Buried Double Eyelid

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You can't have a beautiful eye from just have big eyes so this clinic does not stop at just creating a double eyelid. They create a detailed double eyelid that fits you the best through surgery procedures that create the best result. They make 2~4 small holes on top of your eye and make a double eyelid meaning they don't cut off the entire line making it look natural and for no possibility for the double eyelid to revert back to its original form. Treatment Effects 1. No incisions or scars 2. Natural Line 3. Fixed Delicately 4. Quick Recovery Recommend To People 1. If they don't have double eyelids (Single Eyelid) 2. If the eyelashes pierce the eye (Ocular Varnishes) 3. If you have multiple double eyelid lines 4. If you have double eyelids on one side 5. If you have many eyelashes that come down and cover 6. If you have complexes regarding having sleepy eyes, or sharp eyes • Surgery Time : 30 Min ~ 1 Hour • Anesthesia Method : Local Anesthesia • Hospital Treatment : Not Needed • Removing Stitches : 7 Days Later • Recovery Period : Possible to carry on with daily life right away • Personal Care : Cold and Hot Steaming


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