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Dr. Alaa Omar El Sayed Khazbak

Allergic rhinitis · Snoring

16 Yrs

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Mediclinic Khalifa City

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Contact Information

284 Al Mireef St - Khalifa CitySE42 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Dr. Alaa Omar El Sayed Khazbak is a well-known specialist in ENT at Mediclinic Khalifa City. He scrutinizes his patients to diagnose and apply the most appropriate, effective, and modern medical or surgical treatment. His rich and varied experience and background are an inspiration to many a doctor who works at the hospital. Dr. Alaa studied in Egypt and completed MD in Otorhinolaryngology. Also, he is an Associate Professor of otorhinolaryngology at Zagazig University, Egypt. Dr. Alaa has more than 14 years of experience in the management of otorhinolaryngological disorders. During his education, he trained by international expertise, which made him one of the best doctors in Egypt. Some widespread procedures performed by Dr. Alaa Omar El Sayed Khazbak: - Paediatric otorhinolaryngological disorders - Management of allergic rhinitis and sinonasal disorders - Management of hearing disorders, tinnitus, vertigo - Management of snoring In addition to his work, he also published numerous articles and actively support by sharing his knowledge with the community by participating in international conferences across countries.