Dr. Se Whan Rhee

Dr. Rhee Se Whan, the leading physician of Grand Plastic Surgery, specializes in anti-aging, breast operations, and body reshaping operations like abdominoplasty. He has a wide range of operational expertise and a wealth of knowledge with international patients. Dr. Rhee Se Whan, a well-educated and experienced physician, was invited to several sessions presented in Demand for Beauty: How to Look 10Years Younger in 10 Years. He lectured on the process of aging, the age-specific techniques of elevations and replied to questions on "anti-ages" by the audience. Dr. Rhee Se Whan received his MA and Bachelor's degree from the School of Medicine of Hanyang University. He also works as a plastic surgeon at the Medical Center of Hanyang University and is well known as a pleasant person. Dr. Rhee Se Whan is part of the: • Korean Society of Reconstructive Surgeons • Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic • Korean Cleft Lip and Palate Association Dr. Rhee Se Whan is a socialist, holds a Ph.D. from an accredited medical school, an official certification board, and a national license. He is well known for his time and attention to details and his excellent leadership skills. His communication skills are excellent and he is always prepared to work for long periods.