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There is more to Crystals than eyes can see

    Crystals have always been appreciated for their delicacy, charm, refinement, and power. As part of someone's life, crystals might lead to further knowledge concerning ancient and mystical cultures, such as Egypt, Greece, and China.

    Nowadays, there is a lot of gossip surrounding the subject of crystals. Some pieces of information have a grain of truth included. Yet, the majority are not updated on the crystals' behavior from the present and are not provided with scientific evidence. What is a crystal, after all? And is it something that we can all use for a better life?


    Crystals-definition and overview

    A crystal is a solid substance disposed in a geometrically regular form with plane faces placed symmetrically. A more pragmatic definition would be that crystals are a type of rock looking like ice due to their transparency and homogeneity. 

    Crystals are used for a lot of purposes. From the ideal way of combating negative energy from others to it being a talisman or a protective stone, crystals can bring peaceful and calming vibrations into your daily life, as well as a burst of energy and inspiration, in order to help you manage your career hindrances and to stimulate your personal growth.

    You need to be aware that, given their different colors, origins, and vibrations, crystals come with many distinct energies. It is up to you whether you want to use your intuition to choose the one that gives away the vibe you need, or you just want to wear healing crystals as jewelry or as part of the home décor. You do not need to practice meditation or have a solid spiritual side to enjoy the advantage of possessing a crystal or more.


    Crystals: The meaning and uses

    Crystals have a lot of meanings with reference to their healing properties. 

    Generally, they are categorized by their uses. They are said to be able to enhance health, wealth, love, and creativity and decrease stress. Here is a summarized list of crystals with their benefits:


    Crystals for better health

    Clear quartz. It is a silicate mineral (SiO2) and is known to be the second most abundant mineral in the crust of the Earth. It is also considered to be the most diverse crystal that exists in nature. It is a colorless gemstone associated with the name" Rock Crystal" at its root. The range of colors that he is mostly found in (yellow, pink, black, purple, blue) are a consequence of the impurities that the quartz is usually imbued with. 

    Almost every ancient culture used this crystal for meditation, funerals, or communicating with higher guidance. As civilization evolved, it was discovered that clear quartz has piezoelectric properties, meaning that electromagnetic energy can be generated from heat and pressure. Due to its ability to amplify, store and transform energy, quartz began to be used in many electronic devices- computers, transmitters, memory chips, microphones, and telephones.

    If you want to live in harmony and be surrounded by prosperity and abundance, do not hesitate to wear this gemstone at work or at home. 

    Not only will it erase negativity and bad vibes, but it will also help stimulate the metabolism and the immune system and stabilize the emotional balance.


    Jasper. Also, a mineral and an elemental Earth stone, its frequency can help the people be more aware of their surroundings and connected with the energy of all living things. Known as the "Supreme Nurturer", jasper provides stability to someone's life. It reminds them to think about bringing joy and peace to others, not only to themselves.

    Egyptians used to extract symbols from the Book of the Dead and carve them on the jasper amulets. These were then buried with the mummified bodies as talismans that could provide safe passage into the afterlife.

    Jasper can be used to soothe the nerves, banish harmful thoughts and alleviate stress. It is considered that by wearing jasper jewelry, your vitality and strength levels are likely to increase, and painful experiences can be seen from a more positive perspective.


    Obsidian. This glass-like rock is formed due to the solidification of lava in the absence of crystallization. The Obsidian is usually called the "mirror stone", since it can reveal the subconscious desires, flaws, and fears. It is a shamanic stone, powerful enough to enhance soul healing, catharsis, and resolution. 

    The Obsidian has been used in many cutting instruments since the Old Stone Age, such as axe heads, scrapers, and arrowheads. Macuahuitl was a Mesoamerican Obsidian blade that could inflict serious injuries. Other civilizations used Obsidian to tattoo their skin, prepare food, or sacrifice humans.

    This gemstone is the ideal remedy for traumas and shocks. Therapists commonly use it to understand the core problems that a person undergoes.


    Amethyst. It is a purple crystal, a variety of quartz. A "Gem of Fire" is now classified as a semi-precious stone. The amethyst has been linked to February and St Valentine since the Roman period. Its name comes from the Greek "amethystos", meaning "not intoxicated", promoting the vibration of passion, fire, and spirituality. 

    The amethyst purifies a person's aura and induces a powerful meditative state by generating a shield of Light around the spiritual body. Being correlated with the Third Eye and the Etheric Chakras, this stone can expand the higher mind and increase someone's level of wisdom.


    Bloodstone. A beautiful variation of the jasper, this gemstone is a mineral, a deep green crystal with many red spots. Known as the "Sun Stone" or the "Christ's Stone", it is recognized from the legend that Jesus Christ was crucified, and the blood from his wounds is said to be turned into stones. It is a gem of noble sacrifice. Hence the ones who wear it are prone to becoming more generous people. 

    Bloodstone is used to invigorate the immune system, prevent colds and infections, and revitalize and energize the body after illnesses.


    Crystals for better wealth

    Tiger's Eye. This quartz stone embodies the valiant tiger's values: courage, power, and fearlessness. It is said that health and vitality can be preserved provided you wear this gemstone because it can remove negative energies from your proximity. Connected with the planet Mars, the Tiger's Eye is likely to help us make decisions according to our inner world and preferences rather than relying on the environment or social influences. Therefore, you can have the expected success in love, relationships, or luck by having more confidence and responsibility.

    The Tiger's Eye is used to get a deeper insight into your own life, and its energetic frequency is good support for wealth and abundance, as well as enhancing physical energy.


    Citrine. Starting from the name, one could guess that this stone is yellow.

    Whether you consider the French definition or the Latin one, it is easy to link citrine with "citron" or "citrina", meaning lemon. Invested with the power of the sun, citrine is known for clearing the mind and stimulating the chakras. This stone of imagination and manifestation gives away pure yellow energy that helps people transform their wishes and dreams into reality. 

    Moreover, turning over a new leaf might be possible if you need a fresh start since this stone encourages pursuing new hobbies and activities.

    Citrine's colors range from pale yellow to golden and honey to brown. Another name for this quartz could be the Spanish Topaz or the Gold Topaz because of its magnificent colors. 

    Unfortunately, most of the citrine bought from supermarkets combines heated amethyst and another quartz that can mimic the citrine's original shade. 

    This gemstone dates back to 300 B.C in Greece, when it was associated with gold and with the sun. Despite its powers, it was discovered that not all people resonate with its frequency, especially those who were quick-tempered and volcanic. Gossiping is also a habit that does not go hand in hand with the citrine's powers.

    Concerning citrine's uses, it correlates with the physical and spiritual self. Some physical services would be balancing the metabolism by harmonizing the endocrine system, stimulating digestion, and maintaining the health of the nails, skin, and hair. 

    Emotional healing can be possible because citrine opens the mind to positive vibes and new experiences, removes depression and anxiety and improves confidence.


    Turquoise. Probably the oldest stone in history, this phosphate mineral is impossible to mistake for any other crystal due to its astonishing shade of blue, blue-green. It is said to have been the talisman of warriors and shamans. History tells us that it was brought to Europe from central Asia through Turkey, the city of bazaars and commerce. In French, pierre turquoise refers to the "Turkish Stone" as a tribute to this stone's past.

    When we talk about turquoise, civilizations like the Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, and Chinese are invoked, along with Tutankhamun and Moctezuma. It is important to mention the turquoise's essential role in studying death and mosaic masks, which were dedicated to the ancient gods. Many valued turquoise as the universal stone, certain of the fact that its power to change colors can help with prophecies and divination.

    A worldwide legend regarding this stone would be that when the one who wears it is sick, the stone would be paler, and if he dies, it will lose all of its pigment. However, this process can be reversed, provided the stone is handed over to a healthy individual. 

    In the workplace, turquoise is used to prevent the wearer from making unwise investments and enhancing his leadership skills by giving pieces of advice in a friendly and easy-to-understand way.

    Emotionally, turquoise purifies the spirit and induces a state of serenity and peace. Stress is no longer a problem if you wear turquoise now that your mind is soothed and your heart is full of happy thoughts.


    Sapphire. This gemstone is associated with sacred things, wisdom, prophecy, and royalty. Colored in heavenly blue, this type of crystal is said to protect the wearer and help him preserve good fortune due to its connections with celestial hope and faith. Sapphire is present in the Christian Old Testament when God gave Moses the Ten Amendments, which were engraved on tablets of sapphire. In addition, King Solomon and Abraham are said to have worn talismans made with this stone, and other Christians used it in ecclesiastical rings.

    Sapphire talismans were known to protect people from poison, fever, and plague and combat black witching and chastity.

    Nowadays, sapphire is still known to be a stone of wisdom, helping the wearer with psychic activation and mental acuity when learning. The Blue Ray that is emanated by this stone deepens the focus of the mind, creates order in life, and helps the person go beyond the surface of the information to the pure truth that, when gained, can help open new levels of unconsciousness.

    Sapphire is a good choice for releasing negative tension and restoring the balance of the body. Even if there are routine daily tasks that you should do, wearing this symbol of integrity as part of your jewelry can lighten the mood and promote a better self-understanding.

    Sapphire water is said to improve insomnia and help with eyesight and eye infections, as well as the thyroid and swollen glands. Last but not least, any issues of the ears, fever, nosebleeds, or headaches are likely to be alleviated if the power of the Blue Sapphire stays around you.


    Crystals for love

    Rose quartz. Known as a heart stone, it promotes feelings of feminine energy, peace, comfort, and tenderness. The rose quartz dissolves emotional wounds by helping with the flow of the Divine energy around the wearer's aura. It allows the person to give love and open his heart to receive it from others. The Rose Quartz is used to prevent nightmares and sleep deprivation and to protect oneself from lousy gossip and intrusion.


    Moonstone. This stone has been linked with the magical properties of the moon, as well as with the moon goddess, Diana. It has a meaningful role for lovers, enhancing feelings of passion and affection. It is used by artists, especially dancers, to express their feelings, as an amulet of protection by travelers, and as a gift for second sight.


    Ruby. Its name comes from the Latin "Rubeus", which means "red". In some cultures, it was used to heal war wounds. Still, nowadays, it is known for regulating circulatory system disorders and reducing the infertility rate or the effects of menopause. It is also said to support sensuality and encourage trust between the partners.


    Crystals by color

    You may have asked yourself: is there a difference between purple and black crystals? Does the color influence the use of a crystal? 

    The answer is yes, it certainly does. Knowing them by color makes it easier to turn to a category of crystals rather than search aimlessly amidst thousands of gemstones. You have a list below that can help you pick the right crystal for your needs:

    Pink crystals create a healing, love, and understanding space and bring forward positive energies. Examples: rose quartz, and pink opal.

    Purple crystals help remove anger, anxiety, and fear outbursts, enhancing the meditation state and balancing the energies. Examples: amethyst and lepidolite.

    Yellow crystals uplift emotions, while hostility, melancholy, and irritability fade from daily life when wearing these crystals. Examples: citrine and lemon quartz.

    Green crystals support the person's good health and general well-being and help with abundance. Examples: jade, green calcite, malachite.

    White crystals are related to fresh starts and greatly support connecting with the higher self. Examples: beryl, topaz, selenite.


    Treatments with crystals

    Due to the crystals' healing reputation, people wear them to balance their energy and feel a better connection with nature and their souls. They also think about reducing stress when dealing with a situation or sleeping. 

    When someone wonders what crystals he needs to help with his anxiety, among the options, there must be amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and jasper. 

    Since each crystal gives a particular vibration, the user might be experiencing physical, emotional, and behavioral changes as he realigns with the new frequency.

    If sleeping patterns are the ones that concern the person the most, there are a few rituals that can help.

    Firstly, cleansing the crystal rids it of past lingering energies. Then, meditating before sleeping with it under your pillow can lead to a better connection with the crystals' frequency, hence encouraging dreams, astral travel, and dream recall to happen. The best crystals for sleep are amethyst, angelite, and moonstone.


    Crystals in your body

    Crystals in urine. When do these occur? 

    They are generated by the body when there is not enough liquid in your urine to dissolve the number of minerals. These fragments form masses that are subsequently found if you undergo a urinalysis- a urine test. The condition of having crystals in your urine is called crystalluria.

    Some types of crystals that are commonly seen in such situations are ammonium biurate, calcium phosphate, and cystine. 

    Anyone can suffer from crystalluria, yet people developing kidney stones may get crystals in their urine. If you want to prevent it, stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods.

    Crystalluria is not dangerous unless it causes blockages by sticking to your urinary tract and leading to acute renal failure (ARF).


    Crystals in the ear. What causes the most dizziness in our bodies? It has been proved that tiny calcium carbonate substances from our ears are responsible for both hearing and balance. These crystals are disposed of in a gelatinous area in the balance branch. If these are displaced from their position, vertigo is likely to occur. When the vestibular system is deranged, the house may feel like spinning. People over the age of 60, athletes, and females reaching their menopausal period are prone to increasing calcium deposits in their inner ears. Therefore they are likely to experience more dizziness.


    Purchasing a crystal

    If you are convinced that crystals are a good choice for you and decide to go to the nearest crystal shop around you, you may wonder how much these crystals cost. What is their real value and worth?

    It depends on your preferences. If you opt for wholesale crystals, you can discover the energy of more crystals. You can ultimately understand what works best for you at a reasonable price. Another option would be a crystal bracelet, a piece of jewelry that is easy to wear anywhere and everywhere.

    If you want to go extra, keep in mind that the most expensive crystal in the world is Jadeite, which costs 3 million dollars per carat.  

    Suppose you ask a specialist or someone passionate about collecting crystals. In that case, you will discover that what one will consider invaluable would probably be something another would not be willing to pay for. The sale price of the gems is always influenced by the owner's time, availability, and willingness to sell them.



    Now, what are you waiting for? Giving the crystals a try might be the best decision you've taken in a while. Don't be afraid to delve into their mystical world filled with positive vibes and good energy!