Dr. Sharif Samir Alijla

Dr. Sharif Samir Alijla is a general practitioner working in Cardiology Department. He graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza, Faculty of Medicine in 2020. He is the best doctor, who tries to do his best to patient issues and solutions, and deserves great respect in the cardiology department. After graduation, Dr. Sharif Samir Alijla worked in a private vascular surgery clinic for 5 months and gained good experience in this specialty, then worked at Palestinian MOH in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for seven months caring for Covid-19 patients. He is an honest, hard-working, and experienced doctor. He always tries to ensure that his patients receive the best care. Now, Dr. Sharif is working in Cardiology Department and has very good experience in dealing with cardiac patients with different disease entities. Also, he worked as Medical Writer for many health websites including Sutured, Grantsformedical, and Doctorable. Dr. Sharif Samir Alijla launched several community initiatives and participated in several leadership and change training programs. He enjoys his life with moderate exercises like rapid walking, running, and cardio-resistance exercises.