Dr. Jae-Woo Park

Dr. Jae-Woo Park is a renowned plastic surgeon at BIO Plastic Surgery and provides patients with the safest surgical conditions and the best hygienic practices, examination, accurate diagnosis, treatment, advanced operating room with safety monitoring systems as well as special post-operative care. He is an expert in double eyelids, lower blepharoplasty, and professional experience in epicanthoplasty. Thanks to his high professionalism, excellent knowledge, sensitivity, and attentive attitude towards patients, patients are always satisfied with the results after the operation. Dr. Jae-Woo Park completed his medical doctorate at the College of Medicine and became a professor at the Medical Department of the National University of Korea in 1996-2006. Also, Dr. Park is a professor at the Indiana University, USA. During his career, he held prestigious positions at hospitals and centers, such as President of Park Jae Woo Plastic Surgery Clinic and Present President of BIO Plastic Surgery Clinic, where he gained valuable experience. Moreover, Dr. Jae-Woo Park is also a member of several prestigious associations and societies: - Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery - Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons - Department of Laser Treatment, South Korean Association of Plastic Surgery - Department of Stem Cells, South Korean Association of Plastic Surgery - International Society of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery - International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Conventional & Contemporary in Laser Medicine and Surgery (CCLMS) Association