Ulthera: Anti-aging

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Ulthera is a new lifting equipment that has been certified by the FDA and the KFDA. It uses ultrasound energy to lead elasticity in the skin and wrinkle removal with barely any side effects and does not leave any scars with a low recovery period. Treatment Effects Transfers heat energy to the SMAS Level of the skin and cures skin elasticity and wrinkles. So if you want to look younger you can enjoy these effects through this treatment. The Ulthera can target the SMAS Level (4.5mm) and other skin levels (3.0mm, 1.5mm) through its lifting treatment. Through this treatment, healthy collagen and elasticity arises. • Surgery Time : 10 ~ 20 Min • Anesthesia Method : Ointment or Local Anesthesia • Hospital Treatment : Not Needed • Removing Stitches : Not Needed • Recovery Period : Possible to carry on with daily life right away


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