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Dr. Ahmet Fikret Yucel

Gallbladder Surgery · Morbid Obesity

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Bagcilar Private Safak hospital

İstanbul, Türkiye

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Private Bagcilar Dawn Hospital Demirkapi, Velioglu Cad. No:77 Bagcilar


Meet Dr. Ahmet Fikret Yucel, Your Trusted General Surgery Specialist at Bagcilar Private Safak Hospital. Your health journey deserves a seasoned guide, and Dr. Ahmet Fikret Yucel is the pinnacle of excellence in General Surgery at Bagcilar Private Safak Hospital. As one of our distinguished physicians, he is dedicated to providing you with top-notch care that addresses your unique needs. Dr. Yucel's journey to becoming a leading surgeon began with his graduation from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. His commitment to medical excellence continued as he completed his specialization at Istanbul Haseki Training and Research Hospital. His journey reached new heights when he earned the esteemed title of Associate Professor at RTE University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Yucel's expertise in breast and endocrine surgeries ensures that you receive meticulous care for these crucial areas of health. Your thyroid health is in capable hands with Dr. Yucel, who specializes in addressing thyroid-related concerns with precision. Whether it's gallbladder or liver issues, Dr. Yucel offers comprehensive surgical solutions for your digestive health. Dr. Yucel's commitment to fighting cancer is unwavering, making him a trusted ally in your battle against this formidable disease. For conditions affecting the anal region, Dr. Yucel provides compassionate care and expertise to restore your health. When it comes to addressing obesity and its associated health concerns, Dr. Yucel offers tailored surgical solutions to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Yucel's proficiency in gastric balloon applications provides a non-invasive option for weight management. Trust Dr. Yucel for safe and effective hernia surgeries, addressing this common concern with skill and care. Benefit from minimally invasive treatments with Dr. Yucel's expertise in endoscopic interventions. Choosing Dr. Ahmet Fikret Yucel as your healthcare partner means entrusting your health to a doctor who combines exceptional medical knowledge with genuine care for your well-being. Your journey to optimal health and well-being begins here.