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Dr. Andreas-Paul Muller

Therapeutic endoscopy · Anal fissure

39 Yrs

Klinik Hirslanden

Zürich, Switzerland


Foundation year






Medical staff

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Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland


Gastroenterology is an internal medicine specialty that concerns the digestive system, also known as the GI tract and the liver. A gastroenterologist is a medical expert specializing in conditions affecting the organs and structures of the digestive system. Gastroenterologists diagnose, treat, and care for patients with a wide range of digestive illnesses. This category includes long-term conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and celiac disease. Dr. Andreas-Paul Muller is a dedicated Gastroenterologist practicing in Switzerland with more than 38 years of extensive experience. Dr. Andreas-Paul Muller graduated from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, in 1983; afterward received a specialization in Internal Medicine from Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum (FMH) in 1987, followed by sub-specialization in the field of Gastroenterology, in 1989 from the same institute. Dr. Andreas-Paul Muller is associated with medical societies from around the world, including the Society of medical doctors of Switzerland (FMH), the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE), the European Association for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, Swiss Association of Gastroenterology, and Royal Society of Medicine, London, England. Moreover, he has also contributed his services as a researcher; his medical research papers are an excellent source of learning and awareness. His core competence areas are Therapeutic endoscopy, Anal fissure, Interventional endoscopy, 3D transanal endoscopic ultrasound, Small intestine capsule endoscopy, etc. His illustrious medical career is based on working in reputed institutes like University Hospital Zurich, Triemli Hospital, The Middlesex Hospital, London, and Regional Hospital, Treviso, Italy. Currently, Dr. Andreas-Paul Muller is part of Klinik Hirslanden, Zurich, Switzerland, as a Gastroenterology specialist. He is proficient in speaking Italian, German, English, French languages.