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    Dr. Aleksander Langner

    Rectal Cancer

    34 Yrs

    EMC Trifonovskaya



    Dr. Aleksander Langner is one of the best general surgeons at EMC Trifonovskaya and has more than 31 years of experience. He is the best surgeon who always works hard to make sure his patients feel healthy. Dr. Langner has professed various diagnostic methods, including radioisotope and radiological, therapeutic, and surgical techniques for benign anorectal diseases, inflammatory diseases of the intestines, and onco-proctological diseases. His practice interests include diagnostics of the state of pelvic muscles, selection of regenerative treatment for diseases connected with a spasm of pubic/rectal muscles, and optimization of operation technique choice in stages of benign anorectal diseases. Dr. Langner graduated from N.I. Pirogov 2nd MOLSMI (the Russian State Medical University), and underwent training in clinics of Germany and Israel. Also, he attended the modern colorectal surgery course of Professor M. Rabau in Ikhilov Medical Center (Tel-Aviv, Israel). Moreover, he attended low invasive technologies in colorectal surgery and functional diagnostics of pelvic muscles course in the State Colorectal Surgery Research Centre. Dr. Langner accomplished a professional retraining program in colorectal surgery in 2009 and surgery - in 2010. Throughout his career, Dr. Langner worked and held a responsible position at prestigious hospitals and clinics such as the Scientific Research Institute of Proctology, assistant professor in colorectal proctology, and surgical pathology at the Moscow State Medical Institute. Since 2008 he has headed the Colorectal Surgery Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hospital, and more. He handled more than 5000 surgeries and gained much respect from many patients.