Dr. Junseok Bae

Dr. Junseok Bae is a renowned Neurosurgeon of South Korea, specialized in endoscopic and minimally invasive spine surgeries. He is currently the President of South Korea’s well-known and trusted Spine hospital (Wooridul Spine Hospital Gangnam, Seoul). Dr. Junseok Bae is one of the greatest neurosurgeons in the country, known for his rich experience and diverse knowledge about spine pathologies, laminectomy, cerebral aneurysm and other complex spinal diseases. He is well aware of all the innovations in medicine and offers a full range of contemporary treatments for spinal issues. He is a Baccalaureate of Kyungpook National University College of Medicine and obtained his MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ulsan. After the completion of his education, he started working as an Intern in the Department of Neurosurgery, Asan Medical Center and was appointed as the resident after the internship. Dr. Junseok Bae kept gaining experience and advancing in his field and earned a Fellowship of Neurosurgery from Asan Medical Center. He is also a certified specialist of the American Board of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (FABMISS). During his professional career, Dr. Junseok Bae received many accreditations and held prominent positions in departments providing treatment of spinal disorders. He worked as the Chief of Neurosurgery Department at Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center, Pocheon Hospital. In 2010, he received the Best Fellow Award, followed by the Best Technical Innovation Award by Wooridul Spine Hospital (Cheongdam). He actively participates in various Korean Neurosurgical Societies including: • Korean Neurosurgical Journal • Korean Spinal Neurosurgical Society (IMS) • Korean Society of Interventional Muscle and Soft Tissue Stimulation Therapy In addition, he also holds membership of the North American Spine Society (NASS).