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Dr. Alberto Marcacuzco Quinto

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery · Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery

13 Yrs

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Vithas Hospital Nuestra Senora de America

Comunidad de Madrid, Spain





Contact Information

C. de Arturo Soria, 103, 105, 28043 Madrid, Spain


Dr. Alberto Marcacuzco Quinto is a well-trained general surgery at Vithas Hospital Nuestra Senora de America has rich experience in the digestive system. He is an expert in advanced laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery, colorectal surgery, and proctology. Thanks to his talent and experience, he became a well-known surgeon in Spain. Dr. Alberto Marcacuzco Quinto graduated from the National University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Also, he gained his master's degree in hepatology and master's degree in coloproctology. Thanks to his talent and experience, he obtained his University diploma in hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery and diploma of specialization in hepatobiliopancreatic surgery and transplants. During his career, he held prestigious positions at hospitals and centers and gained valuable experience. In addition to his work, he presented many papers at several international and national conferences, and also published several scientific articles related to his profession. Dr. Alberto Marcacuzco researches with international scientists related to his medical areas, which helps him improve his medical skills.