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    Dr. Abdulfettah Tumturk

    Brain tumor · Vascular malformations

    Memorial Kayseri Hospital

    Kayseri, Turkey






    Throughout your life, your brain controls your body's functions and assists you in understanding and interacting with the world around you. Maintaining a healthy brain will allow your mind to remain clear and active, allowing you to continue working, resting, and playing. Heart health has long been emphasized, but brain health is equally essential for our ability to think, act, and live well. Dr. Abdulfettah Tumturk is a Neurologist based in Turkey. He is helping his patients maintain a healthy living by taking good care of their mental health. Dr. Abdulfettah Tumturk completed his graduation from the renowned institute of Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey, in 1990, followed by specialized training in Neurosurgery from the same institute in 1999. Moreover, he has various certifications from institutes all over the world in different Neurological branches. Dr. Abdulfettah Tumturk is an active member of several associations related to Neurology, including the Kayseri Medical Chamber and the Turkish Neurosurgery Association. In addition to his presence in different associations, he is highly valued for his research in his specialization. He also regularly conducts workshops, conferences, and seminars and shares his beneficial experience with others in the profession. His popular procedures are treating Vascular malformations, Brain tumors, Anterior Cervical Discectomy, Epilepsy Surgery, and many other treatments. In his long medical career, he has worked in some of the honored institutes of Turkey, including Afyon State Hospital, Afyon Private Park Hospital, Erciyes University Medical Faculty Hospital. Moreover, he has been associated with Memorial Kayseri Hospital, Turkey, for the last two years.