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H Plus Yangji Hospital

Seoul, South Korea








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Nambusunhwan-ro Gwanak-gu Seoul South Korea


H is for HOPE, HUMANITY, HEALING.  Gives hope to patients and the world, and heals with a warm heart of respect for human beings. PLUS (+), together with the meaning of "pursuing something better," we will go beyond the history of Yangji Hospital, which has been in existence since 1976, and become a new H+ Yangji Hospital. H+ Yangji Hospital practices love with advanced medicine and a warm heart that puts people first. H Plus Yangji Hospital is a well-established public hospital with over 40 years of history. It is situated in Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanakgu, Seoul, South Korea. H Plus Yangji Hospital aims at giving new hope to the patients by providing quality treatment with dignity, warmth, and respect. Over 1,000 staff members and 100 specialists are committed to serving world-class medical facilities. With great advancements in health and medical treatments, H Plus Yangji Hospital has gained much trust and respect. H Plus Yangji Hospital Mission, Vision, and Core Values Mission: advance medicine Warm Heart Excellence in Medicine with Compassion for Humanity Giving hope to patients and the world with advanced medicine, healing the world and making it healthier with a warm heart of human respect, Vision: Innovation that adds happiness to the world Happy Plus Innovation We will become the most innovative hospital in Korea that makes staff, patients, and society happy. Core Value: Do the best you can. A hospital where employees' dreams come true A hospital where all staff are owners Always create changes, evolving court staff, customers, and society. A hospital that makes everyone happy A hospital recognized as the best by everyone What makes H-Plus Yangji Hospital the best? • H Plus Yangji Hospital has been nominated as one of the "Top 100 South Korea’s Best Hospitals." • For 3 consecutive years, it has achieved excellent grades for health checkup center assessments in all sectors. • By the Korean Hospital Association and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, H Plus Yangji Hospital has been designated as a National Safe Hospital. • It achieved Grade A for Nursing Care Integrated Service Evaluation in November 2019. • Nominated by the Korean Society of Interventional Neuroradiology, H Plus Yangi Hospital is an Interventional Neuroradiology Certified Hospital. • It has achieved the first division for prophylactic antibiotic adequacy evaluation. • By the Seoul Fire Academy, H Plus Yangji Hospital has been certified as a model establishment for fire safety management. • In May 2019, it achieved the first division for breast cancer adequacy assessment and the first division for gastric cancer adequacy assessment. • By the standards of the Korean Society of Nephrology, H Plus Yangji Hospital has gained Excellent Hemodialysis Unit Certification. • For two consecutive times, it has achieved the first division for Pneumonia Adequacy Assessment. • By the Korea Small and Medium Hospital Association, H Plus Yangji Hospital has been designated as the first leading service hospital. WHY CHOOSE H-PLUS YANGJI HOSPITAL? H Plus Yangji Hospital aims at becoming the "most favored medical institution" for its national and international patients. It is providing VIP rooms, special care, and customized meals for each patient. With over 100 highly experienced doctors, 340 highly trained nurses, and approximately 530 pharmacists and medical engineers, it provides top-class services to every single patient. H-Plus Yangji Hospital is working with the most advanced healthcare networks, such as EMR, OCS, and PACS. Along with this, it has been introducing specialized medical systems like the Vertebral Joints Center, Digestive Organ Center, Pain Treatment Center, Women’s Medical Center, Stroke Center, Incontinence Center, Health Promotion Center, and many more.   With differentiated and convenient medical systems for customized patient care, H Plus Yangji Hospital aims to be a more capable, cleaner, and friendly hospital. It uses advanced equipment like PET-CT, angiography, MRI (medical resonance imaging), SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography), CT (computed tomography), and endoscopy. Moreover, it has world-class specialized and advanced laboratories as well as well-equipped departments, including: • Internal Medicine Department • Gastroenterology Department • Hematology-Oncology Department • Cardiology department • Endocrinology and Metabolism Department • Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Department •    Pulmonology Department     • Infectious Disease Department •    General Surgery Department     • Orthopedic Surgery Department •    Neurosurgery Department     • Dermatology Department •    Nephrology Department     • Urology Department • Breast and Thyroid Surgery Department Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments •    Plastic Surgery Department     • Neurology Departments • Otorhinolaryngology Department • Rehabilitation Medicine Department • Pediatrics Department • Psychiatry Department •    Family Medicine Department     • Radiology Department • Emergency Medicine Department • Laboratory Medicine Department •    Pathology Department      • Anesthesiology Department •    Dentistry Departments     • Department of Nuclear Medicine • Occupational Environment Department • Department of Critical Care Medicine TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OF H-PLUS YANGJI HOSPITAL Committed to serving the patients with the best, H-Plus Yangji Hospital strives to deliver the highest quality medical services in a wide range of facilities. The top medical specialties offered by H Plus Yangji Hospital include: •     Asthma • Hypertensive Heart Disease • Prostate Cancer • Cardiac Premium Check-up • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ASTHMA The department of pulmonology at H Plus Yangji Hospital works for the careful evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of asthma. Asthma specialists at H Plus Yangji Hospital are qualified to deal with all kinds of asthma conditions. They utilize advanced knowledge of effective evaluation and treatment. They are highly trained and experienced in the immediate control of emergency asthma conditions. HYPERTENSIVE HEART DISEASE Hypertensive heart diseases refer to the serious conditions of the heart that are caused by high blood pressure. These diseases may include thickening of the heart, coronary artery diseases, heart failure, arrhythmia, and other such diseases. These conditions are becoming common among upper-class and middle-class societies all around the world now. A qualified team of specialists at H Plus Yangji Hospital is highly trained to manage hypertensive heart diseases. They not only treat the disease but also try to eliminate the underlying cause. To fight the hypertensive heart diseases of all ages, a well-equipped CCU/ICU has been arranged to treat all emergency situations. A large number of patients are getting successful treatments from the heart specialists at H Plus Yangji Hospital.   PROSTATE CANCER Prostate cancer is referred to as a condition of uncontrolled cell growth in the prostate gland. Superlative experts at H Plus Yangji Hospital use advanced approaches for the treatment of prostate cancer. They carefully diagnose the prostate cancer conditions using specialized techniques such as screening, the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, and the digital rectal examination (DRE). For the effective treatment of prostate cancer, H Plus Yangji Hospital uses both localized and systemic therapy procedures, as well as advanced technologies and medications.   CARDIAC PREMIUM CHECK UP Cardiac premium checkup includes the screening and careful assessment of cardiovascular health. Cardiac experts at H Plus Yangji Hospital are highly experienced in evaluating heart health and risk factors. They use advanced techniques such as electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, chest x-rays, angiograms, cardiac catheterizations, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and many more.   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease refers to a serious inflammatory lung disease. This causes difficulty in breathing, mucus production, coughing, and wheezing. The center of excellence in pulmonary sciences at H Plus Yangji Hospital uses quality treatment techniques for the accurate and comfortable treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other such pulmonary disorders. The H+ Yangji Hospital offers the highest standards of medical facilities to all local as well as international patients. The "H" in the name of the hospital symbolizes health, healing, humanity, and hope. One-stop services, including medical appointments, consultations, diagnoses, examinations, and follow-up care, are offered for international patients. For a better medical service experience, book your appointment with H Plus Yangji Hospital right now.

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  • Nuclear Cardiology

  • Adult Immunization

  • Palliative Treatment

  • Surgical Clipping

  • Renal artery denervation

  • Medication

  • Hormone-related therapy

  • Breast Reconstruction

  • Physical therapy

  • Gastric Banding Surgery

  • Psychotherapy

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

  • Antihistamine/Decongestant Combination (Oral Route)

  • Laparoscopy


  • Neurological exam

  • EEG brain activity

  • Brain MRI

  • Electroneuromyography

  • Physical examination

  • Complete physical exam