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Dr. Abdulla Junaibi

Growth Hormone Therapy · Pediatric obesity

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Danat Al Emarat Women & Children’s Hospital

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates





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Bawabat Abu Dhabi Rabdan Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Meet Dr. Abdulla: Your Trusted Pediatric Endocrinologist Welcome to the world of expert pediatric care! Dr. Abdulla Junaibi, an accomplished medical professional, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure your child's health and well-being. Dr. Abdulla's journey in medicine began with the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, where he earned his medical degree in 1999. His commitment to excellence led him to the University of Toronto, Canada, where he pursued a fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology in 2008. To further enhance his skills and leadership abilities, he completed an Executive Masters in Healthcare Administration at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, in 2012. Always striving for continuous improvement, he also earned a Masters of Public Health from the University of UAE, Al Ain, in 2015. With over 15 years of dedicated service, Dr. Abdulla Junaibi has made a significant impact in various leading medical organizations and institutions across the UAE and Canada. His passion lies in providing specialized care for children, focusing on managing diabetes in young patients, addressing childhood obesity, tackling pediatric metabolic disorders, and addressing growth-related concerns. Unmatched expertise in pediatric endocrinology A track record of success in managing diabetes and obesity in children Proficiency in treating various growth-related issues A caring and compassionate approach to pediatric care State-of-the-art facilities at Danat Al Emarat Hospital Your child's health is of paramount importance, and Dr. Abdulla Junaibi is here to guide you on this journey towards a brighter and healthier future. Book your appointment today to experience the finest in pediatric endocrinology care. Your child deserves the best, and Dr. Abdulla is here to provide it.