Rhinoplasty Recovery Q&A

Last updated date: 16-Jul-2021

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Rhinoplasty methods vary depending on the individual’s nose and facial proportion. An X-ray is performed for the surgeon to be able to see the structure of the patient’s nose .Then the surgeon will examine you and make the surgery recommendations based on your nose shape.

Q: What is the minimum age for rhinoplasty?

A: Minimum age is 19 years old.


Q: Do you use rib cartilage or silicone for the nose bridge?

A: We only use silicone implants for nose bridge extension. 

Q: Do you always have to have the revision surgery after one year?

A: Revision surgery can be done after 6 months, but most surgeons recommend waiting a year to see the final results before going for a revision surgery


Q: Do you have to get the silicone replaced after every few years?

A: No. As long as your body doesn’t reject the silicone and you don’t get an infection, the implant does not need to be replaced.

Q: When are you allowed to resume sports activities after surgery?

A: One month after surgery, you can start low-impact exercises like walking etc. After two months, you can slowly begin to introduce higher intensity workouts. The key point is to avoid any activities during that time that could cause you to accidentally injure yourself, or add pressure to the nose.


Q: What if you have a cold and runny nose during recovery, could this be an issue?

A: Normally if you get a cold or flu before surgery, the surgery will get cancelled. After surgery, you should be careful so as to not get sick, because you should avoid any pressure on the nose. However, in case you do get a cold, try to avoid sneezing, and do not blow your nose! You can wipe whatever comes out naturally, without adding any pressure to the nose.

Q: How to know if the nose suits the patient?

A: The surgeon will see you for a consultation and recommend which procedures you need for your specific case, so the surgery will be customized for your nose.


Q: How long does the surgery usually take?

A: The surgery takes 2-3 hours, depending on which procedure you do. (minus the anesthesia time).


Q: How long should I plan on staying in Korea for recovery?

A: The stitches are removed seven days after surgery, so in addition to the seven days, add the consultation and surgery day. For example, if you arrive on Sunday evening, then have the consultation on Monday and surgery on Tuesday, then Wednesday would be considered “Day 1” after surgery. On “Day 7”, the stitches are removed.


Q: How long will it hurt after the anesthesia wears off?

A: You will be given painkillers to use for a few days, so you will not really feel much pain. People usually complain about discomfort, rather than pain, but within a week, you should be alright.


Q: They say, it takes one year to see the rhinoplasty results, so what does your nose look like during that time?

A: The surgery results can be seen right away, but your nose will be very swollen. As the swelling decreases, the cartilage heals, so your final results will slowly unveil as you heal. Please see below example.


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