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Dr. Ahmet Koc

Ear Disorders · Tonsillitis

27 Yrs

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Acibadem Kozyatagi Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey








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19 Mayis, Kozyataği Kavsaği No:24, 34734 Kadikoy/Istanbul, Turkey


Dr. Ahmet Koc is one of the leading doctors in Ear Disorders and Tonsillitis. He offers his services in Acibadem Kozyatagi Hospital. He is also one of the senior doctors who is known for his principled and guided lifestyle. His dealing with patients is quite admirable. He never compromises his duties. He works with integrity and professionalism. He provides a secure environment to his patients. He gives the most secure and confidential environment to his patients. Dr. Ahmet Koc has earned his graduate degree in the faculty of medicine from Hacettepe University. He also underwent his compulsory doctor training and completed it successfully. Over his training years, he excelled at his fellow doctor because he was more committed and sincere with his profession. Dr. Ahmet Koc has a burning passion for enhancing his professional career. This passion led him to acquire a specialization degree in Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine. He rigorously followed his specialization degree and worked untiringly to add to his personality. His specialization in these sensitive organs made him distinguished among the doctors. He was offered numerous positions in various hospitals to provide his valuable services. Over the years, he has achieved 24 years of immense experience. Dr. Ahmet Koc also attends various national and international seminars and study circles related to his fields. He is also a literary person and loves to read extensively to add to his personality. He deals compassionately with friends and family. He has also adopted this attitude towards his patients.