Dr. Youn Hwan Kim

Dr. Youn Hwan Kim is a renowned plastic surgeon who completed his medical degree from Hanyang University, College of Medicine. He is an expert in plastic surgery in which he received his doctoral degree from the same medical college. He provides his excellent services to the plastic surgery department at the Hanyang University Medical Center in Seoul, Korea. His specialized areas of interest are: 1. Microsurgery (specifically, lower extremity reconstruction) 2. Diabetic foot 3. Cosmetic surgery (specializing in nose reconstruction) 4. Treating facial traumas 5. Decubitus ulcers Dr. Youn Hwan Kim is famous for several successful cosmetic surgeries. His educational profile and insight are quite impressive. He has received numerous public academic awards, including: 1. Korean Society for Hand Surgery 2. Full-time Membership of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 3. Lifetime membership of the Korean Society for Microsurgery 4. Lifetime membership of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association in Korea Dr. Youn Hwan Kim has done a lot more than performing successful corrective surgeries. He has given his valuable services to several prestigious medical centers and medical associations. He has also worked as the chairman of various Korean societies working vehemently in plastic surgery. Dr. Youn Hwan Kim has also received the Best Presentation Awards in the 61st yearly meeting of Korea's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society. He is also regarded as amongst the top 100 Health Professionals by the International Biographical Center.