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Dr. Anja Fah-Gunz

Pacemaker Implantation · Cardiac rhythm disorders

25 Yrs

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Do you experience disturbances in the heart rhythm? Do you often feel a fast heartbeat during physical exercises? Then you will probably be a heart patient and need to consult a good Cardiologist who has experience in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and related issues. Most of the patients dealing with troubled heart rhythm need a pacemaker decided by a doctor according to the patient's heart condition. During the last decade, cardiac management devices for heart rhythm such as pacemakers have been involved in the follow-up of patients. However, depending on the problem and indication, the treatment is diagnosed to eliminate the risk of sudden cardiac attack. So if you ever experience a heart rhythm disorder or cardiac issue, an experienced Dr. Anja Fah-Gunz has the skills and techniques to make the condition under control and offer relief from the symptoms. Dr. Anja Fah-Gunz started her graduation in medical studies in 1992 and completed a Doctorate in Medicine in 2002 from the University of Zurich. She served as a specialist for Internal Medicine and cardiology FMH in 2006. She also practiced as a Cardiology FMH in Cardiopark AG, Zurich, and helped many patients in Municipal Hospital Triemli. Dr. Anja Fah-Gunz provides therapies and determines cardiac issues using advanced technologies. She follows essential methods to examine the heart concerns. To take good care of the heart, complete guidance by an experienced doctor helps to manage nutrition, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. When it comes to a healthy heart, Dr. Anja Fah-Gunz is undoubtedly the right doctor who follows the ideal programs and health screenings.