Which eye surgeries do I need?

Last updated date: 02-Oct-2021

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There are different types of eye surgeries used to change the shape and size of the eyes. Different eye shapes are considered beautiful in each respective country, however, big eyes with a double eyelid have becomes really popular worldwide.

Makeup techniques can be used to give an illusion of bigger eyes (bigger eyes makes a person look younger), but the effects are not permanent. This is where eye surgeries come in handy, to change the shape and size of the eyes.

1. Double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty is one of the most popular eye surgeries. It is very popular in Korea, however, this surgery can be done by anyone who wishes to define or create a new eyelid crease.

Incision and non-incision surgical methods are used to create an eyelid crease. The surgery recommendation is based on the amount of excess skin and fat in the eyelid area.

Although many patients want to avoid getting scars, and prefer to do the non-incisional method, the incision method is usually the preferred method if you have asymmetry and excess skin, muscles or fat.

An incision is made, and excess skin and fat are removed, then it is stitched to create the new eyelid crease.

This surgery is also suitable for those who already have eyelid crease but due to the excess saggy skin, there is more than one eyelid crease line.

2. Ptosis Correction Surgery

Ptosis is a condition wherein the eyelids are droopy due to the weak levator muscles (levator aponeurosis). The levator muscle helps open the eyelids, so if they are weak, the eyes look droopy, making the person look sleepy or lazy.

Functionality-wise, it can cause the person to use their forehead muscles to raise the eyelids, so forehead wrinkles will be visible over time, and may require botox or additional forehead lifting.

For severe ptosis cases, that can basically require them to tilt their head back to be able to see, so getting surgery is advised. Aesthetically, the sleepy-looking eyes make the features look dull, so getting surgery will help the eyes open up, and brighten the other facial features.

People with droopy eyelids or sleepy-looking eyes and people with asymmetric eyelids (due to ptosis in one eye) can have a consultation so the surgeon can examine and conclude if ptosis correction surgery is required.

Ptosis surgery VS double eyelid surgery

If the saggy eyelids are caused by excess skin and fats in the eyelid area, then the double eyelids surgery is used to help define the eyelid crease. With Ptosis correction surgery, the levator muscles will be tied together to create a double eyelid, along with improved eyelid function.

If you need a ptosis correction, but want to only have a double eyelids surgery, your eyes will not get bigger, and eyelid crease will only be created but the levator muscles will not be tied.

3. Epicanthoplasty

One of the ways to get big, beautiful eyes is to extend the inner corner of the eye (through a procedure called epicanthoplasty ). The epicanthus fold is also removed with this surgery.

4. Lateral Canthoplasty

The incision is made on the outer corner of the eye to extend the eye length horizontally. The eye size is therefore altered with this surgery.

5. Lateral Hotz Canthoplasty

For people whose eyes are slanted laterally on the outer corner of the eye, this surgery will bring the eye corner downwards so it is horizontal.

Common misconceptions about eyelid surgery

Scars: The surgeon skillfully hides the scars on the eye crease so it will be hidden however depending on your body and how you heal, the level of scars varies.

Revision Surgery: You do not need to do this surgery more than once. Surgery results are pretty long-lasting, but when aging will occur additional surgeries like brow lift may or may not be required to fix the eyebrow area drooping.


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