Dr. Seoree Kim

Dr. Soeree Kim is a professional female doctor of blood diseases. She is an efficient and specialized doctor, working in Bucheon St. Mary's Hospital Seoul, South Korea. She is a proficient doctor of all blood-related and bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, blood clots, and anemia. Blood disorders are usually caused by genes, side effects of medicines, and a lack of certain nutrients in the diet. Patients may suffer from chronic infection, fatigue, weight loss, and malaise. Dr. Soeree Kim can proficiently treat these diseases with steroids, drugs, growth stimulants to produce blood cells, and chemotherapy by destroying normal cells. Dr. Soeree Kim has a degree in biochemistry from Yonsei University. After her bachelor's, she had done many internships in several hospitals, industrial units, and laboratories. These experiences have enhanced her confidence for further studies. She is a Master in Medicines, and she passed out her degree from CHA University. For other studies, she decided to get a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the Catholic University of Korea. Dr. Soeree Kim's patients have given positive reviews about her. She is encouraging, kind, very professional regarding diagnosis and treatment. She has a firm grip on the selection of medicine and suggests a planned diet to recover from loss of blood cells. Dr. Seoree Kim is very punctual and always on time. She knows how to maintain doctor- patients decorum. She is truly an efficient and specialized doctor. Her treatments are always safe and effective, resulting in desired outcomes and expected results.