Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg

Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg is a board-certified anesthesiologist with a decade of clinical practice under his name. Currenly he is working as an In-house Doctor at the CloudHospital Inc. Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg also General Director at the "EOS-Med" ltd. (2016-present) which is leading Medical Emergency company in Kirgizstan. He is also currently providing his services as an Anesthesiologist in the "Estet" Clinic-studio (since 2011-present). Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg received his early medical education from the Kyrgyz-Russian (Slavic) University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (1997-2003). He then pursued a Clinical residency program in therapy from the same institute in 2003-2005 to further polish his credentials. Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg's previous work profile includes time served as the Head of Anesthesiology and intensive care department at the Clinical hospital of the Administrative department of the Presidential and Government of The Kyrgyz Republic (2009-2010). He also had the accomplishment of rotating as an Emergency doctor at The State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyz Republic (2005-2011). Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg has also provided his services outside the premises of an operating room, with his experience as a Software Engineer at the Education Laboratory in the Kyrgyz-Russian (Slavic) University (2005) and as a passionate Paramedic for the Central Ambulance Station, Bishkek city in the year 2002-2003. In the early stages of Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg's career, he has worked as a Laboratory Assistant in the Biology and Clinical Biochemistry Departments at the Kyrgyz-Russian (Slavic) University (1999-2000). Dr. Lavrinenko Oleg's command of his linguistics further sets him apart from his peers. Being a native Russian speaker, he is also fluent in English and Kyrgyz, which additionally aids him in communicating with his patients more comfortably.