    How does Rejuran Healer Work?


    In contrast to dermal filler injections, the Rejuran® Healer Therapy, also known as baby skin injection, employs non-invasive micro-injections to deliver the treatment into the superficial dermis and remain in the top layer of the skin. It promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts, a kind of cell that produces collagen and other cells inside the extracellular matrix of the skin. More fibroblasts means more collagen and new cells that replace old, damaged ones. It also implies that the skin will be smoother and more elastic as a result.

    Unwanted pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles are decreased, pores are minimized, and the skin firms up and becomes less sagging. Best of all, because Rejuran® is a healing agent, it can treat and eradicate disorders including eczema, acne-induced inflammation, and even deep-set acne scars. The skin will be calmed with a Hydro Glowing Serum after the treatment to decrease any redness or swelling at the injection sites.


    What can I expect after the treatment?

    Expect after the treatment

    Some little edema may occur at the injection locations. However, Light Red Therapy (LED) should considerably reduce redness and swelling. Most people can return to work after treatment.

    It is also crucial to remember that because this procedure does not entail facial augmentation with dermal fillers, you are unlikely to experience immediate benefits.

    Skin healing typically takes 4 weeks to take effect and mend the skin from the inside out. Because the Rejuran Healer treatment is essentially a skin-healing method based on salmon DNA, you should anticipate to observe progressive improvement in skin tone and texture over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

    To reap the full benefits of Rejuran Healer treatment, a Rejuran Skin Healing Program of four sessions spaced about three weeks apart is recommended. This is done to ensure long-term and sustainable benefits.


    How are Acne Scars Formed and How Does Rejuran Help? ​

    Acne Scars Formed

    Deep inflammation and cyst production with scarring generate acne scars. After acne causes inflammation and harm to the skin, the skin will attempt to mend itself by generating collagen to replace the destroyed ones. In other situations, adequate healing may not occur, resulting in the formation of twisted bands between the skin and the SMAS layer, causing the skin to change shape, be dragged downwards, and sink in, resulting in the formation of a deep, pitted scar.

    Rejuran S reduces the appearance of acne scars by stimulating collagen formation and skin structure healing. When compared to Rejuran Healer, the texture of Rejuran S is more viscous and gel-like, acting as a filler to fill in sunken scars while the renewing qualities of Rejuran S restore the skin at the dermis.


    What is the difference between Skin Boosters & Skin Healer?

    Skin Boosters & Skin Healer

    Although these therapies are administered in a similar manner, they serve different purposes and work in very different ways.

    Restylane Skin Boosters use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to hydrate the skin by injecting tiny amounts into the skin's superficial layer. This treatment makes the skin appear smoother by plumping it up, which reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.

    Rejuran Healer treatment, on the other hand, takes a more active approach to anti-aging. It restores and cures damaged skin cells while also reversing aging indications to maintain the skin young and healthy.

    To summarize, Skin Boosters and Rejuran Healer treatments address aging and promote skin renewal in quite distinct ways. When both treatments are used together, the anti-aging and skin rejuvenation effects are enhanced.


    Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

        1. Are Rejuran® Healer treatments painful?

    Expect some discomfort during the procedure, however our skilled aestheticians and doctors will apply numbing cream to the treatment sites before delivering the injections.

        2. What can I expect during treatment?

    Before applying numbing cream to the face, a facial washing procedure will be performed. The Rejuran® Healer will then be injected into the superficial layers of your skin in the treatment regions of your choice. Then, for greater absorption into the skin, have a pleasant face massage.

       3. What is the best interval between visits?

    We propose that you visit Rejuran® Healer once a month.

       4. Are Rejuran® Healer treatments safe and are there any side effects?

    The Rejuran® Healer has no adverse effects. It is FDA-approved and very safe to use, especially in the hands of our expert aestheticians and doctors! However, we recommend that you refrain from wearing makeup for at least a day to ensure that the treatment areas do not become infected and to allow for healing. You may see minor bruising on the treatment sites or none at all. This differs from person to person. If you do experience bruising, don't worry; it's entirely normal and can be easily covered and masked with cosmetics.

       5. How long after treatment can I expect to see results?

    Within 3-5 days of the treatment, you should notice an improvement in the texture of your face's skin as well as a more radiant glow. The outcomes will further improve as you return for additional courses of the Rejuran® Healer!

       6. Can Rejuran be Combined with Other Treatments?

    Yes! Rejuran functions as a synergistic simulator and a source of nourishment for skin growth and remodeling. As a result, combining Rejuran with the therapies listed below can improve results for skin rejuvenation, scar therapy, dyspigmentation, Botox, and even hydration (with non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid skin boosters).

       7. How Many Sessions Required?

    It takes roughly 4-6 weeks to see visible results. To attain the best effects, three sessions spread out over three months, with maintenance every six months, are recommended.

       8. How can I minimize the risk of bleeding or bruising?

    Unless medically suggested by your doctor, avoid taking vitamin E supplements, omega-3 fish oil, NSAIDs, pain relievers, or blood thinning drugs for 3 days before the surgery.

    Please with your doctor before discontinuing regular drugs on your own, as they may be necessary for the underlying medical issue.



    Rejuran Healer is a polynucleotide-based filler therapy (PN). When nucleotides are combined, they form a lengthy polynucleotide chain, also known as DNA. Simply described, a polynucleotide is a kind of DNA.