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Dr. Alvaro Vargas Nevado

Dermatosurgery · Aesthetic and Dermatologic Surgery

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Vithas Hospital Parque San Antonio

Andalucía, Spain





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Av. del Pintor Joaquín Sorolla, 2, 29016 Málaga, Spain


Dr. Alvaro Vargas Nevado is a competent specialist surgeon of Dermatosurgery and Aesthetic and Dermatologic Surgery. He has rich experience in his fields and a deep understanding of his areas of interest. He works with honesty and integrity. He is the most professional surgeon who delivers his services without any fail. Dr. Alvaro Vargas Nevado deals with people and his patients amiably. He always strives hard to give his patients the best environment to feel safe. He attends his patients with outstanding care and provides minimally invasive surgeries. Currently, he offers his remarkable services in the famous Vithas Hospital Parque San Antonio. Dr. Alvaro Vargas Nevado is a well-qualified doctor who has achieved his bachelor's in the faculty of medicine and surgery. He got his bachelor's degree from the reputed University of Córdoba. He has also received various distinctions and accolades for his dedication to his studies. He remained a brilliant student during his graduate studies and always worked committedly. Dr. Alvaro Vargas Nevado has also received his house job training in the same university where he was offered a challenging learning environment. He utilized his training environment to the best of his abilities and learned various new medical skills. He perfected his surgery skills with diligence and hard work. Later on, Dr. Alvaro Vargas Nevado received his specialization degree in Dermatosurgery and Aesthetic and Dermatologic Surgery successfully. He also underwent specialization training that boosted his professional personality. He has worked with leading hospitals and gained immense experience in his fields of interest.