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NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey






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Saray, Ahmet Tevfik Ileri Cd No:18, 34768 Umraniye/Istanbul, Turkey


The NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital is a well-known and first private neuropsychiatric hospital located in Istanbul, Turkey. This hospital was founded to provide the proper and effective treatment to all national and the international patients. The sophisticated facilities and contemporary treatment methods and medications have collectively made it possible for the hospital to achieve the maximum output. NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services with the most advanced technology available for patients' convenience and well-being. This hospital features an intensive care unit with full-scale services available for all levels of intensive care patients. The NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital conducts research to improve the treatments it offers to the patients. It offers online therapy to foreign patients visiting this facility. It has been providing patients with the best health services since 1998. Their doctors use recent technology available and perform advanced surgeries like robotic surgery, aneurysm surgery, and Parkinson's or epilepsy operations. Accreditations of the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital · The NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital has received the JCI certificate being the first neuropsychiatric clinic in the world. · It has received the AMATEM license from the Ministry of Health of Turkey. · This hospital has an ISO certificate of quality and received Human Respect Award 2019 by Why Choose the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital? · The NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital is the first private hospital with an AMATEM license in Turkey. · This hospital serves its patients with the ultra-clean operating rooms approved by the accredited organizations. · It is the first-ever private hospital in the psychiatric field that offers medical services to all the patients with its 24/7 emergency psychiatry service. · It is one of the leading medical facilities that clinically adopts the pharmacogenetics approach in diagnosis and treatment as well as implementation. · This hospital provides telepsychiatry services for overseas patients. · In the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital's addiction clinic, the advanced toxicology verification laboratory service is provided. · It is a fully-fledged brain hospital where patients benefit from advanced technology and contemporary Medicine. · It provides easier accessibility of addiction treatment for patients. Top Medical Specialties and Check-up programs of the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital · MS check-up package · Kinesiological taping · Alzheimer's disease · Neuromuscular Disease · Internal Medicine over 40 years male check-up · Impulsivity and accompanying disorders · Internal Medicine over 40 years female check-up · Cardiology Check-up package · Brain check-up package · Emotional disorders · Memory disorders · Stroke check-up package · Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies 1. MS Checkup The Multiple Sclerosis or MS check-up is the process to determine the progression of attacks and effects of the MS to the nervous system. The MS Checkup at the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital finds weakness, loss of vision, and imbalances. Examinations like Brain MR, TSH, FreeT4, B12, Folate, ANA, and many others are carried out for accurate diagnosis and examination. 2. Kinesiological Taping Kinesiology taping is a therapeutic way to prevent and treat sporting injuries. In addition to sporting injuries, it also helps cure other conditions. The Kinesiological Taping action at the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital effectively reduces the pain and inflammation and provides mechanical support to the muscles, joints, and tissues. 3. Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia that badly affects a person's memory, thinking, and behavior. Some signs that your brain cells are failing might include memory loss, confusion, and other significant changes in thinking and behavior. The symptoms of the illness are not easy to detect. Still, the medical professionals at the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital ensure a detailed diagnosis and effective treatment plan for patients with such illness. 4. Neuromuscular Disease Neuromuscular Disease is an illness that affects the nerves that are responsible for controlling nerves and muscles communicating sensory information to the Brain. One might have muscle loss, movement issues, balance problems, double vision, trouble breathing, and other symptoms when suffering from the disease. The physicians at the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital perform careful examinations and diagnosis studying the medical and family history of the patient to design an effective treatment plan based on the conditions of the patient. 5. Internal Medicine Over 40 years male check-up The Internal Medicine check-up is the health screening of a person having no illness or complaints about early detection of the possible illnesses. It doesn't include detailed investigations but for the disease detected as a result of the initial check-up. The NP ISTANBUL, Brain Hospital physicians, perform a detailed examination and screening of males under the age of 40. They use top-notch techniques and efficient ways to ensure the reliable outcomes and results. 6. Impulsivity and accompanying disorders Impulsivity can be defined as an action that is inappropriate and risky to the situation in question. Impulsivity is connected with undesirable outcomes, and it may be caused by brain injury or any other disease. The medical professionals at the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital successfully manage the disorder with treatment that is specifically designed for impulsivity. 7. Internal Medicine Over 40 years female check-up The qualified team of physicians at the NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital provides the female patients with a detailed internal medicine check-up to get the information they require to diagnose any possible diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, liver or lung diseases, and identification of any inflammatory diseases that are usually silent. 8. Brain checkup package The Brain check-up is a method that assesses the mental activity and performance of the Brain. This helps assess if the Brain is working correctly. The NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital performs memory and attention tests to detect any functional disorders of the Brain. Everything is ideally diagnosed with a physical examination, blood tests, brain imaging, and memory measurements. 9. Emotional disorders Mental illnesses like stress, depression, and anxiety are the medical conditions that make one always feel empty, sad, and helpless. The NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital ensures the detailed diagnosis of the emotional disorders while ensuring patients' privacy and safety. 10. Memory disorders Many people suffer from a memory disorder, and it is usually a consequence of stress or aging. The NP ISTANBUL Brain Hospital's medical professionals ensure a detailed diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of a memory disorder having a specialized team of neurologists, nurses, and clinical coordinators. 11. Stroke Check-Up Package A stroke is a condition when the blood supply to a part of your brain is cut off. Symptoms of this disease include difficulty smiling, dropping eyes or mouth, inability to lift arms, inability to speak, and others. The NP brain hospital performs different diagnoses and designs different treatments depending on the type of stroke leading to recovery.

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  • Knee Arthroscopy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

  • Telemedicine

  • Cochlear Implantation

  • Deep brain stimulation

  • Physical and neurological exam

  • Cholinesterase inhibitors

  • Pharmacological treatment

  • Vagus nerve stimulation

  • Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • Hip replacement

  • Drug treatments

  • Laminectomy

  • Kinesiological taping

  • Antidepressants


  • SPECT scan

  • MRI

  • Blood tests

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)

  • PET