Dr. Ik Seong Park

Dr. Ik Seong Park, from the Department of Neurosurgery at Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital is an experienced and competent specialist who has become an asset to the team. His years of experience and consistent practice has made him one of the best neurosurgeons at the hospital. His interests and specialties include cerebrovascular disorders like cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarct, and cerebral aneurysm. He also shows a keen interest in cases of dizziness, head injury, headache, and facial palsy. Dr. Ik Seong Park did his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea. After his graduation, he did his one year of internship at the Catholic Medical Centre, Korea and completed his residency training at the Catholic Medical Centre, Korea. He continued to pursue his education by enrolling in a Ph.D. program at the Catholic University of Korea. He also did his MS at the same institution. Dr. Ik Seong Park has several national and international research publications to his name. His research projects have also been published in the Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society with a focus on management protocols and outcomes in several common neurosurgical conditions. Dr. Ik Seong Park is undoubtedly a highly experienced specialist neurosurgeon with excellent diagnostic skills. When a patient arrives at Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital with symptoms such as headache or dizziness, he practices his diagnostic and therapeutic skills with great wit. His up-to-date surgical techniques and skills are resulting in encouraging patient recovery and outcomes at Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital.