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Dr. Aneek Bhattacharya


27 Yrs

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Fortis Hospital Anandapur, Kolkata

West Bengal, India





Contact Information

730, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Anandapur, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107, India


Dr. Aneek Bhattaccharyya is a leading ENT consultant with Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata. He is well-known, for does all types of microsurgeries such as tympanoplasty, tympanostomy, exam of the ear under a microscope, and all routine procedures. He has successfully done cases like septoplasty with or without turbinectomy AN S.M.D, fractured nasal bone, and nasal polyp. He always treats patients with trepidation and care. Dr. Aneek is a qualified doctor and earned his degree from reputed institutions. He completed his MBBS at The University of Burdwan. Also, he passed his diploma in otorhinolaryngology at Calcutta University. After having several years of experience in his profession, he became a well-known specialist in the region and India. Throughout his career, Dr. Aneek has helped many patients through his intensive work and professional knowledge.