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Sebbin Breast Surgery


    Breast Surgery

    Breast augmentation is one of the most prevalent cosmetic surgery procedures in the US, with over 2000 procedures performed in London each year. Breast enlargement surgery is intended to change the size and form of the breast while improving the texture.

    Breast implants are classified into two types: silicone implants and saline implants. Saline implants have a silicone shell and are filled with a sterile saltwater solution (saline). On the other hand, silicone implants are made of a cohesive gel-like material encased in a silicone shell. Because of the significant risk of implant rupture and the impossibility to obtain natural-looking outcomes, saline implants are rarely utilized in the US. They are also more prone to implant rippling, which can be seen through the skin. Silicone breast implants are the most widely utilized in the US because they have a more natural consistency and a lower risk of implant rippling or wrinkling. Breast implants of all kinds have a limited lifespan of about 10 to 15 years and should be removed or replaced at that time. Some women may want to improve the size and form of their breasts over time as a result of breast drooping, and different-sized implants, whether larger or smaller, may be utilized to replace existing breast implants.


    Breast Surgery Reduction

    Breast reduction also referred to as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical technique that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to obtain a breast size that is more proportionate to your body and to relieve the discomfort associated with overly big breasts (macromastia).


    Breast Surgery Reconstruction

    Breast reconstruction surgery involves the formation of a new breast following the removal of the breast or a portion of the breast. The goal is to produce a breast that is identical in size and shape to your natural breast. They will not, however, be identical.


    What is Sebbin Breast Surgery

    Sebbin breast implants can be round or anatomical in shape, pre-filled with silicone gel that is always cohesive but has variable hardness depending on taste, or inflatable with saline solution. They have various projections and are available in a variety of sizes. The implants enable women to change themselves both cosmetically and psychologically.


    What is Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic surgery that involves using breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. There are various types of breast implants and surgical methods available, so consult with your surgeon to determine which is ideal for you.


    Sebbin Breast Surgery Benefits

    Sebbin Breast Surgery Benefits

    Since their initial usage in reconstruction surgeries, anatomically formed breast implants have come a long way. As a result, they are becoming increasingly frequent in cosmetic operations.

    More natural appearance. While traditional implants have advanced significantly, many patients are still concerned about their breasts appearing artificial. Some women are put off by the round shape of standard implants, which prevents them from taking action to improve their lives. Breast implants that are anatomically formed overcome this problem by matching the natural shape of a young woman's breasts.

    Customizable to Your Body. Because there are so many options and sizes, the plastic surgeon can customize the implant to the patient's physique. Volume isn't the only factor to consider. Instead, patients can choose the anatomically shaped breast implants’ width, height, and prominence. Patients can also select the amount of volume they desire in the upper and lower areas of the implant, resulting in a truly personalized experience.

    Better able to maintain their shape. Conventional breast implants allow the silicone substance to move freely within the implant. Running and jumping are prime examples of the issues that this can cause. On the other hand, anatomically formed breast implants are designed to be less fluid than traditional implants and retain their shape. This is because they must maintain a particular level of volume in the upper and lower parts of the breast. However, this does not imply that they are inflexible in any way. The best way to comprehend the difference is to touch an anatomically shaped breast implant.


    Sebbin Breast Surgery Disadvantages

    Sebbin Breast Surgery Disadvantages

    Anatomically formed breast implants, of course, aren't the be-all and end-all of breast implants. Many patients still choose traditional breast implants for a variety of reasons, including the fact that not all cosmetic surgeons have experience with anatomically designed breast implants. If it is something you are thinking about, make sure you talk to a surgeon who has used them before. However, before you do so, you should be aware of the following disadvantages of anatomically formed breast implants:

    Lying down. Because anatomically formed breast implants preserve their shape better, they will remain their shape even while the patient is lying down. This may result in an unnatural appearance since the implants will not stretch out as natural breasts would; rather, they will retain a teardrop form. Because silicon can stretch out, traditional implants are better at resembling natural breasts in this sense.

    Volume. Breast implants that are anatomically designed prioritize shape over volume. As a result, they are most suited for patients who desire to improve the contour of their breasts rather than increase their size significantly. While anatomically formed breast implants with volume enhancement are available, their natural appearance is limited.

    Flipping. Because traditional breast implants are precisely round, they are free to rotate once put in. Anatomically shaped breast implants, on the other hand, must remain in place. As a result, anatomically shaped breast implants are typically textured. The cosmetic surgeon must also have prior expertise in installing anatomically shaped breast implants. While the implants can flip, it is an uncommon occurrence, and studies have shown that it only happens in particular brands.

    Price. Anatomically shaped breast implants are generally more expensive than conventional breast implants. The price difference is not huge, but it is still true. If cost is a key factor for you, you should discuss it with your surgeon or postpone the treatment until you can afford it.


    Round vs Anatomical Breast Implants

    Round vs Anatomical Breast Implants


    Round Breast Implants

    Round implants, which have been in clinical use since the 1960s, are traditional implants. Although female breasts are not naturally round, the round implant is still the most often utilized implant for breast surgery in the US. They produce a distinctive rounded appearance when used above the pectoral muscle without adequate glandular-tissue cover. Round implants, on the other hand, can produce natural-looking and satisfactory results with proper implantation, particularly in young women, using a dual-plane partial sub-muscular technique.

    Two characteristics are important when choosing a round implant: the diameter of the implant and the projection of the implant. Volume can be increased (as a dome) by altering these parameters. It is critical to understand that round implants primarily provide volume to the breast.


    Anatomical Breast Implants

    The goal of the shaped implant is to strategically position volume where needed, and one of its key features is a flattened upper breast pole and a fuller lower breast curve. A look that is typically associated with a youthful, natural-looking female breast shape.

    Anatomical breast implants are a tailored approach for providing proportionate enlargement of the female breast since they are entirely modifiable in shape and volume. These implants can be used to raise the breast, restore volume lost after breastfeeding, or balance asymmetries, in addition to creating an aesthetic desired fuller and firmer shape. Anatomical implants can also be used to improve the look of patients with breast-base malformations (tubular breasts) and for a variety of reconstructive operations after cancer surgery.

    Many women are unaware that the volumes (i.e., implant weight) of anatomical and round implants are not the same. Anatomical implants will be roughly 20% lighter than round implants of the same base width among implants of equivalent width. Furthermore, because the implant shape is chosen to offer augmentation where it is needed, less gel is required than with round implants. Breast implants express their shape to the breast by elevating the tissue up rather than pushing it out.

    If you want a larger breast enhancement, anatomical implants will be more in balance with your chest and shoulders than huge spherical breast implants with the same base width. Three parameters of anatomical implants can be changed: the width of the implant, the height of the implant, and the projection of the implant. As a result, anatomical breast implants can produce true 3D breast enhancement.


    Why Do People Get Breast Augmentation

    There are numerous reasons why you might desire or want to have breast augmentation surgery, including:

    • To make your breasts appear larger if you believe they are too little.
    • If one of your breasts is smaller than the other, you can change their symmetry.
    • To account for a reduction in breast size following pregnancy or substantial weight loss.
    • To repair any flaws or abnormalities with your breasts following breast surgery for another condition.
    • To boost your self-esteem and confidence.


    Breast Augmentation Preparation

    Breast Augmentation Preparation

    Your doctor may have you do the following in preparation for your breast augmentation surgery:

    • Take a blood test.
    • Take specific prescriptions or make changes to your present medications.
    • Stop smoking.
    • Certain foods and beverages should be avoided.
    • Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided since they can cause heavy bleeding.
    • Stop using drugs recreationally.

    It is critical that you follow any instructions given to you by your physician before surgery. Following their instructions will make the procedure go more easily and allow you to heal more quickly.

    You should plan for someone to take you home following your surgery and to stay with you at least the first night. You will need at least three days off work, so make arrangements. If you work in a physically demanding job, you will most likely need to take nearly three weeks off.


    What Happens During Breast Augmentation Procedure

    Breast Augmentation Procedure

    Breast augmentation surgery entails several steps. Here is a rundown of the steps:

    Anesthesia. Your doctor will perform the procedure while you are sedated or under general anesthesia (you will sleep). This will be decided collaboratively by you and your surgeon.

    The incision. Breast augmentation can be done in a variety of methods. The surgery can be done through the crease under your breast, along the border of your areola, or through your armpit.

    Implant insertion. Your surgeon can install the implant in two places: under your breast tissue and in front of your muscle, or behind your breast muscle (pectoral muscle). The placement of the implants is determined by several criteria, including the type of implant chosen and the degree to which your breasts are increased in size. You and your surgeon can explore the advantages of each procedure and make the decision together.

    Closing the incision. After your implants have been placed, your doctor will sew the incision sites together to seal them. Drainage tubes may also be used by your doctor. You must adhere to your surgeon's incision site care instructions. Your breasts will be taped, and you may be discharged home wearing a surgical bra.


    Breast Augmentation Recovery

    Breast Augmentation Recovery

    A healthcare provider will take you to a room for monitoring while you recover from your breast enhancement operation. Once you are stable enough, you will be able to leave the hospital. This normally takes around an hour.

    Your doctor will give you specific advice for your breast enhancement surgery recovery and schedule a follow-up visit before you leave. If pain medication is required, your surgeon will write you a prescription. If you have drainage tubes, your doctor will inform you when you should return to have them removed, as well as when you should remove the gauze bandages.

    Your stitches will most likely be removed in roughly a week by your doctor. Heavy lifting should be avoided for at least four weeks. If you participate in sports, it could take up to six weeks before you can resume those activities.


    Breast Augmentation Risks

    Breast Augmentation Risks

    Some of the complications and adverse effects of breast implants are as follows:

    • Breast pain and changes in nipple and breast sensation are common implant problems.
    • Additional surgeries, with or without device removal.
    • Scar tissue (capsule) grows around the implant and squeezes it, causing capsular contracture.
    • Deflation and burst.
    • Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
    • Breast cancer, connective tissue illness, and reproductive issues.
    • Breast implants may cause systemic symptoms including fatigue, memory loss, dermatitis, and joint pain.
    • Breastfeeding. Some women who have breast enhancement can nurse effectively, while others cannot.


    Sebbin Breast Surgery Cost

    It varies depending on several factors, including the country you live in, the type of implant, the hospital where the surgery is conducted, the length of hospitalization, and the fees of the surgeon and anesthesiologist. Breast surgeries in your country may be covered by health insurance. However, purely cosmetic procedures are frequently entirely covered by the patient.



    Sebbin Breast Surgery FAQ


    What is Breast Implant?

    An implant is made of a flexible silicone elastomer envelope that provides the prosthesis with the required shape and serves as an interface with the surrounding tissue. The envelope can be purchased empty and filled with physiological saline by a doctor during the procedure (an inflatable implant), or it can be purchased pre-filled with cohesive silicone gel.


    What is Silicone?

    Silicone is made from silicon, which can be found in sand. When silicon is mixed with oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, it transforms into the silicone. It can be found in a variety of forms, including gel, oil, and gum, depending on the chemical elements that comprise it. Since 1946, silicone has been utilized in medical fields as an inert substance. Since 1963, it has been employed in the production of intraocular lenses, pacemakers, and breast implants. Its key characteristic is the absence of any major reaction with the surrounding tissue. Its mechanical properties provide longevity and durability.


    How to Choose the Right Implant for Me?

    Sebbin offers a diverse variety of silicone implants with varying shapes, textures, and gel cohesiveness to satisfy the needs of each patient. By taking accurate measurements and photos of your chest, your doctor can help you in selecting an implant that is right for you. You will be able to simulate the final product in augmented reality due to an online virtual tool. Your doctor may also advise you to wear sizers in your bra to compare various Sebbin implant projections.


    Is Sebbin Breast Surgery Painful?

    You will have very minor discomfort after the procedure if the implant is put between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscle. Breast tightness may only last a few days. When the device is placed behind the pectoralis major muscle, you may feel more pain and may need to take analgesics for a few days. The degree of pain is also strongly related to individual factors such as implant volume selection and skin elasticity.



    Sebbin breast implants provide a completely tailored and visually acceptable solution for improving both breast shape and volume. The implants, as an innovative tool for creating natural-looking, three-dimensional breast augmentation, address both common and specialized aesthetic issues. SEBBIN implants also have the best long-term performance of any implant.