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    Dr. Andreas Messerli

    Endoscopic Sinus Surgery · Hearing loss

    Klinik Permanence

    Bern, Switzerland


    Foundation year




    Medical staff


    Dr. med. Andreas Messerli is a specialist in ear, nose, and throat diseases with a specialty in neck and facial surgery at Klinik Permanence. Dr. med. Andreas Messerli's core competencies include The surgical treatments cover the entire spectrum of ear, nose, and throat diseases—tonsillectomy, nose, and sinus surgery. laryngeal surgery —surgery for ear diseases and hearing loss, surgery for tumor diseases, and surgery for skin and facial tumors. Dr. med. Andreas Messerli is an attending physician at Clinic Permanence. Dr. med. Andreas Messerli is a member of the Delegation of ENT in the Cantonal Medical Association (2000–2006). Schools, Studies, and Diplomas of Dr. Med. Andreas Messerli 1996-2011 Attending physician at the Hirslanden Clinics Beau-Site and Permanence as well as the Sonnenhof Clinics Engeriedspital Bern 1996–2011 President of the Association for Neurootology Bern 1996-2006 External Rhinological Consultant, ENT University Clinic, Inselspital 1996 Specialist practice ENT, neck, and facial surgery Bern 1995 Specialist FMH Neck and Facial Surgery 1995 Diploma of the Swiss ORL Society 1994 IV Expert Physician for Hearing Aids 1993 Specialist title: FMH Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases 1992-1995 Department of Otolaryngology, Inselspital, Prof. Häusler 1992 Senior Physician, ENT University Clinic, Inselspital 1991-1992 Maxillofacial Surgery, Inselspital, Prof. Raweh 1990–1991, ENT Kilnik, Bürgerspital Solothurn, Dr. Greusing 1989-1990 Training in ear, nose, and throat diseases, neck, and facial surgery 1989–1990 Inselspital, ENT University Clinic, Prof. Neiger 1988-1989 Training in Medicine, Medical Clinic Thun, Dr. Hunziker 1988: PhD student at the University of Bern 1986-1988 Training in Surgery, Surgical Clinic, Bürgerspital Solothurn, Dr. Maurer 1985-1986 Training in Pathology, Institute of Pathology Bern, Prof. Cottier 1985-1985 Troop doctor at the Thun weapons range 1978-1984 Medical studies and state examination at the University of Bern 1974-1978 Gymnasium, Freies Gymnasium Bern with Matura examination 1965 - 1974 Primary and secondary schools in Bern