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    Dr. Ali Veysel Ulug

    Cardiac rhythm disorders

    Acibadem Bodrum Hospital

    Muğla, Turkey


    Foundation year






    Medical staff


    Dr. Ali Veysel Ulug is a renowned and highly experienced doctor specializing in Cardiology. He has gotten his primary medical education from Ege University. After his MBBS from Ege, he joined Duzce University to specialize in Cardiology. Dr. Ali Veysel Ulug proficiently treats patients with heart problems, especially cardiac rhythm disorders. Our heart is the utmost necessary organ in our body, which pumps the blood enriched with oxygen and other nutrition to all other parts of the body. Its normal functioning is vital for a healthy and smooth life. Dr. Ali Veysel Ulug specializes in Cardiology and is highly skilled and experienced in diagnosing and treating cardiac diseases. Cardiac rhythm disorder, also called irregular heartbeat, is the disturbance of the heartbeat. The normal heartbeat is 72 times in a minute. Patients with cardiac rhythm disorders have a lower or a higher value than 72. Those with lower values have bradycardia, and the higher values than 72 are referred to as tachycardia. Both conditions are abnormal, and these patients are recommended to visit a cardiologist immediately. Every day many people with cardiac rhythm disorders take an appointment with Dr. Ali Veysel Ulug and get their best and fast treatments. Dr. Ali Veysel Ulug has experience of 17 years working in the field of Cardiology. In these 17 years, he has seen thousands of patients with cardiac diseases. He has always treated his patients with great love and care. His diagnosis and treatment methods make him stand unique and popular among his other colleagues.