Dr. Sang Don Kim

Dr. Sang Don Kim is a well-versed physician in Cervical Spine disorders and Spinal Cord Injuries. His professional conduct is obvious from his dealing with his colleagues and patients. He is highly skilled as his area of interest demands to be highly meticulous in every step. Dr. Sang Don Kim deals with spinal cord disorders primarily. He corrects Cervical Spine Disorders. It is a sort of deformity in the spinal cord that happens when a person’s vertebrae or cartilage develop abnormalities. This abnormality can cause vertebrae to bulge out, rendering a person useless. Similarly, spinal cord injuries can also happen when a person receives a sudden traumatic blow to the vertebrae that often dislocates, compresses, or fractures the vertebral column. Such an injury can cause severe pain and needs immediate contact with a talented physician. Dr. Sang Don Kim is a skillful and professional doctor who helps cure such spinal deformities or fractures effectively. His academic qualification and experiences speak volumes of his excellence in his field. He graduated from the College of Medicine, Korea University and obtained his M.S degree from the same university. Later on, Dr. Sang Don Kim finished his internship there and pursued advanced studies in his field. He secured his M.D and Ph.D. degrees from the same university successively. Currently, Dr. Sang Don Kim is working as an expert doctor of Cervical Spine Disorders and Spinal Cord injuries. He offers quality consultations regarding the matters of the spinal cord and is highly recognized for his services nationally and internationally.