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Dr. Adnan Dogan

Aortic valve stenosis · Cardiac rhythm disorders

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Private Eryaman Hospital

Ankara, Turkiye





Contact Information

Eryaman, Sehit Osmanavci Mahallesi, 2649. Sk. No: 2, 06820, Turkiye


Welcome to Private Eryaman Hospital, where world-class cardiac expertise meets compassionate patient care. Dr. Adnan Dogan, a distinguished cardiology specialist, leads our exceptional team in providing top-notch cardiac services right here in Turkey. Education: Dr. Adnan Dogan's journey to becoming a cardiology expert began at Ege University Faculty of Medicine. He further honed his skills and knowledge as a Research Assistant at Gaziantep University, specializing in Cardiology. Cardiology Excellence: Dr. Adnan Dogan is not just another cardiologist; he is an industry expert. His years of dedicated work experience and rigorous education have propelled him to the forefront of cardiology, making him a trusted name both nationally and internationally. Globally Recognized: Thanks to his unwavering commitment to advancing cardiac care, Dr. Dogan's reputation extends far beyond the borders of Turkey. Patients from all around the world seek his expertise and trust him with their heart health. Why Choose Private Eryaman Hospital for Your Cardiac Needs? State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our hospital is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure you receive the best possible care. Compassionate Team: Dr. Adnan Dogan and our team are dedicated to your well-being, providing personalized care and support. Internationally Acclaimed: Join the ranks of patients who have experienced world-class cardiac care under Dr. Dogan's expert guidance.