Why an annual physical is so important for your health?

Last updated date: 06-Sep-2021

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

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Prioritize your health today for a healthier tomorrow

An annual physical examination is a whole-body, medical check-up. Designed for every stage of life, regular physical examinations are an essential part of your ongoing healthcare journey. By undergoing screening for a range of conditions, doctors can identify potential risks, treat problems early, and make a plan for healthier future. 

It is a preventative step towards a better tomorrow. 

However, many people don’t take the time to book their annual check-up. We lead busy lives and have demands on our time at both work and home. If we feel fit and healthy, seeing a doctor is the last thing on our minds. But even if you are free of symptoms or complaints, an annual physical exam is very important. 

Firstly, it’s about prioritizing YOU. Making the time to take a proactive step towards a healthier future should be on top of everyone’s agenda. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than a cure’, and this is particularly poignant when it comes to your health. By deciding to undergo annual screening, you are making the decision to take control of your health and your future. 

Routine physicals carried out by your family doctor will involve looking at your vital signs and examining things like your lungs and heart. But comprehensive annual screening, performed within a hospital setting, is designed to assess all aspects of your health. It is a much more thorough assessment, and covers things such as x-rays, ultrasound, blood screening and more.

The Executive Health Program? offered at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a personalized, comprehensive screening program and is designed with busy people in mind. During your appointment, you will see experts and specialists from a range of therapeutic areas, who will conduct evaluations, tests, procedures, and scans to thoroughly assess your health, all on the same day. Your appointment is likely to include cancer screening, nutritional advice, cardiac evaluation, visual and auditory evaluation, diagnostic image tests and more – all in one day. You can then see your results immediately and discuss next steps. 

Following the top-to-toe assessment of your health, your medical team will be able to identify any risks that may prevent problems from developing in the future and can advise on how best to manage them. Most patients leave their appointment feeling empowered to take control of their health.

Talk to your doctor about comprehensive screening. An investment in your health today, really will be rewarding in the future. ?


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