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Dr. Ali Ovet

Coronary Angiography · Invasive Cardiology

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Private Aktif Hospital

Yalova, Türkiye

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81 İzmit Yalova Yolu Sahil Çiftlikköy Çiftlikköy Yalova Türkiye


Dr. Ali Ovet is a distinguished specialist in the field of Cardiology, practicing his expertise at the prestigious Private Aktif Hospital. His remarkable journey in the realm of medicine began with a solid foundation in his education, and he has since become a leading figure in the world of invasive cardiology. Dr. Ovet's commitment to his profession, along with his extensive experience, has earned him the respect and admiration of both colleagues and patients alike. Dr. Ovet's educational journey commenced at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, where he pursued his medical degree. This formative period laid the groundwork for his future accomplishments in the field of cardiology. Following his undergraduate education, he embarked on a path of specialization by enrolling in Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cardiology. Here, he underwent rigorous training and gained profound knowledge in the intricacies of cardiac health and care, shaping his career as a cardiac specialist. Dr. Ovet's professional interests within the vast field of cardiology are diverse and encompass several critical areas. His expertise in invasive cardiology is particularly notable, as he has been at the forefront of employing cutting-edge techniques and technologies to diagnose and treat cardiac conditions. Invasive cardiology encompasses procedures such as coronary angiography and catheterization, which are vital in identifying and addressing coronary artery disease and other cardiac abnormalities. Dr. Ovet's precision and skill in these procedures have made him a trusted resource for patients seeking advanced cardiac care. Furthermore, Dr. Ovet excels in diagnostic cardiology, with a specialization in ECHO Cardiography and ECG Holter monitoring. These diagnostic tools play a crucial role in assessing cardiac function and identifying irregularities, allowing for early intervention and improved patient outcomes. Dr. Ovet's proficiency in these areas ensures that patients receive accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. Cardiac arrhythmias are another area of expertise for Dr. Ovet, and he has a proven track record in managing these irregular heart rhythms. His in-depth knowledge of the various types of arrhythmias, along with his experience in their treatment, makes him a sought-after specialist for patients facing these challenges. Dr. Ovet's commitment to staying at the forefront of cardiology also extends to his mastery of Contrast ECHO Cardiography. This advanced imaging technique enhances the clarity of cardiac ultrasound images, enabling more precise evaluations and facilitating better-informed treatment decisions. Dr. Ovet's illustrious career has been enriched by his extensive work experience in various healthcare institutions. He began his journey at Izmit State Hospital, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Subsequently, he contributed his expertise to Karamürsel State Hospital, Yalova State Hospital, and Yalova Atakent Hospital, providing compassionate care and advanced cardiac services to patients across different regions. In addition to his clinical contributions, Dr. Ovet is an active member of several professional organizations, demonstrating his commitment to the advancement of cardiology. He is proudly associated with the Turkish Society of Cardiology, a platform that fosters collaboration, research, and knowledge sharing among cardiology professionals in Turkey. His membership in the Turkish Medical Association and the Istanbul Chamber of Medicine further underscores his dedication to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in the medical field. Dr. Ovet's commitment to excellence and continuous learning is evident in the courses and trainings he has attended. His participation in the Turkey Italy Cardiovascular Update Joint Meeting in 2010 and the World Congress of Cardiology in Barcelona reflects his dedication to staying abreast of the latest developments and breakthroughs in cardiology, ensuring that his patients benefit from the most current and effective treatments available.