Dr. Seung-pil Jung

Dr. Seung-pil Jung is a highly-trained and experienced Surgical Oncologist at Korea University Anam Hospital, with more than 17 years of clinical experience. He is an expert in Breast Cancer Surgery, Reconstructive Breast Surgery, High-resolution Breast Sonography, High-speed Biopsy, and Aesthetic Breast Surgery. In addition, he is respected among his patients due to his dedicated care for young age breast cancer patient's esthetical, social, psychological aspects during treatment. He is also the Director of the Korean Association of Breast Surgery, editor of the journal of Breast Disease, and Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research. Dr. Seung-pil Jung completed his M.D. in Medical Science from the Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea, in 2003 and gained his M.S at the same university in 2007. He then polished his credentials by receiving a Ph.D. from his alma mater in 2011. Dr. Seung-pil Jung received his medical training as an Intern and later Resident at the Korea University Hospital, Seoul, in 2003-2008. He was later appointed as a Clinical Instructor of Breast and Endocrine Surgery Division at the Department of Surgery, Samsung Medical Center (2011-2013). Dr. Seung-pil Jung worked with various international experts throughout his career and shared his professional skills with other specialists. Moreover, he is a member of prestigious associations and organizations such as the American Society of Breast Surgeons, the Ethics Committee of the Korean Breast Cancer Society, and the Academic Committee of the Korean Breast cancer Society. Dr. Seung-pil Jung has also been recognized with several esteemed awards for his excellence in his specialties, such as the Taipei International Breast Cancer Symposium, Great Paper Award, and Korean Minister of Health and Welfare Commendation for cancer prevention.