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Dr. Anish Gupta

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery · Cochlear Implants

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CK Birla Hospital

Haryana, India

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Nirvana Central Road Block J Mayfield Garden Sector 51 Gurugram Gurugram Gurgaon Division Haryana India


Are you seeking exceptional ENT care from a highly skilled and compassionate specialist? Dr. Anish Gupta, your trusted partner in ear, nose, and throat health. Dr. Gupta stands as a prominent figure in the field of otolaryngology, with a wealth of experience and expertise that has garnered him immense recognition. With a rich background in both common and complex ENT procedures, Dr. Anish Gupta is your go-to expert for a wide spectrum of medical needs. His proficiency spans across various domains, including otological and rhinological procedures, laryngeal framework surgeries, endoscopic sinus surgery, thyroidectomy, and surgical interventions for head and neck tumors. Dr. Gupta's impressive record speaks volumes. He holds the distinction of being involved in more than 100 cochlear implant cases, with over 60 successful procedures performed personally. When it comes to intricate ear surgeries, he shines, having completed more than 2000 endonasal procedures and over 3000 middle and inner ear surgeries. His repertoire includes complex and revision mastoidectomies, stapedotomy, glomus tympanicum, optic nerve decompressions, and endolymphatic sac decompression. Beyond his surgical prowess, Dr. Anish Gupta's commitment to serving the community is truly commendable. He spearheads the ADIP (Assistance to Disable Persons) scheme for Cochlear implantation, a noble initiative sponsored by the Central government, benefitting countless individuals. His dedication extends globally, as he was recognized and awarded for his humanitarian services in Gombe State, Nigeria. Dr. Gupta's pursuit of excellence led him to earn the prestigious Raj Lakshmi Memorial Gold Medal in a temporal bone dissection workshop held in KKR, Chennai, in 2014. This accolade reflects his unwavering dedication to advancing his skills and knowledge in the field. Dr. Anish Gupta is not only a local luminary but also a respected member of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India since 2004. He regularly participates in national and international conferences, staying abreast of the latest developments in ENT procedures to offer you the best possible care.