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    Dr. Ahmet Colak

    Brain tumor · Spinal cord injury

    Canakkale Hospital

    Canakkale, Turkey


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    Dr. Ahmet Colak is a leading doctor in Brain tumor and Spinal cord injury. He is the best doctor who provides the best treatment for spinal card-related issues and brain tumors. He works best in his specialties and does his duty with honesty. Dr. Ahmet Colak has done graduation degree in medicine from a reputable medical university called Gata School of Medicine. He was passionate about becoming a great doctor who could help humanity and relieve them of their sufferings. That is why he struggled hard to get into the top-class doctors of his country. He received the house job training in the same university hospital where he worked in a challenging environment that sharpened his skills. He loved to utilize his opportunities to the best of his potential, and that is why he completed his training successfully. Dr. Ahmet Colak also learned medical ethics and how to deal humbly with his patients. He works for the satisfaction of the patients and offers them the best care one can give. To upgrade his professional qualifications, he underwent a specialization degree. He achieved a specialization degree in the field of Brain Tumor and Spinal Cord Injuries. He studied these fields thoroughly and has gained full command over his specialties. Dr. Ahmet Colak also worked in the national and international hospitals that provided him the best of his experiences. He acquired more than 27 years of experience from offering his valuable services sincerely. Dr. Ahmet Colak is a social person who loves to get together with people and attends various social events.